Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Idiocy versus intelligence (#2784)

     Idiocy, Donald Trump versus intelligence, Hillary Clinton. It is less than 8 weeks now until our national US election and in the final analysis has an idiot man/child running against an intelligent experienced woman. Our US media has made it possible for this to actually be a close race because of the light they choose to portray the candidates in. They make Trump the idiot look like he is wise while reversing that on Clinton and making her seem dishonest. It is a neat trick to pull when the electorate is as out of touch with reality as ours is. The carnival barkers can consistently fool us if we are already fools.
     So in a very short time we will find out if the charade that is the republican party will win out against fact, logic, science and common sense. I am already profoundly embarrassed by all of this as the rest of the world is seeing first hand just how ridiculous and ill informed we Americans are seemingly showing ourselves. The votes have not been cast yet so there could be a wave of intelligence that surfaces and puts things to right despite the media obfuscation. The arc of history may still be bending toward justice but it will take several more weeks for us to know for sure.
     I am getting older and less vigorous in my vigil against the ignorant and selfish so this battle will eventually fall to others younger than myself to carry. My future is more in the present than in the future so despite my sirens of warning to those younger than me to follow my and others' lead and end the republican party in public elections, I am less likely to feel the sting of them continuing since my time is closer to being over. Regardless though I still have the fight in me to battle until my final breath and hopefully enough will follow the lead I and so many others like me are charting. We do it because we believe in democracy above all other political and social/economic systems. Time will tell though and when the voting time comes the result will be facing all of us.

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