Thursday, October 13, 2016

The enterprise of democracy (#2813)

     What is democracy? What does it mean to you? Do you understand the significance of our nation being founded upon those principles? Democracy equates to you and I being treated the same. Democracy gives us all the opportunity to improve our society. I suppose I should ask what everyone considers improvement. For me improvement is finding anything that is not an ideal democratic action or behavior and making it more so. Improvement is finding what is not right about how we live and celebrate life and making it more right. So when I see what the republican party is doing on whole, making the worst of who we are more abundant, then I do like I am doing now, calling it out for being anti-democratic.
     For so long the differences between the two main political parties has been obfuscated and muddled through intentional ulterior motives. But we have the Internet now provided by democrats who want an open and informed society. The history of social progress in America is now known to be a liberal/democratic one. Republicans can no longer falsely claim that they have helped create the foundation of our society. Instead they are now known as the ones who want to break that foundation and return us to the dark ages where we all have to fend off each other in a survival of the fittest reality.
     Democracy allows us to move forward with a floor beneath us so that hunger, poverty and the opportunity to learn and create work is where we start not what we scramble against each other as a necessity to achieve. Democracy gives all of us the chance to be who we are in a society that embraces our diversity and is graciously beyond tolerant of our differences. The enterprise of democracy is an evolving one toward a more perfect union to reiterate a famously coined phrase.

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