Sunday, December 4, 2016

Only two years to the next national election (#2865)

     Other than obstruct and rebut Trump for the next four years we do have a chance to make a dent in his term. In two years we are going to have a national election that will effect 1/3 of the Senate and all of the House. As well as all the state and local races all over the country. I have come to grips with the likely scenario that what we have gotten as a result of this past election will be our reality. So while too much of our progressive liberal agenda of social programs and cleaning up our planet will be dismantled, not all of it will be over the next two years so we have a real chance of convincing an otherwise skeptical electorate that republicans really are what has kept our society from modernizing and becoming a more democratic nation.
     So let them begin their carnage and as they do and it affects those who voted for them let's make sure we call them out and place the blame squarely on their shoulders. Now is when we must be sentinel in our purpose of leaving no doubt that republicans are causing the harm we are about to feel. Our only purpose is to broadcast with fervor their complicity in stealing our American dream from us. Republicans used every dirty trick in the book of dirty tricks to confuse too many so we have to make sure that the confusion over who is destroying us is not deflected. It will not be easy but if we democrats get on the same page and fight instead of wallow in our disappointment, we can turn this around so that in 2020 we are ready to reclaim the moral and ethical high ground over the thieves of the republican party.
     The 2020 election is a critical one in that the 10 year census will take place again and we must never allow republicans to win like they did in 2010 so that they could unfairly gerrymander the House so that we democrats could never be in the majority. I am for fair elections and fair districts but republicans do not hold to such principles, they are a win at all costs party because they don't represent the people, they represent the wealthy. Getting the ball rolling back in the right direction in 2018 is now our main objective.

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