Sunday, December 25, 2016

Despite our angst, a day to be content (#2886)

     I am not one to celebrate Christmas because it embodies a false narrative to achieve a happy outcome. I get the happy outcome but for me it will never be enough that the means justify the end. I would rather we celebrate what is good inside us without having to conform to a religious structure that too many of us find imaginary. Yet here we are again with all the custom around us trying not to be a negative so I find that putting on a smile and just being myself without the whirligig of the false narrative interfering with my day. Since most people are in a relatively good mood I don't want to upset that despite my indifference to it's mqkeup. Actually more than indifference but let's not go there. :)
     So smiling and doing good is on my agenda much like any other day so I am somewhat content not to rail against the ridiculousness we Americans are currently showing. Instead I will say nice things about what good there is left in us and be thankful for that small piece of the pie. Tuning out more than tuning in is something from my past that had a totally different meaning but it is well put here to identify my one day of ambivalence. I will watch the games on television and politely ignore the haters while fixing some little problems that always come up. I am thankful today for what little I do have and although I am thankful everyday for what little I do have I will make a point of expressing it today.
     If only we could have a day like today everyday and the only ones stopping us is ourselves. We are our own worst enemy but that is nothing new. Oh well, everyone have a wonderful day in spite of the foreboding many of us feel about the coming new year. I wish I could say I am thankful for that but what I can say is that I hope what I perceive as disaster on the horizon is just a cautious tale on my part.

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