Friday, December 9, 2016

Death by a thousand paper cuts (#2870)

     Our society here in America is about to experience this phenomena. Why would we ever elect a political party that does not have our interests at heart? I do not know the reason specifically but regardless, the outcome, over a period of time, is going to be very painful. It is as if our national psyche wants to harm ourselves. We are crying out for help but in a way that is destructive. I look upon us as having self punishing tendencies without hope. It is bewildering to me that we were on the verge of really making ourselves into a model for all the world to copy as a society and we just shrunk from the opportunity. All we had to do was vote for the candidate that was going to help us along into modernity and a democracy that looked to improve justice and fairness.
     Not only that but we have driven a stake into the heart of our future by electing that republican party that will turn away from climate change action and turn away from cleaning up our pollution inspired policies. We have done a disservice to our planet yes, but we have also done a disservice to our seniors, our children and all of the working middle poor class. What is unfathomable is that the ones who allowed the republicans to come to office are the ones who are most going to get hurt by choosing them. We are on a self loathing crusade and as we continue to harm ourselves the further we get away from the political cures that will slave our wounds and improve our future.
     Death by a thousand paper cuts is what is coming and no one deserves the blame more that we ourselves. Republicans didn't lie to us about what they would do. We just chose them to do it to us and now that it will happen we must accept our choice since we made it. Now I know we all didn't do this but we are part of this democracy and therefore must live with the consequences of our affiliation. I am not looking forward to the pain and suffering but it seems that I and those like me were overruled.

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