Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My conscious and subconscious (#2847)

     These are two separate but intricately intertwined dimensions that I exist within. First my conscious is the one where I am aware of every second of every day. I go through my rituals or processes if you will and think about those movements as they occur. The second, my subconscious is where I live in the bigger picture. Where my rituals or processes are mapped out in the order of their sequence. In my mind, I pop in and out of my subconscious to make sure I am on my schedule. Clinically, I may not have this correct in proper definitive terms, but in practice it is how I live. Both are products of my known nature and the decision I made long ago to be a good person. Despite the benefits of not being a good person, I know sounds strange right? I am much more comfortable with a smile on my face then an undeserved bulging wallet or a trail of discounted remorse and guilt.
     I learned long ago that feeling right and good inside is priceless and every thing else in place of that falls too far short. It is why I advocate so hard for us to be an intelligent society so that we can harness the goodness we all have within us and utilize it together to form a much greater paradigm of reality for all of us to live in. It may sound naive to think that we can let go of greed and selfishness but really, it is all about choice which all of us individually have despite any circumstance we may be in. I know that fear is huge in our individual makeups but fear too often is just the lack of will to fight for ourselves.
     Not that fear ever goes away, because even when I fight for myself I have a modicum of fear within me but I choose to ignore it and battle for the better. Often fear is so overwhelming that it can physically freeze me to no action at all but even then I force myself to move past it by acting one step at a time. For my subconscious to remain my overall plan I must continue to live in my conscious state of living every second of every day with my mind not wandering off from who I am and what I am doing. I am human and I am better than what I have been so far.

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