Sunday, October 2, 2016

Reality television is not reality (#2802)

     I get a big kick out of the misnomer. When you know you are under video surveillance you are not being real. For most all of us we change our behavior to reflect what we think is best about ourselves. So when they say that reality television is what we are like, it actually isn't. Most of us are far more flawed than when we show when watched. If they wanted to do a real reality television show it would be totally anonymous and without any premeditated thought or action. It would be real, not staged. So the faux fame that comes from these ring masters of the television world onto others is not reality.
     I say all this because we have a person like Donald Trump running for president of the United States whose only real claim to fame is his reality television show that is not reality. It is curious that he often reflects what he thinks is his best nature and it comes across as mean and bullying. Yet there are many out there who like someone in charge that is mean and bullying. It is a illness of illusion. So our smart intelligent society is also dumb and ignorant one. A real chasm in the "reality" of who we are as Americans. Instead of being honorable and noble in our thoughts and deeds we are also ruthless and demeaning in our thoughts and actions.
     I suppose the answer to why this is in the programming we get through the media and the lack of education we get at school. Nothing could be clearer to the outside viewer of our society that the split between those who can objectively think and those who are constantly subjective is blatant. The evolution of the human being is at a crossroads now within the borders of our nation. To the north in Canada they came to realize their crossroads and overwhelmingly chose to advance their society instead of regressing it. It is my hopeful wish that in the next 5 weeks or so we do the same here in America.

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