Thursday, December 22, 2016

To be born, to live, then die (#2883)

     I will focus here on the middle part. The living part. The unknown scares us, I get that, but in no way does being scared of the unknown keep me from trying to learn the unknown and make it the known, while also conquering my fear. I am a human being who is equipped with senses that give me input. I have a mind that reasons, analyzes and concludes with a memory both short and long term that allows me to store information comprehensively. I have the physical ability to interact with all of nature that I can perceive and the wherewithal to creative and innovate that which allows me to go beyond my own earthly surroundings. So the unknown, while scary, is little or no barrier to me to explore it.
     I surmise in this blog that we have an instinct of curiosity that drives us to learn and want to know. It is a part of who we are as a species. So our curiosity as a motivator and our senses as indicators, we are set by genetics to discover. That is the living part of who we are. Everything derives from that. So anything less than living a life of discovery is living as less than a human being. I for one prefer to be who I am. I have no desire to alternate my own destiny as a human to satisfy some illusory concept I or others may forward as more attractive or desiring. I have the function of my abilities and as such they are my most prized possessions.
     I say this because the life we live is not something less than special if we are actually living it. I also in this blog post forward that we are a caring species given that we nurture our young and pass along the information and knowledge we find most helpful for them. We care about each other in other ways as well as we commune together in society for the acquaintances, friendships and emotional bonding for family growth. That is the living as well, learning and loving as we can with a never ending will to push the boundaries of how and where we live.

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