Friday, September 30, 2016

The hard in life is doing what is right (#2800)

     Not only hard is it doing what is right but being aware of what is actually right is important. Some people work hard at doing what is wrong and we see that all around us right now. If it isn't equality, fair and just then it is most likely wrong. If it harms it is wrong. Too many times I hear people say that making people hurt is good for them. Like somehow making their lives worse will somehow make them better. What makes them better is a better opportunity, a better fairness and a better equal justice. In the stick or carrot analogy, no amount of the stick will make anyone better and evidence is that the stick makes things worse. So it is the carrot with me in trying to give people a better shake in life.
     But in those carrots are those who wrongfully think they can take shortcuts to get somewhere or something quicker without doing it right. It is right doing that is hard not the shortcut which is less than fair and just. I remember a story a friend told me about his logging company. He was logging trees on one side of a mountain and another larger corporate operation was logging the other side. The larger corporation had 5 times the manpower and equipment but was still beaten by my friends smaller Mom and Pop company in getting the trees harvested. Finally a foreman with the larger corporation came over and asked my friend how in the world he was able to beat them on this job. My friend responded that he did the work right and didn't take any shortcuts, unlike the large corporation process.
     Now not all stories of doing it right win out over the shortcuts but when it is all said and done doing things right never require you to go back and fix whatever the shortcut got wrong. There is pride in how one accomplishes their tasks regardless of what the task is. After some time though doing what is right although hard, becomes second nature and we find that the hard isn't that bad after all.

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