Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It is like early Christmas morning (#2839)

     I got out of bed early this morning because there was no way I was going back to sleep knowing that today is the day we get to find out what our votes will do. I have heard the nonsense about voting is just voting for tyranny and doesn't accomplish anything. I had to scratch my head to see if I could make sense of that false premise and conclusion but the scratching didn't help. I tried to explain to a couple of illogical folks that not voting was actually tyranny but they were lost down the rabbit hole. Anyway, back to the rest of us who took the time to be involved in our elections to decide the future course our politics will take our society, today is the culmination of our efforts to become informed and to advocate for the positions we have taken. Later this evening the first returns will be coming in and all the possibilities of how the vote is going will emerge.
     I know this much, I will be on the edge of my seat on my computer watching for the signs that our liberal/progressive ideals are coming out on top. Like I said right now is like Christmas morning in the sense that I am so excited to see how much we Democrats can gain as leaders in our society and in the hearts of the electorate. I am getting older and the longer I am alive the more I long to see a better world that celebrates democracy like we are all family. I have had enough in my life of the divisiveness and survival of the fittest mindset from the angry and greedy wealthy and their acolytes. I have had in my lifetime enough of that disappointment and failure.
     So today from this morning on I am in complete happy mode. I know that our society longs for a better structure so that all of us can advance through life based upon merit and good will and not through privilege and advantage. This evening it won't be like Christmas morning but instead like the all the big games ever played rolled into one. The anticipation, to use a metaphor, for our team to win and win going away is palpable. I have all my chores about done and the only thing I have much left to do is to contain my excitement and enjoy the ticking of the clock as it approaches the final moments before we start to get the figures in on how well we will do not only as a political party but as Americans in a much larger world.

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