Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The death of the American dream (#2888)

     Well that is how we ended. We elected trump with less votes and still have a Congress that is run by the middle class killing republican party. So here we go on a spiral downward toward our demise. What will be left is a nation full of poor citizens who have little hope of more than table scraps from the new small cabal of ultra wealthy. The problem here with us vast majority of poor is that we have no power. Our democracy has been dismantled so that the wealthy and their republican acolytes no longer have to worry about us. They will pack the courts with mean, brutish and nasty judges, hire larger police forces to keep us in line and grow the military so that their safety is assured anywhere in the world.
     From America the beautiful we are now America the fortress for the wealthy. Our push for equal rights, equal opportunity, fairness and justice will no longer be ours to hold dear. It will be for the wealthy to tell us what kind of dreams we can now have. We won't be able to make our own dreams come true based upon what is best about us, we will have to survive and that is how the police and military members will be forced to look at it as they enforce the will of the wealthy. Our nation has rotted from within and is no longer trustworthy of democratic ideals. Other democratic nations of the world will have to protect themselves from us as the new powers here in America will not want them to have what they took from us.
     This next period of time will damage us here so badly that even the idea of a new election in 4 years is not inspiring. the same dirty tricks and voter suppression that won the day for the nefarious republicans will surely be more evident and successful in 2020. I don't know what it will take other than civil disobedience to change what is coming at us but we had better figure it our sooner than later because it is coming and it will be killing many of us.

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