Tuesday, October 11, 2016

As the voting time approaches America is coming to its senses (#2811)

     For a while there it seemed very confusing and discomforting to me that the American people could actually elect a craven greedy man as our next president. The republican party has nominated a man who has no public service to his biography and instead has been shown to flaunt the laws of America to enhance his personal economic portfolio. He is the antithesis of the hard working moral middle class in this country, yet for a time there it seemed that he was an acceptable choice. Well those days are behind us now and as is usually the case, given enough time, the truth does come out.
     We now know that this republican nominee is not only a selfish intolerant soul but he is not intellectual. He has had every opportunity to increase his knowledge since he was born to the "silver spoon" crowd. Yet he chose to bypass increasing his knowledge base and instead desired to control his fantasies. The thing about fantasies though is that they are illusions and nothing sums up the character of Donald Trump like the word illusion. Trump is a hollow man who speaks of things he knows very little about yet commands us with words to accept that he is wiser than we are. If this was not so serious a proposition, him running for president, I would find it laughable. Yet it is serious and not only that has the real effect of causing harm on a global scale.
     But since the first debate a few weeks ago and a leak of an audio showing his juvenile approach to life, the American electorate has come out of the illusion that was crafted for them by the republican party with the help of a less than genuine media. After the second debate the republican candidate has shown that the first debate was an accurate read of his ineffectual intellect. America deserves a leader who can command the issues with knowledge and wisdom, not carnival barking obfuscation. I now know that he will not win the presidency and if we are all lucky enough his party will lose by a landslide in other areas of elected government as well.

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