Sunday, December 18, 2016

I am not much but what little that is I respect it (#2879)

     I have my principles that I live by and they are of course liberal and progressive with an ultra modern bent. I am tired of the old ways of brutish nasty natures that defend themselves with condescension and hatred. I won't accept them in my life nor those who carry such invective vile. So many have been purged from my life who do not share a vision of respect and honor for all of us to be an equal being without privilege and advantage. Merit and creativity are the measurements by which I judge our differences. If one is going to be lazy in life then so be it. Don't pretend to be something you are not. If one is going to cheat, lie and steal through life then admit it and don't pretend you are not a cheating, lying  thief. We are what we are and no amount of sugar coating or denial will change that reality.
     For those who are not lazy or corrupt, there is merit and creativity to bolster us along through life. We take the time to be honest about ourselves and our actionable behavior. We actually earn what we strive to achieve. There is no dishonest scheme to working hard or imagining greatly. That is the only way we move beyond being the base of our equality. We are still equal but some of us are more inventive or harder workers who want a few more rewards in life. We all deserve rewards just for being alive but some earn their extra rewards through honest work and innovative thinking. That is right and good and should be our creed.
     So those who are not able to understand progressive thinking or who defend the old ways of pain and suffering as just, need not even attempt to cross my path. I have one definitive course of action that I control and that is my presence with whomever or not I will allow in my immediate sphere. If you are not fighting alongside me for the equality, fairness and justice of all of us then you do not exist to me. Regardless of who you are what you want. I cannot tolerate those who would harm us and not help us, period!

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