Sunday, November 6, 2016

The storm and now the calm (#2837)

     Much ado about nothing to quote one of my favorite authors, William Shakespeare. The political storm created out of thin air has passed and now the sun is shining again the sky is blue with big puffy white clouds. The republican hit job orchestrated by a republican dupe heading the FBI has shown itself to be a childish attack on Hillary in order to conjure up an atmosphere of doubt and mistrust about her. Well it worked for about a week until everyone realized that there was only the illusion of smoke and not a hint of fire. I am on a metaphorical roll this morning. :) Anyway back to the storm that wasn't we witnessed the old saw about how a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can even put it's pants on.
     Well once the truth got it's pants on the lie was exposed and most of it's deception exposed as a feeble attempt to hide the strategy of republicans of not having any policies that help the working middle poor class. However the lie does still permeate with some folks who would rather believe the lie than admit the truth. It has something to do with racism, sexism or just plain meanness but whatever it is it needs to stop. Life is too short for all this nonsense to be part of our lives. We need policies that make us all more advanced and able to explore and discover the mysteries of our Universe.
     We live in this existence yet know little about it. That infuriates my sensibilities and requires of me to fight for any creative enlightenment beyond the old antiquities of myth, mores and superstitions. The calm we are in now is the refreshing that is needed for us to reload our mindset and muster our strength to forge a new future based upon innovative knowledge and intuition guided creativity. Our species deserves nothing less than to operate our senses in a way that is efficient and useful. Our minds crave to know what we don't and the time right now, this threshold in time and space, is ours for the taking and what a wonderful time to do that taking then in the calm after the storm.

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