Saturday, December 24, 2016

Being bold in ignorance is the problem (#2885)

     Too many lately have taken to being advocates of positions that are wholly wrong or mostly inaccurate. Not only the usual suspects in the republican party voting block but too many also in the democratic party voting block. By degrees, the republicans are the worst offenders and that is why we are in the hellacious mess we currently find ourselves. But less so but no less disappointing is the ignorance displayed by otherwise intelligent liberals who think that we were the problem and not the democracy crushing republicans. I know that democrats are more nervous about things then we should be but to blame the last national loss on ourselves is despicable. Why in the world would I steal the shame and embarrassment republicans achieved and give it to myself?
     At times many in our party are just as blind to the big picture that most republicans are. I would have thought that despite our wrinkles within our party we could iron those out internally with a more open and frank discussion of out goals for the future and how we are going to forward our goals. These are important issues needing our attention but on the scale of how we lost and the methods employed by republicans to effectively steal our election and deny millions of their right to vote, our internal problems are much less a problem in the face of the democracy crushing republican party. Republicans are and will be the problem within our society and until we stop the nonsense of looking for blame from within our movement and focus on neutering the republican party they will remain our lords and masters no matter what we do as a party.
     Let me say this clearly for all to understand, the republican party is our problem and their denial of voting rights with their incessant lying and cheating in the media has to end. We have to make them pay for what is wrong and destroying our nation without offering ourselves up as an excuse to blame for their doing. We democrats are liberal progressives and if we don't fight to keep our liberal progressive positions in the forefront of the American psyche then we will soon become that extinct creature that once was a fond memory.

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