Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The willfully ignorant (#2797)

     Who knew a time would come in the course of a nations growth that the electorate of that democratic nation would choose to forego intelligence and common sense in order to maintain a standard of ignorance that comforts them. I suppose it isn't a shock to me since I have seen a lot of willfully ignorant people over the course of my life but to see it come around during an election and show just how pervasive it is is what has me shaking my head in contemptible amazement. Where principles of equality, justice and fairness are discarded in favor of prejudices and biases. It easier that way I suppose to win some kind of mental satisfaction at the cost of tearing the fabric of our society apart.
     It is beneath the dignity of our ability and yet too many of us are at that precipice. The allure of mediocrity, the call of our antiquated worst natures is what drives too many of us now. I am at loggerheads with the current flow of our vision for our nation. I am one who believes in the best of who we are, all of us. So it is with disgust and disillusionment that I see not enough of us are within that camp. We Americans have become lazy in our sacrifices for a better world. I also suppose that is natural as well since we have been given the best of gifts through blood and tears of others so we don't hold dear to these gifts like we would if we had had to earn them ourselves.
     Ignorance is a choice and it seems to be a popular one. I had always thought that everyone would want to be a wise person in their lives. Wisdom comes from life practice and principled hard work, yet the principled hard work part is so unattractive to so many that wisdom is now more obsolete than at any time I can remember. Living life by skating through it with as little responsibility as possible is the normal now and for that we should be embarrassed. I know I am.

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