Thursday, November 10, 2016

Man who was a dope (#2841)

     This right here is my confession to being too optimistic about the future of our society here in America. I had no doubt that the bright future I and so many others could see would win the election day. I was wrong and oh how wrong was I. Not only did we liberal progressives not win the presidency or the senate but now the destructive republicans control the White House and Congress and are about to establish their harsh conservative nature on our Supreme Court. It is the nightmare scenario I had not given one single thought to be able to happen because of it's cruel and brutish reality. So I was "gut punched" by the result when it came about.
     It is not so much a personal agenda for myself that I fight so hard for a liberal progressive vision of modernity, It is for the children of our society of which I am not a contributor. So I only have the reason of nobility and honor in my quest for a better life for all. I am near the end of my life expectancy so there is no ulterior motive or selfishness on my part for my thoughts and actions. I do this because I know it is right and good despite so many who cannot grasp it's logic. What this election has shown is that there are many of my fellow countrymen and women who do not share my principles of integrity being rewarded and bad behavior being punished. It is quite the opposite as the election results prove.
     That gut punched feeling I have is because I care so much about the possibilities our species possess and instead of embracing that paradigm we have instead just spit on it. We are, at our best, most magnificent creatures and with a proper future laid out for us an unlimited one as to what we can think and do. Yet our society here in America has chosen to belay that vision for one that is harsh and brutish in a most punishing way to enlightenment and to ourselves personally on most all levels except for the wealthy. Our nation now will be heading toward a very dark and dangerous period that I cannot with any confidence say will have a future to hope for.

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