Monday, September 19, 2016

Diversity is the arc that justice is bending towards (#2789)

     No more segregating due to the color of one's skin. No more segregating due to the gender one identifies as. No more segregating due to any factor that has to do with being human. I see all the rigmarole of our current society and the anguish it is having upon those who believe in a purity of race and sex. They are in the last throes of lashing out to salvage what they hope is their solution of others being quashed. Instead of embracing diversity and the tolerance it takes to achieve that, they instead are fighting to maintain an archaic paradigm of exclusion. Somehow they have been convinced that humans are not equal and that their branch of humanity is the one being "diluted".
     First of all, anyone who would think that humans are not equal are by default an inferior lot. Science, logic, common sense and finally fact have proven them wrong. So in effect they are the ones who are trying to "dilute" the rest of us. How ironic right? Then of course there are those who just love power and any avenue available for them to take and acquire said power. They don't really believe that skin color or sex is a variant in the determining of inferiority, But they will use it if it gets them what they want. So again, another sector of our society that would stoop to devious underhanded lies to achieve their goal also show us that they are the ones "diluting" the rest of us. Anyone who would claim that we are not all worthy of equal opportunity and the liberty to be ourselves are the ones who would make us lesser as a whole.
     The origin of America is the example that we need to heed. America became the melting pot of cultures as our beginning. We came from everywhere to start a new society that allowed for us under imperfect but evolving laws to have the same pursuit of happiness. America is the future of the world. We will all come together as one species, human being, and from there our future resides out into the stars. Together as one species claiming our right to our differences and sameness as one force from Earth. No amount of the current thrashing about by the illogical and sick minded will stop the inevitableness of our pursuit of justice, equality of opportunity and fairness for all.

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