Thursday, September 15, 2016

Understanding politics (#2785)

     Politics is very little to do with the person holding the office except when it comes to the virtue of that person. For the most part the candidates for public office hold theories as their guides for voting and introducing bills. So most every candidate that runs as a democrat or a republican pretty much follows the party platform that is established at the nominating convention. Democrats hold these policies as their vision: The summary of which seeks to use government to improve the lives of all Americans, yes, everyone including the impoverished, the wealthy and all in between.
     Republicans on the other hand have a different vision: A much more extreme version of dividing us and catering to the wealthy. We now can see how each party leader will govern our nation if elected. So beyond the personalities of the candidates is where the policies take their effect. If we elect a democrat to office we can count on social security remaining and actually growing, we can count on a constantly improving health care system. We can count on tuition free college as a final goal. We can count on equality being legislated into our laws. We can count on an immigration policy that will make America stronger through greater legal participation. We can count on our individual right to vote to be protected and the usage of it much more convenient. etc...
     With republicans we can count on FEWER students being able to go on to higher education. We can count on the minimum wage being stalled where it is at or even eliminated. We can count on social security being trimmed so fewer will have the benefits at retirement everyone before them enjoyed. We can count on the elimination of health care as we know it. We can count on voting rights being further disenfranchised. We can count on those who think building a wall is better than finding a solution. Remember, the candidate we choose is important but the party they represent is much much more important.

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