Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Creativity and innovation will eventually defeat ignorance (#2853)

     This election sucked the soul right out of me. I mean, I was so ready for great things to happen for our society and then we do this to ourselves. By this I mean we make life harder for the less well off and take our modernization progress and halt or abandon it in too many areas. I am perplexed by this but as I am much older now and have less time left in this existence the consequences for me are less than they will be for the adults and children who are younger than I am. Just sitting here thinking about it I shouldn't have been surprised by the outcome of this election. All my life has been filled with empty promises and false hope, yet I do continue to hope and wish for fulfilled promises. That is probably why this hurts so much. We had it within our grasp and literally snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.
     So not in my lifetime will our society make the leap beyond the fearful creatures we are now of our own shadows. Instead we will remain clutching to our fears as if they were a security blanket. I had hoped we were beyond the myths, mores and superstitions of our antiquity but it is shown that we here in America are not. There is a silver lining though and will likely happen not too far off in the future. Creativity and innovation will continue to happen and with it the burgeoning knowledge that we are truly the masters of this reality if we choose to be. It is all about being courageous or being cowards. I know both of these experiences and the one I have chosen to have rule over my life is courage.
     So despite the huge setback our American society just took, the way forward is not diminished just delayed. It is sad to me though that so many will be unnecessarily harmed and punished because we chose cowardice over courage. I am not the architect of existence but I had hoped that my time here would have been more fruitful in helping to eliminate the scourge of oppression and inequality. Yet maybe to some real small degree I have helped but surely not enough to satisfy this older man who is now watching the exponential regression of our American progress since I first became aware.

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