Monday, December 5, 2016

Our future is in outer space (#2866)

     The days of manifest destiny are now aimed above our heads. No longer are there frontiers to be discovered and settled. We now must look out beyond the sky to find our next undiscovered frontiers. We know that beyond our sky there is no such luxury as air to breathe nor food and water at the plenty. We must manufacture these things and more in order to proceed. But we are an amazing species that can and will do these things so that we can find out what we don't know. It is part of who we are to know what we don't. We have exhausted our curiosity on this planet and now our curiosity demands that we move further out from our protective lifestyles.
     We are not giving away our world here on Earth but we are prepared to launch ourselves from it in order to grow as a species. We will come back to Earth to recharge and replenish that which we need to continue our exploration. We will build habitats beyond our planet and we will house our species within them. As we get closer to conquering some of the more practical physical impediments to life beyond our planet we will increase our ability to survive even further out into space. Thus allowing us the opportunity to discover even more unimaginable answers to questions we have not yet even begun to fathom.
     This is the beauty of outer space, learning new things while answering old questions previously unanswerable. The physics we know from our time on earth is just a small part of what the physics is like out beyond our reach. We will learn and apply that learning to what we know and make ourselves an even more destined species to reach the end of time and space. It is a hope that once we get beyond time and space that we find a whole new set of questions to ponder and answers even further beyond the end of things as we can imagine. Anything is possible and for us to begin to know that we must force the will of our minds to the best of our abilities. It is in outer space now where our quest is waiting to begin.

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