Tuesday, October 4, 2016

We are all just trying to make our way through the Universe (#2804)

     Everything we do is just marking time as far as staying busy. Our society exists so that we can better get along with each other and that is good. Keeping our society good as to getting along requires us to be civil and respectful of each other. We also must allow for equality to exist under our democracy otherwise those who are denied equality will try to rip apart our unfair society in order to make a more just one. Then there are those who live within our society that want to keep past privileges and advantages unfairly earned to themselves. They don't mind sowing seeds of disruption and inequality. They are the ones who currently are destroying the melting pot of which our American society has been built within.
     Why so many have flocked to the republican party can be summed up easily. The republican party has a recent history of segregating not only through color of skin but by gender and economic status. So what has occurred is a split in the fabric of our society along the lines of hatred and ignorance. Listen up folks, our society is in jeopardy of being blown apart from within by forces that are not honorable nor noble. It is a cancerous type disease that has spread because the republican party will not deny it's affiliation with it. I can understand conservatism as a cautious approach at modernity and progress. That is well and good. Yet that is not what is being practiced by conservatives these days. Instead we are getting a regressive philosophy that is denying modernity and progress as to institute a class based society.
     That means our democracy is being destroyed so that a more plutocratic/theocratic society will emerge. One where the wealthy and the powerful make the decisions for the rest of us and base their decisions on a hybrid theological understanding. Gone will be the one citizen one vote. Gone will be freedom of choice and the freedom of speech. What we are heading for with the republican party is a control that many are clueless to it's burgeoning and culpable fruition.

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