Monday, October 3, 2016

Hatred can easily segue from one attribute to another (#2803)

     It is common now to see how republicans operate. They are able to go from hating our black president by showing us racism in all it's forms to now hating our woman candidate for president through sexism and all it's forms. Not missing a beat, the same republican political party has no interruption in it's ability to manifest hate whenever it is needed. Let me explain why. Republicans offer nothing to the working/middle/poor class of voters that is tangible to their lives improving economically or politically. Republicans are driving down wages wherever possible and working hard to make college inaccessible while diminishing social programs for our seniors.
     While also using underhanded maneuvers to cut eligible voters off the voting rolls and denying new voters easy opportunities to engage in our political process. I could go on and on with all the attempts and successes that republicans have tried or instituted to disrupt the working/middle/poor class in numerous ways but I need to get to my conclusion here. Republicans offer nothing of value to our American citizenry except of course for the wealthy. So appealing to our worst natures and fears about each other is the only unifying cry they have. Since this election appears to be less a landslide for Democrats according to the media, the strategy of hate by republicans seems to be somewhat working.
     That a large minority of our nation is unable to see that their own biases are being played against them is unfortunate. This is why too many vote against their own good because they are frothing at the mouth to punish some group that is not them. We saw this during the Obama presidency and now we are seeing the transition to prevent the woman democratic presidential candidate from being elected. Using hatred to get elected, who knew we could be so gullible as a nation to accept the premise.

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