Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Settling on being not bad is not good enough (#2826)

     Those who say well at least I am not a serial killer are using the argument that since I am not awful I am okay. Bull! Settling on being nothing good is not good. This is a problem we have here in America and surely in the world in general. Settling for just enough to get by and thinking that is good. It isn't. Why would anyone want to be like you if all you are is not much of anything? When children grow up looking at their parents and seeing what could be as opposed to what is why do you think they tune us out? We are not good if we are being barely not bad. It is not an honor or a reward in life to say that I didn't do that awful thing. It is just you wasting space that could have been better space.
     Whatever the cause, laziness or indifference, it is not a value. Each of us is so capable of being more than not bad. We each have amazing possibilities if we would just give them a chance to grow. We need to learn more than we know and then apply some of that learning into a positive effect. We need to be less selfish about our own wants and desires and start looking around to see how others have far less than we do from little to no fault of their own. We have to see our society as not what it is making us be and instead what it could be helping us become. Many of us are stuck where we are because we have no way out that makes any sense. We need more than that.
     A transition form where we are stuck to an avenue where we can move forward without losing the best of what we have already accomplished. We can't burn bridges behind us as we move forward, we have to keep the bridges sturdy so that those behind us can follow. But it takes new ideas and new ways for our society to help us out of our current trapping environment. If we are to be more than just enough to survive all of us need to do more while being helped more. It works both ways and if it could start then the being not bad paradigm will fade away and we can then become one of those who is good and tells others about it.

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