Saturday, September 17, 2016

Good Karma (#2787)

     I like the good Karma. There is bad Karma and that happens to people more often than not who are doing bad things. Bad Karma happens to people who are doing good things too but not as often as with people who are doing bad things. So my rule of thumb is very simple, do good things and more than likely good things will come around to you. Plus, the good you do usually benefits someone else who needs some good Karma too. It really is a win/win scenario. Now unfortunately we live in a world where some bad people steal the good Karma of others and it seems like they always get away with it. But I am here to say that what they don't realize in their simple stealing of Karma is that Karma is complex and it will come back at them in ways they never imagined.
     I find satisfaction in that as a reprisal for their greedy selfish behavior. I don't like that some are left with nothing when their good Karma has been stolen but even they will receive something more profound later as a make-up for the earlier theft. Karma is like that. It can always outmaneuver any thought we may have as to our own rationalizations. The moral here is to not take Karma lightly. Always be on your best behavior so that when the good Karma comes around you are actually worthy of receiving it. Serendipity, coincidence whatever, these terms apply in some way as a reminder that things are going on around us that we are not fully receptive to yet. So it is always best to understand the effect while we are working out the cause.
     What we do know so far though is that good usually does cause good Karma. So although our solution is not without faults it is the best we have so far and should be utilized as such until we can understand it better. We live in an awesomely immense Universe that is full of unknowns to us. We should tread lightly and respect the outcomes that we can reasonably assume will occur. Leaving ourselves open to good Karma is one such assumption we can make as long as we keep doing good and not expecting a reward every time.

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