Saturday, October 1, 2016

Improving our schools (#2801)

     Generation after generation is being lost to the ignorance of unknowing. We need to bring our standards up to a level of basics that seem to have slipped. When a quarter of our population believes that the Sun revolves around the Earth,, we are given all the proof we need to understand our educational system as it is now is failing not only our students but society on whole. This not only affects the basics of our existence but it affects how our society deals with pressing issues going forward.
     How can we expect our generations going forward to be the critical thinkers we need in a time of innovation and creativity that we are experiencing? So much is being advanced though technology that if we don't have the citizenry to not only maintain that advancement but to enhance it with logical progression then we are doomed to a reality that will not advance modernity and may very well deteriorate it. Our schools are the last bastions of learning and progress. We cannot move the young from the status quo if they are not given new ways to learn through a compare and contrast paradigm and shown how to form the ability to distinguish how comprehensive the simple becomes the complex.
     The idea that we have a political party now, republicans, who are more interested in cutting education is abominable, That republicans do not see that our society is not being given what it needs to compete in the 21st century is also abominable. Maybe they don't want to see and instead refuse to acknowledge the importance of education for our nation. Maybe their only concern is their own pocketbook and anything beyond that is not their problem. Well maybe that is true and maybe that is okay with them. Well it isn't with me because I have pride in our democracy and it's principles and those principles demand of me to be more than a selfish uncaring person.

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