Monday, September 26, 2016

The necessity of electing a Democrat as President (#2796)

     The very first thought about having a democrat as president is the US Supreme Court vacancy. Currently we have 4 justices that side almost exclusively on the conservative republican agenda. We also have 4 justices that side exclusively with the liberal democratic agenda. The next supreme court justice to fill the vacancy currently open will tip the balance to either the republicans or the democrats. There has been a nominee selected by President Obama waiting in the wings for a confirmation hearing from the Senate, but the Senate is ruled by the republicans and they refuse to do their constitutional duty and hold hearings on President Obama's nominee.
     So as President Obama's term winds down with the coming election, we have an opening still on the US Supreme Court that republicans hope to fill if their candidate wins the election. So instead of 5 liberals as the majority, it will be 5 conservatives as the majority. So the importance to democrats in this coming election over who is eventually nominated to the court is crucial. If the democrat wins there will be a liberal leaning supreme court that would and could overturn rulings like Citizen's United and the striking down of portions of the civil rights act. The effect of a democrat winning this coming election is monumental in the fight for justice and equality in America.
     I cannot stress how much different life will be with a democratic president and a liberal majority supreme court. The majority of Americans will see their lives and opportunities improve. The majority of Americans will find that their rights as citizens in our nation are not only preserved but enhanced. Our nation will focus more on internal building within our borders to not only help with livable wages and bring new technologies into play but we will also be attacking the causes of global warming while advancing policies that address and improve immigration status and reform. The list of things a liberal leaning supreme court can accomplish for the elderly, women, workers and students is long but very doable.

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