Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We Democrats need to take the initiative (#2868)

     Any procedural option. Everything that can be done to preserve what we can of our democracy should be the only option. As republicans have shown us, taking advantage of the rules is the new paradigm. No more gentlemanly agreements to observe rules of decorum. Republicans took their gloves off more than 30 years ago, since Reagan, so we Democrats are behind and have been allowing a one sided fight to happen for far too long. It is well past time for us to show Republicans that we can street fight with the best of them. Any option to use to our advantage must be employed. I don't care how much Republicans cry and stamp their feet that we aren't playing fair. Hypocritical, since Republicans can't even spell the word fair anymore because they never employ it themselves.
     If it is a constitutional allowance we must take advantage of it if it gives us an edge anyway anyhow. I am tired of Republicans dictating the agenda through obstruction and obfuscation. We Democrats are far more clever than they are since they all seem to ignore the processes of reason and analysis. We Democrats on the other hand are more precise about what we can and can't do we just have not had the will to craft a strategy that takes advantage of our insights for fear of being labeled master deceivers. Yet that is what Republicans have been doing at every turn so for us to try to stay above the cunning of advantage taking is our problem. We must play on the same field that produces the winners if we are to be winners ourselves.
     The moral high ground notwithstanding, if all it gets us is the defeat of our very democracy that houses our ability to self govern, then it is imperative that we evolve to include whatever constitutional procedures that allow us to keep the Republicans from destroying our modern civilization. Republicans may have been utilizing every advantage they can think of for decades but we Democrats are wiser and more clever than they are so let's prove it by beating them at their own game by using every advantage we can articulate that is constitutionally allowed to further our agenda and diminish theirs. I am past being mister nice guy and I suspect most of us Democrats feel the same.

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