Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Progress or not (#2812)

     This coming election is about two perspectives of the same issue. One the one side of the metaphorical coin is progress and all it implies and on the other side of that coin is no progress and if carefully examined, a bit more regression. We either are going forward with bold adventurism or we are staying still, while leaning backward. This is the dynamic that we are faced with. The republican party represents this staying still/regressive approach with not only our politics as shown by laws that help the few wealthy over the many not wealthy, but in our social lives where freedom of/from religion is being dismantled, where freedom of choice and defining one's own destiny is being curtailed.
     The democratic party is representing our hope for a greater diversity and tolerant society while reining in our current economic income inequality so that all may participate in the marketplace through merit and creative innovation. As to politics, we democrats are ready to knock down obstacles that republicans have built to dissuade electoral participation. If there is one ideal that we liberals fight daily for it is progress. We know that our species is still evolving in ways that are scary and frightening, yet we trust the human instinct within us to carry us along in a manner representative of our great democratic ideals.
     So when the voting time comes this November 8th, remember who you are and what you want to be. Afraid of the future (Republican) or one who shapes our future (Democrat) because there is no stopping time and space from where we are now. Change will occur whether we are the ones adjusting to it through our command or whether we are victims of it because we choose to deny our ability to overcome it. Two visions facing in different directions, one framed by fear of the future and the other framed by mastering the future. You decide.

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