Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ignorance is a choice (#2874)

     I heard some woman say something in an interview about some information she heard on the radio and took it as gospel. I about cringed and then it struck me, this is how many people get their information and form their opinions. They take what is conveniently heard and without fact checking or even having a conversation about the veracity of the information they accept it as fact or truth. Again, something they heard on the radio. Those who broadcast on radio and television are under no obligation to narrate fact and truth. Most of the time they are inflating things or only reporting outrageous information as a way to make sure their advertisers continue to use their marketing.
     There is little to nothing I hear on any advertiser for sale broadcast, media print, radio, television or Internet that I take at face value. I double check as much as possible because I know that our laws allow for deceptive and duplicitous information spread. http://content.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1843796,00.html So those who take things from a convenient source and convince themselves without verifying that those things are factual and honest are only showing the rest of us how they choose to be ignorant instead of intelligent. I have been on my own little quest to see how in the world enough voters would vote for Trump. It seems to me that he has tapped into something within them that overcomes any words that may come out of his mouth.
     They want to be like him. Successful in public and private regardless of the way he got his success. They don't care if he was silver spooned, ruthless and despicable businessman, as many actually admire that about him. All they care about is that he is apparently wealthy and and arrogant about expressing it. They like his hard look at life and the idea of survival of the fittest as the only test of worthiness. It is shameful that so many of his followers are those who look down on those who do not do as well as they themselves. Instead of trying to make life easier for everyone to be part of they only want to make life harder for those whom they think are not good enough. This is our reality and it is not going away anytime soon.

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