Thursday, November 3, 2016

Intentionally harming is not naturally human (#2834)

     For some reason too many of our species doesn't seem to care that they are harming others by the choices they make. I suppose they justify it by telling themselves that they come first and if others get hurt then too bad. Well I am not one of those. I can take enough care of myself as a proud human that I would never intentionally harm someone else to get something for myself. If anything I am of the nature to help others get things before helping myself. I choose to have the pride of honor and nobility within me because I recognize that those qualities are what bring me peace. By taking care for others I am actually taking care of myself. A little nugget of wisdom I picked up in a self help group.
     I am not one of those who needs material things or prestige of accolade to be able to justify to myself that I am worthy. I already know I am worthy by my never ending quest to be an honorable person. That is what I offer to reality and this existence. It is the best of what I am and nothing less. So for me to see all this, me first and uncaring for others around me is disturbing and unnatural. How too many within our society got to the point of the survival of the fittest mentality is more than alarming, it reminds me of the book William Golding, "Lord of the Flies". Where the worst of our natures is displayed through fear and bullying power.
     That is not the type of people I expect to live with here in my birth country America. I expect that most of us would be willing to make our society work to help all of us so that none of us is left desperate or alone. Fear should not be a factor in whether we can associate together. Bullying power should not be allowed to rise up and overcome those who are less strong and able. For the life of me, I cannot fathom our nation being run by a man who would stomp out that which helps us come together while celebrating that which abhors and demeans. I may have been born here and love this chunk of dirt our forefathers/mothers fashioned for us but if it is to be quashed and turned into a melee where chaos and indifference rule then I will move on where the not intentionally harming is the rule not the exception.

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