Sunday, November 27, 2016

The will to do what is right (#2858)

     It seems that today in our current American society, we have to be convinced to do what is right. There is so much wrongdoing going on that it has overwhelmed our sense of purpose. Those who continue to escape justice makes it harder for the rest of us to believe that justice is achievable. We are inundated with so much that offends us that we simply let it continue because there is no end to it. Well that is quitting in my book. I don't care how much injustice is going on out there, I will not be party to the silencing of it. I get that it is a tiring proposition to have to continually try to stop the avalanche of disorder benefiting the privileged and advantaged, while disadvantaging the less well off, but the end of it will come when we punish those who are doing it with a heavy hand as to assuage others from following their nefarious footsteps.
     Making examples of a few who need to be made examples of is the answer and it is justifiable and right to fit the punishment in the harshest form to the crime being committed allowed by law. On whole we are better than the carpetbagging privileged and advantaged souls who are unfairly putting themselves and their's above the rest of us. The time for this nonsense of harm and pain to come to an end is this very second. We must make sure that the rule of law is not some product that can be bought and sold. It is a sacred principle of our democracy and for our democracy to stay strong the rule of law must be applicable to all of it's citizens, not just used as a tool to be used when convenient.
     If we don't stop looking at our society as settled we will never move past the troubles it is now inflicting upon us. Our society is being manipulated and if we don't put a stop to it we will lose what we think we have already protected. There are those souls out there who don't care for democratic principles and instead only care about the quality of their own lives. If we don't muster our will toward protecting the rule of law we will find ourselves subject to it in ways we thought were unfathomable.

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