Thursday, October 20, 2016

The herd is in, now round up the strays (#2820)

     My metaphorical take on the coming presidential election. Clinton will win and the only unknown right now is by how much. It seems that republican Trump only has to open his mouth and let words out to increase the odds of this election becoming the biggest landslide victory in generations for Democrats. Which is just what we need if we are going to win the Senate and the House. It is imperative that we win both when the opportunity is there. So much can get done in the next two years before the next election that it is amazing that we have this chance given republican gerrymandering in the states. Republicans have done this to themselves with their arrogance and disdain for the majority of working middle poor class Americans of all persuasions.
     Republicans have arrogantly decided that democracy should be devoid of tolerance and diversity. They have taken a stand against the traditional melting pot concept of which we all became a part of when our fore parents migrated to the new land here in America from every land on Earth. Republicans have instead chosen to demean those who are not wealthy in an economic and educational system that often favors wealth. Their condescension is palpable and as such makes for voting them out of office a determined priority.
     The voting has already begun and the debates are over so now it is the waiting for November 8th to put an end to the republican majorities in Congress and honor our new democratic president and first woman to do it. We live in momentous times and after having elected our first amazing black president we will follow it up with our first woman president. All the while exposing the republican party for it's failure to lift up and improve the lives of our working middle poor class. The trickle down survival of the fittest paradigm is dead and with it the republican party that floated it's creation.

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