Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vote tampering by republicans? (#2854)

     It may be that there was some underhanded tactics employed in this election in states that were swing states and run by republican politicians. Now I won't be one of those who claims there is some conspiracy here to elect republicans in a dishonest way but there is some evidence to suggest that may well have happened. First a decade and a half ago, and five years ago republicans instituted their attempt to capture public offices by gerrymandering the districts so that they could hold onto power. Now that in itself is not conclusive evidence as democrats had employed gerrymandering themselves in the past but not as blatant as these last efforts by republicans.
     Next was the republican controlled Supreme Court that gave corporations basically unlimited spending in our elections while giving them a blanket secrecy that keeps the voting public in the dark as to who contributes what. The Supreme Court also gave previously mostly southern states relief from having federal oversight on their voting laws. this opened up new laws for these republican led states to jigger their voting laws making it more difficult for democratic voters in particular to register and actually vote. More evidence to the point. Making it more difficult for citizens of the United States to vote especially, historically, democratic voters is enough to at least consider that republicans are in the business of denying votes where they can in order to keep their party in power.
     So now there is evidence of voting machine tampering that has the eye now of our federal justice system. After all the work republicans have put in to make voting harder it is not a stretch to imagine they have their fingerprints on this tampering as well. I am not accusing republicans of going this far to disenfranchise voters but if it is shown that they have, then there should be a national recount and charges filed wherever the evidence leads. The most sacred right in our democracy is our vote which guides our nation toward the will of the people. If it has been sabotaged then a reckoning is in order.

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