Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The essence of democracy (#2791)

     The right for all the citizens to be treated equally and fairly under the law. The right for all citizens to protest against what they see as injustice and inequality. Democracy demands that of us. For if we choose to not protect democratic ideals we will shortly be without our precious democracy. There are forces out there that would prefer that we shirk our democratic duties so that they can weaken and then reverse our democratic ideals. Many in the republican party want to keep citizens they deem unworthy from voting. Many in the republican party want to end the right to protest because it causes them to explain their anti-democratic postures. Many in the republican party want to deny basic human rights to those who are not them.
     Democracy will not stand for it. Democracy will fight to keep equality of opportunity for all. Democracy will not let some few who want to rule over the many of us without our consent. Democracy demands that we participate in our elections and policy legislation as a rule not a convenience. We have to own our democracy if we are to keep it not only for ourselves but for our future generations. When our democracy goes awry either through serendipity or connivance, we must be there to correct it. We cannot own our mistakes by ignoring them and hoping they will change on their own. We have to change our mistakes and we use the tools of democracy to do it.
     We vote to change the political landscape to more democratically friendly politicians. We protest in earnest when we as a society are bearing too heavily on certain segments of society. We continue to call for a fairness in society that has no limitations to who it applies. We defend our right to be citizens of our society for all of us not just some of us. We make our democracy work better so that all of us benefit in ways to find opportunity and our pursuit of happiness. We are not less than a democratic society, we are actually more than one. We have been given the gift of democracy and we had better damn well appreciate and defend that gift with all our might lest we be left without it.

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