Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Logic is a lost on too many (#2861)

     My favorite way of processing information is logically. Actually, for most all things logic is the only way I process information along with common sense. Now the times I don't use logic nearly enough are in matters of my own personal heart, But for everything else only logic can consistently help me make sense of all the things happening around me. Life is too complex for me to break everything down constantly so I rely on the rules of logic to help me understand generally without having to be specific in every detail all the time. Logic is a path that follows rules of understanding. We start with a premise and build our knowledge on that premise with another until we reach a conclusion. Simple, for example: "All men are mortal, I am a man, therefore I am mortal."
     This type of deductive reasoning is what most of us use to establish one fact from several other facts. It is how we progress from simple thoughts that are not connected to thoughts that are connected. Yet it seems that our society has chosen not to use logic in their choices. Especially in today's politics. We have elected a man who promises to take most of our society's advantages for everyone and destroy them so that only the wealthy will have those advantages. So one would think that the logic of that would be: "Only the wealthy get advantages, we are all wealthy, therefore we all get to have advantages." Yet what defies that false analogy is the fact that most of us are not wealthy yet we voted on the logic that we are? That is a prime example of false reasoning.
     It is easier for me to explain why something is done correct and not on why something was done wrong. So the lack of logic in this last election is a prime example, and most painful real one that I know of, that describes the lack of logic in our lives. I suppose if we don't respect the amazing ability each of us possesses enough to at least think in a simple logical sequence then we deserve to be led around as if we were cattle. The problem is that there are many of us who are not "cattle like" and can think for ourselves, yet since the gerrymandering of how our elections are operated we are stuck with the minority view in power that we are cattle and all need to be herded for our own good.

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