Monday, October 31, 2016

In 8 more days (#2831)

     In 8 more days we will find out just how intelligent our society really is. I know that we are a majority intelligent society but the minority figure, whether 40% or 49% is still in question. That is a lot of ignorance or willful anti-intellectualism out there. Let me say this about our presidential election, we have a career public servant running against a nefarious capitalist of dubious character which includes court charges of unlawful sexual behavior with a young minor (13 year old). He is also being sued in federal court for his immoral and alleged illegal business practices which are numerous in volume. This is the candidate that would be president and he will get more than 40% of the vote.
     You got that right? More than 40% of voting Americans would have this man as our president. So again I say in 8 days we will know the percentage of people in our country, who vote, who are anti intellectual, or ignorant. I am not proud of that. This is still America and I call this country, my place of birth, my home. So it is quite an embarrassment to me and to others who feel like I do that we should be much better at understanding what honor and principled living stand for. That a large minority of us would vote for such a despicable human being as the immoral Trump is defies our idea of our own worth. this is a simple matter of choosing to represent the harsh brutish nature of humanity as a source of pride.
     I for one will apologize now for the lack of progress we Americans have made in the area of virtue. It seems that we don't hold to virtue like other society's do and that is to our eternal shame. Maybe I will be surprised and the voter selection for the dirty human being Trump will be less than 40% but that would be a shock since no poll to date has him showing that level of disgust. Today is trick or treat here in America and republicans have already started their participation by manipulating the press to cover their false narratives that cover their dastardly intent.

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