Friday, November 11, 2016

The fear of intelligence (#2842)

     It is not natural to want to be uninformed. There is another word for that, cowardice. When we are informed we are able to make decisions about our own lives that allow us to live in a society that respects all people's right to choose the path of their lives. No one should ever be denied their right to choose their path to happiness because they are informed. Yet fear makes many decide to interfere in the lives of others because they choose to remain in an ignorant state. I used cowardice to describe a desire to remain ignorant and I say that because fear is what keeps them from trying to expand their comprehensive knowledge. They choose the comfort of what works for them despite the fact of the discomfort it puts on others to conform to their view of the world. They use force to achieve their goal of remaining ignorant to maintain their sheltered lifestyle.
     Working to maintain the status quo of a lifestyle that has already changed is what propels them to their disdain for intelligence. They cannot see that change is what life is all about and instead cling to the notion that nothing should change from the, quote, "good old days". Yet they deceive themselves by their very behavior. The "good old days" is a myth of their imagination. Already they have incorporated what they want from modern innovation and have somehow declined to admit that they are changing. What is worse is that they do not recognize that they live in fear. The fear that is behind every outburst or joke they make about others. They are afraid to look themselves in the mirror and ask the most important question of their lives, who am I?
     They are afraid of the answer so they continue to try to live a facade of who they want others to think they are. It is a duplicitous thing they do to themselves, not only for their own happiness but for the happiness of those around them. Intelligence is a tool to help us move forward into the change that is occurring whether we admit it or not. So when we are thrust backwards away from change we are only denying ourselves the logic of reality and being a major force within it. How sad for us!

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