Friday, December 2, 2016

Flight or fight (#2863)

     Over the last few weeks I have felt both of these desires. First the flight since I cannot imagine I am surrounded by so many uncaring brutish and harsh people to have voted in a con man who is all about himself and nothing much more about the rest of us. It is unfathomable that he got enough votes to be even competitive let alone enough to win strategically. Of course he is still losing ground in the popular vote overall to his worthy opponent by well over 2.5 million votes as of this date. But due to the patriarchy of the electoral college he is allowed to win the presidency while losing the popular vote. All this to say that his conniving has gotten him his prize and that prize will cost the rest of us dearly so who wants to be part of that?
     I know I didn't. Besides the gut punch feeling I had for several weeks after the shock of his victory I couldn't logically convince myself that this country was in any way the leader of the free world based upon the outcome of the presidential race. If I am one thing it is a liberal progressive and we have a strong will to have democracy with it's equality of opportunity, fairness and justice at it's core. Now that our democracy is about to be unraveled I was struggling as to how I would see myself within this new alarming paradigm. But it took a few weeks for me to come out of the shock of what's about to happen and realize that there really is only one thing for me to do now.
     Fight. Because this is my country and I damn well will never allow some carpetbagging fool to maneuver his way into destroying 240 years of hard fought struggle to build what is the greatest foundation for a democracy in the world. I will fight republicans and their new monster leader with all that I have and I will do it with my feet firmly planted on American soil. I have taken my early depressive sickening feeling and turned it into a mighty roar that will tolerate very little in my march to crush any attempts by republicans to destroy our sacred trust handed down for generations through blood sweat and tears. I honor my predecessors with my fighting now.

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