Thursday, October 27, 2016

12 days to a continued hope (#2827)

     the last 8 years have been good as far as what we had for the 8 years previous to that. In fact the last 8 years have been kind of cool too. We had a few progressive policies forwarded and although the republican obstruction in Congress was despicable, we did get a few things done. Well we have a chance in 12 days to improve the odds of us getting much much more done by electing a Congress that will represent the majority will of our electorate. Improving lives from the bottom up is a start and protecting ideals of democracy wherever and however they are attacked.
     The days of the wealthy being the ones who benefit most from our government are about to end and their responsibilities to our democracy reinstated. No more will corporations be allowed to get a tax break for shipping jobs overseas, like republicans now protect. No more will states be allowed to discriminate on the essential right to vote by our citizens when we nominate and confirm the next liberal leaning supreme court justice. No more will corporations be considered people and money free speech. We will get back to formulating policies that benefit the hard working middle poor class in our society.
     In 12 days another miraculous thing will happen. We will elect our first woman president right after electing our first African American president. I am so humbled to be living through these times when my hope in my youth was dashed through assassins bullets. I am not only savoring this time leading up to electing Hillary Clinton as our next president but I am working every moment I can to get our vote out and take nothing for granted. Every one of us should be thankful and honored that we are a part of this historic time in not only continuing liberal progressive policies but in shattering barriers that have stood to separate us for centuries.

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