Thursday, September 22, 2016

The voter is the most powerful citizen on Earth (#2792)

     What do the people in power fear most? The voter. The voter is one who can take what the powerful have done and make it go away if it deserves to be gone. The voter is the one who can shape what our policies will look like despite what the powerful want. It should be no surprise to anyone that the two major parties realize the immense strength that American voters posses. Look at what the republican party has been doing. They are working nonstop to deny and obstruct voting rights to any segment of society they can get away with. Republicans understand that their policies are unpopular with the majority of Americans and not only unpopular but very harmful. So cutting out a large portion of voters that would likely vote against them increases their odds of being elected.
     Democrats on the other hand are trying nonstop to increase voter participation within our electorate. Democrats realize that the policies they advocate are actually meant to improve the lives of all Americans, so involving as many voters as possible is rational. So when thinking about how republicans want to obstruct voting and democrats want to expand voting it becomes clear that republicans are not wanting to practice democracy but instead a form of patriarchy where they decide what is best for us instead of us deciding what is best for us. Democrats are the ones who believe in the concept of democracy and not only that but improving democracy both at home and abroad.
     So when I say that the voter is the most powerful citizen on Earth, I am not just using bombastic rhetoric, I am honestly telling the truth. We of us who are able to vote have the awesome responsibility to weed out those who are anti-democratic and instead install those who serve at our pleasure. We citizens are the heart, soul and mind of America and it is our duty to protect and advance our political body with as much foresight as hindsight.

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