Thursday, September 1, 2016

Turning my anger into resolve (#2771)

     In the past getting physical was the natural outlet for my anger when it got to it's boiling point. I learned this from those around me when I was growing up so I never knew I was doing it wrong. But I was. Instead of thrashing about until I was worn out on whomever or whatever was in my path, I have found that a pause and then a determination was a correct response. I am not perfect and always one must fight when the fighting time comes but I am not the one initiating these fights anymore. They are thrust upon me when they do come about. But when I am gritting my teeth over an issue or action that is devoid of compassion or curiosity then is when I find that resolving to solve the problem instead of flaring it up is the correct avenue to take.
     Instead of inflaming the situation or circumstance I approach it with a steely eyed determination to rectify it. I either call it out through logic or I dismiss it with humor as illogical. Either way I put the onus back on the propagator of the scenario and away from me. I try very hard to diffuse my own anger into action that is actually helpful for others to observe. My life must make sense and being out of control regardless of how right it may feel to explode upon whatever, is not appropriate to how I want to live my life. There are enough bully types in the world and I don't need to act like one in any sense. All of our behaviors are learned. We are born with a curiosity and a care for each other but all the rest is trial and error.
     I am my own master and in that vein I must be able to apply who I am to every situation and circumstance that comes along. It is my job to make sure I am operating correctly. I wish more people would be so inclined instead of trying to dictate how others should master their own lives. I offer opinions freely, and advice when asked, but each of us needs to answer to who we are and who we want to be. Peer pressure is not a solution for resolving issues. Having the courage to have our own voice and stand up for it is the beginning of becoming who we truly are.

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