Saturday, October 29, 2016

10 days to go (#2829)

     My blog for the last several years has been focused on exposing the anti democratic bent of the Republican party. Not only anti democratic as to our citizens and institutions, but to the point of physically harming both. I cannot stress how utterly disgraceful the Republican party has become. I had in the past at least tolerated their conservative austere bent because they would eventually give in to the majority and let the majority rule. Those days are gone and for a couple of decades the republican party has been the chief proponent of obstructing any and all legislation aimed at improving the inequality currently suppressing the working middle poor class.
     Well we are down to it now and in 10 days we are going to return a Democrat to the presidency to compliment the great work our current Democratic president has accomplished for us. Not only that but it looks favorable that we will have regained control of the Senate which will allow us to seat Supreme Court Justices and overturn previous egregiously adjudicated Supreme Court rulings. Now the House of Representatives may be out of reach but not totally and there is still some hope that a Democratic majority may squeak into being. As we move forward in the politics of our country we are seeing what liberal progressives can accomplish through the Democratic party.
     In states like California and Minnesota where the economies are skyrocketing toward surpluses, are in stark contrast to Republican led states where the economies are being thinned out because of austere policies which in turn deny funding for necessary state obligations. There is no doubt that we Democrats have the correct formula for not only economics but for human equality, creative innovations and the care and welfare of all our citizenry, among many other policies. In 10 days we are also going to break the glass ceiling by electing a woman president who is not only tough with adversaries but is compassionate for the downtrodden and abused. Our future looks bright and Democrats are the reason why.

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