Friday, November 25, 2016

The little bit of light at the end of the tunnel is hopeful (#2856)

     It appears that the 3 states that were predicted to be Clinton wins are going to get a recount. I don't have it as official yet but as things stand now it is highly likely. What this does is give us a chance to put the rumors to bed or to expose those rumors as being real. Were votes changed or under counted or over counted, we are hopefully soon to find out. This is how our democracy needs to be, questioning that which seems illogical to make sure that it is correct. We are human and as such nothing can be taken for granted especially our most sacred right within our democracy, our vote. I for one am hoping for the truth. I can accept that outcome regardless of it's effect. What I can't accept is the doubt that can be cleared up and not cleared up.
     I am not here crying over spilled milk, only asking that our votes are verified in several systems that have already shown themselves as being less than reliable. Given that republicans have shown a real distaste for allowing voting to all our citizens who are legally eligible it is not a stretch that some republicans, of the over zealous or devious nature, fudged things enough to sway the election from it's factual course. That will not be tolerated and the only way to make sure that that didn't happen is to recount the votes that are there to be recounted.
     Being on the short end of the stick here is not my only motivation. If we had won and a recount was asked for over the same circumstances it would be logical and with common sense to do a recount. It is our democracy that is at stake here and if some shenanigans have taken place we need to weed that out and produce safeguards that would prevent it in the future. I accept the will of the people even when that will goes contrary to my understanding of humanity, morality and ethics. But first I must be convinced that the will of the people is verifiable and not some culprits version of it. We all count as to our votes and for any vote to have been either changed, discarded or duplicated is not acceptable in this the greatest democracy on the face of the Earth.

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