Friday, December 16, 2016

The bull in the china shop (#2877)

     Our democracy is a fragile thing when it is being attacked from the inside. If an attack came from the outside we are formidable but from the inside we are vulnerable. It has been known for centuries that our democracy is only vulnerable when we ourselves fail to protect it from the forces of greed and bigotry. When we lose sight of what equality of opportunity for all is and how justice and fairness are to be administered with a blind eye, we will surely be incapable of defending ourselves from the rot that dominates on the inside. When we lose our democratic rights as citizens to our inherent liberty all that will remain is the shell we have protecting us, that being a protective force that is not subject to democratic controls like our expansive military then we are ripe for being sequestered by it and whomever controls that last bastion of what once was the tip of the spear of our great democracy.
     Trump is the metaphorical bull in the china shop and if we don't do something within our democratic appeals to stop him we will find that not stopping him will likely be our shameful and devastating epitaph. I would prefer to fight until my last breath to keep him from taking 240 years of progress and dismissing it as if the loss of life and treasure to bring it about meant nothing. I have no regard for those who spit on the memory of our fallen patriots that died giving their lives so that democracy may flourish. The old adage of "If they not be for us then they be against us" is valid here.
     Our democracy is at stake and the millions of lives that are caught under the hoofs of the rampaging bull Trump is impending. It is crucial that every American citizen put democracy above any other ideology and help to stop the out of control bull. Political arty ideology can be an emotional divider but what is worse is not having the liberty to even have a political party. Nowhere in our Constitution is the right to destroy our democracy and replace it with something else. We are at that moment in time and if the big picture is not held dear then we are all in for a dishonorable and suffering future.

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