Monday, December 26, 2016

American arrogance is a disease (#2887)

     We Americans have been living off the hard work of those who sacrificed to give us the opportunities we have. It is not enough for us to be thankful for the precious hard fought victories for democracy and it's obvious modernity, we must give as well to help our democracy along. We, our generation, is the recipient of the benefit provided us by our early and late ancestors. We deserve none of it as it is only a gift. Yet too many of us strut around like we are some kind of demigods worthy of a by your leave from those who we condescend to. How utterly arrogant of us to think and behave like we earned anything of real value. We are the recipients not the creators. I am in shock over this last election which tells me that we truly are an arrogant nation who has no clue as to our pettiness.
     I call our arrogance a disease because we are not able to correct it ourselves. We need professional help in the sense of being awakened to our denigrating thoughts and horrible behaviors. How can anyone be proud of being a racist, misogynist or any other undemocratic pariah? It seems that if we ignore it and only focus on what is best for us, then selfishness becomes our credo. We don't call it that instead we point our fingers at others with unceasing blame. I have no answer for our current state of mind. I see it for what it is but I have no great answer toward curing it other than to expose it for all to see and hope that truth can overcome arrogance.
     There are too many in our American society who think that privilege and advantage should be theirs and only theirs. Our selfishness will be our undoing. The current political administration coming into power partly through foreign intervention refuses to accept the corruption involved and will only hasten our demise not so much from without but now even more dangerously from within. We will have no one else to blame when the dismantling of democracy is complete because we were too busy lording ourselves over others in some vain attempt to pretend we are better than we really are.

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