Monday, November 14, 2016

The decline of Modern Intellectual Civilization is at our doorstep (#2845)

     I really don't think I need to say much about this subject as to proofs or arguments of persuasion. It is as evident to me as surely it is to even those who are not sure but know it in their bones. We seem to be unable as a major society on this planet to move beyond our fears and pettiness. Where logic and common sense dictate a course of behavior and action, we discount that in favor of some illusory nostalgia that is so unreal yet defended as fact. I am not sure why we are so cowed but it is within all of us to know better than to hate, lie or cheat. Why would we choose negativity if we had a chance to move beyond it? I don't know but I am disappointed in the whole of my species for our inability to conceptualize what could be over what scares us.
     I know we are better than that yet we fail to prove it when the proving time comes. I won't call us perpetual cowards but I will call us lacking in the will to be bold and courageous. We would rather live under the yoke than to throw it off and say, no more! Is life such a desired thing when it has such restraints? We ourselves have the choice yet we can't even get past our own fears. It is a disheartening experience not to be able to leap through the restraints and into such modernization that we could have. I know we are all capable but somehow we have decided that we are not worthy or others are not worthy or some such nonsense. Our lives are lived within a time frame that is very short, given my own experience with it. I was just a child a moment ago it seems and now I am near the end of my lifespan.
     Why do I urge and cajole us to let our fears go and embrace the future like it demands of us? Regardless of what our species does the future will come and whether we choose to understand and shape it or just be a servant to it doesn't really matter if what our species is capable of is not a factor to be considered. The rocks and trees and lesser species on Earth here will follow along no matter what the Universe does, but we humans are able to at least adjust to what may come and get out ahead of what we know will come. We have that ability yet we choose to not utilize the one positive attribute we have. Back to why? I suppose it is because we don't care or we are afraid. Either way it is not what we are capable of nor what we should be doing.

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