Sunday, October 22, 2017

The republican budget must not pass with massive cuts to health services (#3187)

     The time is right now to hit your representatives up especially republican senators who previously voted against dismantling Obamacare. These senators will prove pivotal in keeping the 1.5 trillion in cuts to medicaid/medicare out of the republican wealthy tax break budget. The trumps tried to end Obamacare through outright repeal legislation and failed and now the trumps are trying to do it with their budget. We must force them to remove the health care cuts from their budget through constant and forceful protest. We must make this the number one priority for the good of our nation and for those who will surely suffer irreparably without the minimal health care we currently have,
     This tax cut for the wealthy is obscene in it's intent since the wealthy have never been doing as good as they are while the working middle poor class has not been doing well at all. The focus should be on bolstering working middle poor class through minimum wage increases as well as social security increases among other policy enhancements. Instead this republican budget slashes programs aimed at helping the vast majority of Americans in the working middle poor class. The only way we are going to get any relief from this budget passing through the republican controlled congress is for us to put such heavy pressure on what is left of the moderates in the republican party so that they follow their conscience instead of the cruel republican whip!
     The devastation that will occur if this budget is passed will include premature deaths and suffering of the worst sort. The inhumanity of this budget will be no less than an intentional republican knife in the back of the American majority. We must stop this from occurring since the aftershock of this bill, if passed, will linger for decades if it does pass into law. We must wake up and put aside all of our differences and unite against this despicable bill. I cannot say it enough, we must stop our bickering even if just for a moment in time to make sure this budget of the republican party goes down into the dustbin of history!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Work to unite Democrats, not to divide us! (#3186)

     It seems that every election cycle has some disaffected Democrats trying to start a third party to get more of what they want. Yet when that happens we always end up with less. Why? Because for the longest time there have been 2 major parties and although third parties in the past have made some significant differences they have not been able to break into national prominence. the reason being, much like in 1992 when Ross Perot ran as an Independent he siphoned off enough votes from the Republican Incumbent George Bush the older that the upstart Democrat, Bill Clinton was able to win the presidency,
     Or like when in 2000, the election of George Bush the Younger was aided by the third party Green candidate Ralph Nader, who siphoned off enough votes from Democrats for Republican Bush to win by a little over 500 votes, thus taking the winner take all state of Florida, In our more modern era, third parties have been nothing more than spoilers for deciding who wins the national election between Democrats and Republicans. So when an outreach is forming from the left to go third party the Republicans will ultimately benefit. Same goes from an outreach from the right, Democrats benefit.
     So it would behoove our Democratic party to work within the Democratic party to change our policies to reflect our more modern vision. Any other course of action to go third party is a direct slap in the face of us Democrats who are trying to change our party from within. The cost of such a third party attempt by Democrats brings about a benefit to Republicans like the current trump dilemma. We have to get our base voters out and turn Independents toward our message regardless if our message is perfect for us or not. Remember, we are building a consensus of a big tent strategy which means we must attract others who are not as pure liberal/progressives as we are but who at least share a general sense that we are working for not only ourselves but for them as well.

Friday, October 20, 2017

We must crush republicans in the midterms! (#3185)

     There is only one way back from the brink we are currently at and that is to stop the republican nightmare beginning in a less than twenty days in Virginia and then in a little more than a year at the midterm elections. There has to be only a single focus for all intelligent Independents and Democrats, vote for Democrats everywhere in every public position. The time has come to stop this self imposed demoralizing death scape in it's tracks. We are fortunate to still be alive as I see it because the psychopath trump could have already put us into a position of choosing between death and subservience to him. As well he could have easily by now started the last human war this planet would ever have known.
     So in less that 20 days in the great Commonwealth of Virginia we begin to reverse the abomination of republican politics. If not there will be no hope for us as a modern society. We will fall back into the despair of authoritative rule much like the dark ages before enlightenment. The crusades that existed then against the heretics of the rulers will be like child's play compared to what will happen to us when the psychopaths of today ply their advanced torturous pleasures upon us. Democracy as we know it will come to an end and those who wield power will maintain their new authoritarianism with a life long grip. This may sound a bit melodramatic but I assure you that the endgame of this is exactly the goal of the current republican party.
     There will only be privilege and advantage for one class of person and that is the obedient wealthy. The rest of us will be serfs who serve at the pleasure of our owners. Yes, owners since we will no longer be able to express our individuality through free will. Instead we will be marked to adhere to controls set forth by the most zealous of the republican hierarchy. There will be no middle class only the top and bottom of the poor class. This is the republican agenda and if we don't stop it it will come if you have the vision to extrapolate it out to it's endgame. In less than 20 days we can begin to end the nightmare in Virginia and then grow from that overwhelming victory right into the midterms where we can see the end of republican politics as an agenda to make us all subservient to them.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

No human being left behind (#3184)

     There is no deliberation. There is no exception. There is only acceptance of every one of us. Now some of us have proven to be greater and lesser human beings but that is on the maturing individual. There can be no distinction made at the beginning as to the equal value we each possess when we first begin our lives. This is why it is an imperative for all of us to have an equal opportunity to begin growing into and through to our maturity. How can we do this is an unsolved puzzle that has been elusive to us in the past. Our societies revolved around privilege and advantage instead of nurturing all toward our common goals. Several societies in the past have tried to implement structure as to child rearing and growth behavior but the powers that be cannot seem to move past the privilege and advantage dynamic.
     Even here in America with examples from the native Indian cultures of the community raising the children as equal partners has been ignored by the more dysfunctional survival of the fittest crowd. The idea of all children being innocent at birth and worthy of a proud and decent life is not able to infiltrate the minds of those who think themselves more worthy than others. Which is why we need to keep proving to them that gender, race, creed nor cultural difference is a factor when applying the same opportunities to all. Our species is varied slightly overall in appearance but not in the more important attributes like the molecular structures of DNA. We all have the same biological abilities and mental accessabilities necessary for us to function as equals yet we don't seem to care about the reality of facts as much as we care about the irrationality of our own biases.
     This is why we fight for social justice as a rule. We are still living as barbarians in too many of our paradigms within our evolving modernized societies. As we move further from the antiquity of inequality and prejudice we see the stragglers of these inadequacies fighting harder not to let go. We must force them to loosen their grip on our advancement through time and space because the future holds no place for the bigotry of intolerance. The innocence of every child born needs to be preserved at the beginning of their growth in order for a proper maturation process to take hold. We cannot treat our children any less than all children and we shouldn't treat our children as more than any other child. They, due to their own merit, will prove themselves out when they begin to comprehend what they want as individuals.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The little idiot emperor! (#3183)

     We have seen little enough from trump to explain his purpose for wanting to be president of the United States except maybe a personal economic one. He ran as a republican yet he is doing nothing for them that will advance the nefarious republican agenda. It is a silver lining for this democrat because he is not accomplishing the worst that he intends. He instead is alienating his party so much now that the fracture has made new bedfellows of democrats and enough republicans to stalemate the republican agenda. I had thought by now that I would be dead from all the upheaval he could have caused in my life and my anger back at him surely would have instigated me to lash out in some form that was squashed under his militant boot.
     But so far he has only shown his inept ability. Nothing so far he has done is undoable when he is finally removed from office. His executive orders will be reversed and with his lack of legislative accomplishment will be to our advantage. The unity we previously quarreling democrats are now finding is the tonic we need to not only end the era of trump but to take back Congress and again change the party majority on the Supreme Court. In less than a few weeks we will get the first indication of the depth of the destruction trump has caused to the republican party when Virginia holds it's state vote for elective office. Democrats there are doing well so far and republicans are not.
     Then we will see in a little over 1 year just how much damage to the republican party trump has done and will continue to do before then. The little idiot emperor has no idea how to manage the tremendous advantage he has had since January 21st. He has squandered his opportunities so far and made more enemies than friends. His little oversized ego is guiding his path and if we just sit back and let him destroy himself and the republican party without him destroying us then so be it. We democrats have got to stay vigilant in moving forward giving nothing even after fighting to the end. I doubt trump can defeat the enmity he has callously nurtured with his republican colleagues to accomplish anything significant and that is good for all of us, not just in America but in the world at large.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Income inequality and voter suppression, the staples of the republican party (#3182)

     If you are a republican you believe that income inequality is NOT a problem. If you are a republican you believe that voter suppression is NO big deal. I only mention two agendas of the republican party here but they are ominous. As the republicans continue to try to lower taxes on the wealthy and reduce social programs aimed at curbing income inequality there can be no doubt as to my claim on income inequality. Everywhere you look you see republicans calling out to their base that lowering taxes on the wealthy will lead to increased jobs and production. Well their base believes them despite all evidence to the contrary.
     What has happened in the past is that when these wealthy get their huge tax breaks they put the extra money into banks or other creative enterprises that do not help to create new jobs. The only way to make the wealthy create more jobs is to tax them at a higher rate so that their profit margin shrinks which forces them to create new opportunities to make the money they were used to making. They want more wealth and to make them chase it you have to tax them at a higher rate not a lower one. But republicans don't want you to know that since the wealthy are the majority of their donors and like good little soldiers republicans follow the orders of their donors to the point beyond lying to their constituents.
     As well is the voter suppression tactics. They attack minorities as others and then blatantly say that many undocumented are voting illegally. This makes it easy for them to illogically justify the strict identification laws they roll out and the closing of voting stations where the majority of the "others" vote. They atack education and then make it difficult for these smarty pants young adults to vote at their schools. All the tactics the republicans employ are thought out through their right wing think tanks for the purpose of keeping as many democrats from voting as possible. Have you noticed that it is a rare occurrence to see a democrat make it hard for republicans to vote? Because despite our differences in policy we democrats believe in democracy and knowing that republicans are subversive in voting calculations we still believe that Americans stand above party when it comes to our national heritage. We may be foolish but we will not stoop to the republican strategy of undermining the wealth of our nation nor the constitutional right of our citizens to vote.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Rape, racism are about demented power of one over another! (#3181)

     Let this be very clear, the actions of rape and racism are about exercising power over another. Denying persons of a different skin color and/or a different gender the respect and dignity of freedom. For anyone to accept the ideology of a perverted sense of sexual domination and/or an erroneous entitlement over another human being does suggest a mentality of inadequacy. The person perpetrating demented power will display tendencies that rationalize their own vision without the confidence of logic. They will think and behave as if no other person has their obviously self proclaimed privilege in an equal amount. Theirs is the beginning and end of all rationalizations despite all evidence to the contrary.
     They are this way because they don't allow themselves to accept their own humanness. They will not admit that they are fallible in their thinking because they have no other way of obtaining their desired position. They use force without control to acquire their needs. Since they had given up the idea of using logic and common sense as their foundation. So no reasoning of argument or debate will pierce their minds or their purpose. I have seen glimpses of people like this my whole life. Some were outright takers and put down characters who alienated "others" and forced themselves upon women who were vulnerable. I knew who they were since most are long dead but their behavior is still fresh in my mind.
     Had I been older and stronger I could have confronted them but they were much more likely to snatch my life away at the hint of disapproval. Power can do that to us. It can make us quiver in the dark as we hide from their intent. I am older and stronger now and will not let any of those who exemplify that way of thinking and doing in my presence or in my sphere of living. I rebuke their lifestyle of force and belittling however the manifestation occurs. To have lived through the shame and remorse of a bygone era of rape and racism as an acceptable part culture I can say this now with emphasis. I will not accept that which I know is wrong as an excuse for anything. Power to deny will be met with power to stop the denier. Power to control will be met with the force to stop the controller. We live in America where freedom and equality are more than just slogans, they are real and it is all of our duty to keep it so.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I want to pay taxes that modernize our society (#3180)

     I have am not wealthy nor even middle class economically, yet my taxes take a chunk out of me that has me scrambling to make sure they get paid. I have to sacrifice many things in order to make sure I have enough when they are due. Yet, I am happy to do so especially here in California where they are put to some real good usage. Nationally I am unhappy about our military budget being out of control and the only way the military budget can be reduced is by us moderating our own ridiculous military spending. Now I know military spending is a post all it's own but for today generally it is an area where we can reduce it significantly in order to provide a better social life for all Americans.
     So let me set this straight, I believe in taxation with representation as long as that representation is the will of the people and not the will of greedy selfish special interests who don't give back to society but instead pillage society. Taxation is for the betterment of society not the fear mongering influence of masked fanatics. I like it when our roads and bridges are modern and our transportation systems are sleek and efficient. I like it when our social programs that are in existence because we have not yet been able to control capitalism to the point where capitalism is a fair and just system. Unlike today where it is still mostly the dog eat dog paradigm of few rules and dishonest actors.
     I want our taxes to enrich the research and development fields of scientific and logical discovery while expanding our educational system so that not one citizen has to give up their right to be educated. No doubt I want health care for all and fair and equitable distribution of wealth between labor and management/ownership. No more discrimination based upon anyone's choice, gender or race. So that whoever we are we can participate in advancing our society toward being an example for the rest of the world instead of currently being the painful laughingstock of the world. I want to pay my taxes in order that smart and creative ideals are our legacy to pass along. Remember we will not be long in our existence as individuals but as a collective group we can build systems and protocols that make the lives of our children and their children much more inclusive and opportune. I want to pay my taxes so that we can keep building a better life.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

We liberals see a bright future whereas republicans can only see a brutal now (#3179)

     It is as if republicans don't dream at night or have any imagination. I know as a liberal/progressive I see the world through the lens of what the future could be and work to make it so. I don't want to live in the present as my only option. The present is not bad for sure but it doesn't hold out hope for all. It is still in the midst of being of antiquated thinking. We have too many souls who are content to keep things in the status quo and for me that is unacceptable. The status quo leaves too many more other souls without the same hopes and possibilities. I don't need to accept that great and grand possibilities are impossible. I look at the current present and see all the evidence I need.
     Generally, where once we lived in caves and fought for our individual survival, we now mostly live in homes and use economic forces to allow us to survive. From the ancient past to our current one we have evolved and that evolution is ongoing. We have not arrived at any form of Nirvana yet so onward and in this case upward we go into the stars. Not only are our cultures assimilating but we are becoming a more comprehensive species in knowledge and in the expansion of our curiosity. We are an amazing species whose data inputs with long and short memory abilities make us a most unusual biological data processor with sensory capabilities. We can individually and collectively analyze, reason and conclude on a panoramic scope of paradigms. Our future is boundless and we are the masters of it.
     We are just beginning the great adventure of the human experiment and nothing will stop our advancement through both time and space but ourselves. So when I hear republicans talk about going back to whatever ideal they rationalize in their minds it makes me cringe at the thought that they would rather settle for a dubious bygone era that could not have rationally existed instead of embracing what could be right out in front of their noses. If it be fear that they shrink into to avoid the future then they need a lesson in courage. If it be ignorance of what the future can be then they need a lesson in imagination. Either way, going backwards into an illusion with republicans may seem a safe harbor but it is just not so. Going forward with all of us is the safest harbor of all because we are all going toward something better that aligns with our evolving advanced natures together.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Death by a thousand cuts (#3178)

     The trump administration is well on it's way to destroying our nation one small step at a time. With his 50th signed executive order trump has just taken another backward step otherwise doing what his majority Congress was not brutal enough to accomplish although just barely, break Obamacare. Yet as we see now the intent of what a deathtrumpcare health system looks like, the courts will have the final say on this latest travesty. The trump is trying to circumnavigate the legal status of a law ultimately without the consent of Congress and by that process has practically doomed his executive order to stop subsidy payments for the poorer among us to finally have health care. The courts will rule against him in the face of legal logic and once again the courts will come to America's rescue.
     I don't know specifically how we can stop the many future cuts to our American character but eventually our nation will crumble under the many harms trump is doing to our national identity. Either our democracy will implode or our citizenry will become nothing more than cannon fodder in the battle to save it. What trump is trying to do is to take our protocols for governing and defy them with an imperious attitude of swagger and incoherence. He would lie as easily as tell the truth depending upon the outcome he is seeking. None of us will escape the sting he is wreaking upon us and if we don't accomplish some kind of legal removal he will continue his bull in a china shop act.
     Even now some republicans are starting to get that although trump plays in their republican sandbox he is no friend. He is outside the bounds of normalcy when it comes to precedence and honor. His only goal is to make himself more of what he desires and the rest of us are not his concern. Yet he is in the president's chair and his actions directly affect our survival. What must be done is his removal and in our democracy there has to be protocols that protect us from the horror that is trump. Whether our other political leaders in the republican party have the courage to stand up to him and declare him unfit is yet to be seen but it is one sure way to make sure trump is no longer in a position to destroy our democracy and continue to cause great bodily harm to our society.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

When we hide knowledge from each other we harm all of us (#3177)

     Growing up I had to learn all I could from my own impetus because those around me weren't able to share what they knew with me, for whatever reason. Most likely because they didn't know themselves. Our society is terrible at passing along fundamentals and more complex formulas for all to know. We are expected to know most all out in the real world otherwise we get chewed up and spit out. Now the wealthy children have no such problem since their parents can spend their money to make sure their children have the knowledge they need to have a better life out in the real world. Non wealthy parents are not so fortunate in getting their children taught necessary knowledge and understanding.
     So like many of us who were not blessed with wealthy parents we struggled to learn on our own. Yet not having a guiding hand in many cases our self taught awareness often came up short. This is something I hate about capitalism, it encourages us to hide information and knowledgeable utility form ourselves so that a few can prosper at our inability to compete. It has been this way since time immemorial and it is one thing that must change if we are ever going to fully embrace our modern future. I know it is good to have market based economies that encourage the ideal of merit and innovation as incentives to achieve but if we are not able to allow all to know how to fully understand the process then we are harming ourselves by creating a class of citizen who has no future.
     This class of citizenry has already grown to about half our population since that many are now working around the range of poverty wages just to stay alive. We are better than this but unless we can see the problem for what it is and then find the strength to apply a workable solution then nothing will stop this poverty laden class of citizen that even I am part of from continuing to increase. The fault lies with making learning a scheme for profit. If we do not help our fellow human beings along in the knowledge attaining process we are ultimately joining in the advancement of our own species extinction. Yet the greedy powerful political ones will not care as long as they can make theirs and the hell with all the rest of us.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Honesty is always the best policy (#3176)

     I have come to this conclusion after many years of struggling with it. Because there were some times where the truth appeared to do much more damage than an omission. Yet, that damage was not mine to decide. I cannot understand every future implication that comes from lying or omitting the truth of something. I have to trust that the truth is what we all need to be able to decide how we next act or think. It is on us each individually to decide how the truth is received as opposed to not knowing the truth and acting and thinking without the fact of the truth. I am not a god nor a wise enough man to ever be able to distinguish the best for all. I have to trust in the truth to help us through life.
     Yes, even when the truth is incredibly difficult and harsh on us. We must take it for what it is and then choose to do what we must. Our society is a jumble of mixed up scenarios and no one, and I mean no one, is immune. We all have our harsh realities that we wish were not true but nonetheless they are. So how we next move forward should help us change the dynamics of what caused our awful truths to be real. We cannot change that which we are shielded from knowing. We are sensitive creatures all of us in our own ways but despite our sensitivities we need to gird up our defenses and accept reality as it is and then move forward into a better world if we should so choose.
     We may all be sensitive in our own ways but we are also strong as well so the truth should if anything make us more purposeful about what we do with our lives and give us the necessary knowledge to grow from it. We are better off living in our reality with all the truth and not just most or some of it. The truth of things reveal all our scabs and warts and that is real, not some fantasy that has no defects. How much better would all of our lives be if others would just quit trying to shield us from what is real. We need to know how to begin our lives and if our lives are built upon lies or omissions then we will never reach our true potential. I accept facts and truths on face value no matter how embarrassing or shameful they may be. It is then that I can go about not repeating the embarrassing and shameful realities. If it is honest then it is real.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Courage is selfless, lack of courage is selfish (#3175)

     Let there be no doubt, there are two outcomes to our actions. If we are courageous we are putting ourselves out there with strength and conviction. If we are not courageous we are giving in to our fears and feeling the cowardice that goes hand and hand with it. When I was younger I felt that giving up my life before I had even lived it was foolish. But not all acts of courage require me to forfeit my life. I may have felt that then but it was not true. I could have been more forceful in my stance for righting wrongs if I would have realized that being courageous is actually the pinnacle of living. Yet I wasn't and I am here to say so that others may have an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I don't mind being an example of how not to do things as long as I stopped the wrong behavior and thinking and changed it to right behavior and thinking.
     I often use my own experiences to describe human nature, acts and thoughts because for one thing I know what I have thought and done without any doubt. For another we all seem to respond closely enough to similar circumstances one way or another for me to extrapolate out what I could have done as opposed to what I actually did. Live and learn and then get better. When I shied away from a fight I was being a coward in that my fear overtook my resolve to stand for principle. I remember those moments far more than the ones where I did take a stand and felt the thrill of triumph over harm. Those cowardly moments are hard on me as I see myself as better than that but it was was it was and no one is harder on me than me.
     But those moments of cowardice are behind me and the selfishness I experienced letting myself be a coward didn't help anyone. Today I am much more confident in the selfless actions I take because in the end I am greater than lesser and the only way to prove that is by showing it. Since I was a child I have always wanted to be a force for good and living in my courage allows me that opportunity. I know I will pay a price someday sooner or not that will require my life but that is not as fearful now since I am older and have lived my life. But I wish with all my being that I had been open to learning how much more life is worth living when courage is the first and only option. I always think of my personal hero Nathan Hale and his defiant and courageous death statement made when he was only 21 years old,

Monday, October 9, 2017

The dishonesty of the republican party (#3174)

     Nothing new here. They have been dishonest since I can remember being somewhat politically aware. Which was just after the Eisenhower administration. There has been nothing of value that republicans have offered since my early age accept nixon creating the EPA, The Environmental Agency, which now is antithetical to today's republican party. However nixon gets nothing from me on his accomplishment since it were stolen at a cost of thousands of deaths of American soldiers for his treasonous act to subvert the peace process in Vietnam by colluding with officials in Vietnam to keep the war going,
     reagan lied about the effect of trickle down economics being a boom for our economy when it was actually designed to bust our economy, Much like today as trump and his acolytes are still trying to push the illegitimate propaganda. reagan also set about to destroy worker's rights by undermining unions as a force for providing equality and bargaining rights for economic fairness to employment,
     The younger bush pushed us into a needless war based upon intentionally false information, That bush the younger allowed a booming economy to go into a great recession is fact and although there is blame to pass around the buck always ends with the president who had years to bring our economy back from the brink but didn't, Almost nothing any republican president has done since I have been alive is worthy of a progressive modern society. We are fools every time we elect a republican to public office and as such we are still fools for who we have leading all of our government now!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Finding blame instead of finding solutions (#3173)

     The trumps are at it again. They don't seem to understand that Obamacare is an outline for which health insurance companies are made to be responsible. Without the outline health insurance companies are free to make their decisions based solely upon economics instead of factoring in the human quotient. So this latest call by the trumps to democrats to somehow join with them to destroy Obamacare is not only against the principles of the democratic party but is a direct call to harm and kill people. The republican mind is scary in that they don't care as much about people as they do about their own financial success. Where greed and selfishness are the higher calling with them.
     You can see it in their religious beliefs as well. They don't adhere to the Christian teaching of love thy neighbor nor help the poor and sick. They have instead turned those ideals on their head and now castigate their neighbor and revile the poor and sick. The republican jesus they serve is a mean nasty brutish one who has no relation to the supposed middle eastern man of 2000 years ago. The republican party has found that by bastardizing the bible in a way to interpret it how they want to they can pretend to be Christian while neglecting the truth Christianity portends to offer. Making claims about their new Christianity that has swept up the rest of the true believers in a trap they cannot seem to extricate themselves from.
     The sad truth is that many religious sects are now just platforms from which corrupted men can control less informed believers. It is at such a point that to be affiliated with religion makes me suspect the whole idea of faith and grace as just illusions to ensnare the gullible. Not all believers in a god or a religious ideal are gullible or uninformed but it does beg the question of the necessity of the belief if we are just used as pawns in a game beyond our intent. I am one not affiliated with any religion nor have I any belief in a god. However I do live an honorable life without the need for someone else to tell me how to do it. I look for solving solutions instead of finding blame. I do call out the nefarious ones but not because I hate them but because I love the rest of us.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

When you find your courage come join the rest of us who are fighting to preserve our democracy! (#3172)

     If you haven't already shaded your character enough to somewhat accept the trump and republican manifesto of fascism then come join us and fight to preserve our democracy if you can find your courage. You know what courage is right? It is that moment when you feel vulnerable for taking a stance you know is right! That is courage, to put your own life in jeopardy no matter how unlikely it will be that it actually ends up with death or great bodily harm. You will also know your courage when you see yourself standing up for principles instead of over your own fears of disapproval. Because the ones who would disapprove of you being a champion for the best of who we aren are not the ones you should be seeking approval from.
     Life is finite and anyone selling a story that says we should be mean to each other in order to improve ourselves is a liar and a thief. If life were perfect and some were not then some form of stick may be required. But in world as wholly imperfect as ours there is never a reason to be mean to people to make their lives better. Remember, life is finite and as people are born, live and die there is a never ending amount of suffering and disabuse that is not being eliminated. But those like the trumps and the rest of the republican party do not see life like that. They see life as not equal nor free. They want us to be under their control living as they think fit. Well that will not happen if the rest of us who are not already living out in courage will find it within themselves to quit being selfish and cowardly and join us.
     Sorry for the harsh language but the truth of things need to be known so we can go forward correctly without having any doubt about living in courage. Again it is not easy and many are hesitant to live in courage because of their perceived material loss and/physical loss. There are still brutes out there trying to subdue us to live like servants. Well none of us are born to be servants unless we actually choose to be and I doubt in today's day and age there would be many. So finding our courage and standing tall for what is right is the best remedy for changing our current dynamic of brutes leading our nation. Don't be afraid to fight, it is actually a worthy catharsis to rid ourselves of fear while giving us the pleasure of an exhilarating courageous purpose!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Cut 1.5 trillion from medicare/medicaid et al... and give it to the wealthy as a tax break (#3171)

     So republicans think this new budget of theirs is a good idea. Take from the needy and working middle poor class taxpayers and give to the wealthy who, by the way, are already wealthy. I just said that right? It is hard for me to think that there were 219 congresspeople who voted for this but 219 republicans actually did yesterday. Not only that they did it in such a way as to bypass the filibuster rule in the Senate. So we are back to trying to protect medicare/medicaid/housing/food stamps etc... with needing at least 3 republican Senators to vote against this horrific bill because all it will take is 50 votes in the Senate to pass and go to trump's desk for his signature.
     No democrat will vote yes on this despicable bill because once again it is an all republican invention. The republican party is out to destroy the American working middle poor class because they just don't care how people live. They want a large labor pool to choose from at the cheapest possible price because the one thing we know about most of the wealthy and their republican sycophants is that they are greedy and tend to be sociopathic/psychopathic. Their ability to have empathy for others is nonexistent. Yet one thing they are really good at is lying, cheating and stealing. Otherwise their minority strategies would not now be the majorities in all the branches of government.
     I know this much, if this bill does pass the Senate it will be the end of democracy as we know it. The wealthy will become even more wealthy and the American working middle poor class will have far less to live with and many millions more will fall further into poverty. Which is fine by republicans because once again they don't care about the working middle poor class. Yet they still need our votes come election time and while we still have the right to vote it would behoove us to vote them out of office in an overwhelming way. Even if this bill fails it won't be the end of it as republicans are not prone to changing from their devious inhumane ways.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Anthony Kennedy is still the swing vote on the majority conservative supreme court (#3170)

     I am still angry as hell that republicans blocked President Obama's Supreme Court nominee and then we voting citizens gave republicans a gift for doing it. So instead of us having a majority liberal court we remain with a majority conservative one. This last election was most important in that it would decide the majority of the Supreme Court one way or the other and we got the worst of it by not electing Clinton. But the one last hope is that although the court swings conservative it still swings and occasionally it comes back liberal on some issues of the constitution. Thanks in large part to Anthony Kennedy. Although Kennedy is a conservative he is also practical about adhering to the precedents of earlier court decisions.
     He even comes down as a liberal on a few issues and the gerrymandering issue is one of them. It would be a remarkable coincidence if in this current republican controlled administration that gerrymandering was curtailed in a way that made it nearly impossible for republicans to continue to draw district lines that keep them in power. They have been very successful at it since they were able to win the house back in 2010 and from that census redraw district lines that heavily favored them winning a majority of the House district seats. The Supreme Court has not had an occasion to hear a gerrymandering case that would effect the whole nation until just now. So if Kennedy can define a test for how districts need to be drawn the end of gerrymandering as we know it is on the near horizon.
     You can see how important it can be to democracy and equality if Kennedy left a legacy that brought us to the ideal of one person one vote in expressing the people's representation. It would be a monumental achievement for a man who despite his conservative leanings ended up a liberal champion. We liberals have been fighting to end gerrymandering as a rule since we also were caught out using that dirty political strategy. We stopped doing it and have been fighting with republicans to do the same but they won't stop unless Kennedy can come in riding the white horse with a solution. The 4 liberals on the court are with him so the reality of an end to gerrymandering is real but only if kennedy can find a remedy in the form of a test to apply to his siding with the liberals and ending gerrymandering forever.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

For the most part Obama was proactive and trump is reactive (#3169)

     In other words, Obama created solutions to problems as best he could while trump only tries to destroy things as best he can. It is like Obama is complex and can anticipate future outcomes whereas trump has only his simple hatred for the working middle poor class to motivate him to make life harder for us. The difference between the two is immense. It astonishes me that there were enough people who could be fooled into voting for the republican carnival barker trump over the democratic party candidate that best suits their classical needs. I am still dumbfounded as to how it did occur but we are seeing evidence of it with the Facebook ad buys by the Russians to demean democrats and the Mueller investigation which is showing signs of collusion between the Russians and the trump campaign to smear Hillary Clinton.
     So not only was trump able to steal this last election but he is the worst sort of person to be our leader as well. We are stuck with him until it can be proven that his acts are verifiable in court or if he decides that the evidence against him is too overwhelming and he retires on his own. Yet in the meantime we are left with trump and his mission to destroy the good work that President Obama worked hard to achieve for the American working middle poor class. What is even more revealing is that trump is showing his ineptitude fully by not even being able to control his Congressional majority and do his worst against us. Instead he has failed at killing Obamacare for now and looks like he will fail at giving the wealthiest a huge tax break.
     So even in his simplicity trump is finding complexity and he is not able to adapt to it since it is foreign to him. He only knows the way of the bully and thus far he has alienated enough of his majority in Congress to get nothing done. I dare say he will only be a one term president through his electoral theft as most of the sides in politics are loosely forming an anti trump coalition. What will come of the anti trump movement is yet to be seen but for the most part it wont include trump winning a second term if he survives his own scandals to make it through his first term. I do appreciate even more what President obama did for us in light of what trump is doing against us and as the saying goes, screw me once shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me! There will be no screwing the American working middle poor class twice for trump!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Why does it have to happen to you before you realize it is wrong? (#3168)

     I am always satisfied when I see or here about someone who was against some common sense policy reverse course and then support the common sense policy. But all too often it is because they are victims or are personally associated with the adverse effects of the policy they previously supported. Why does it take some personal or direct cause for us to see the error in our judgment? Take for instance the recent mass murder in Las Vegas where a member of a band that was playing realized that his lack of support for gun safety legislation was wrong after witnessing what can happen without gun control. Why does it have to take being in a disaster for us to see what a disaster can do?
     Although I am grateful the young man realized the mistaken choice he made previous to the slaughter, it shouldn't take a slaughter for anyone to understand the devastation one creates. I know that putting my hand in an open flame will cause me harm and pain so I don't do it. That logic is contrary to our current policies of allowing allowing people, especially unstable people, to buy and own weapons that are not made for civilized society. These weapons are made for battlefields in the event the military needs them, not for citizens who can abhorrently take lives of others at a moments notice. I would think that the republican party would at least know this much that allowing automatic weapons to infiltrate our society without so much as a check on who is doing the owning is wrong on so many levels that the idea of it would be absurd to them, yet it is not!
     So instead of using basic simple logic and saying no to allowing free rein to anyone who wants a military grade weapon at their disposal and putting our society at risk in the public square, republicans choose not use the basic simple logic. So in light of that I can only conclude that our safety is secondary to some imagined right for the populace to have weapons of mass destruction at the ready. I could also assume that since most republican politicians take enormous amounts of campaign contributions from the gun lobby that they are not prone to advocating against the gun lobby's wishes. It is cowardice and stupidity that republicans operate under and until we decide to vote them out of office, there will be more mass murdering terrorists committing slaughters in our future.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The republican party does not care for Americans (#3167)

     In case you are too involved in your own life to notice what is going on with all of life here is a clue. The republican party does not want to help Americans to be healthy, nor to have a livable wage, nor to have a retirement. They also don't like women in positions of achievement, nor women to have control over their own bodies. The republican party does not like minorities who are not white, since republicans subscribe to a dishonest white privilege over equality. The republican party does not want full employment nor livable wages for American workers while also not wanting social programs to bridge the gap away from destitute poverty. Now I have just hit a few of the lowlights about the republican party so that in case you weren't up on reality this will help you decide what kind of person you are when you cast your next vote.
     We democrats on the other hand want full employment with a livable wage so that having to have a social safety net is less required. We democrats want women to decide their future based upon their goals and their control over their bodily functions. We democrats want all American workers to have a retirement that comforts them in the last years of their lives. We democrats believe in the unique American trait of the melting pot where people from all walks of life can experience freedom and equality not only here in America but in the world overall. We democrats want full universal health care for all of our citizens to be healthy and fully capable of living their dreams without the fear of bankruptcy if they or their children develop a debilitating illness. We democrats want the American dream for all and that is what we are fighting for.
     So if you can read this you now know the difference between the republican party and the democratic party. It is now all about you and what kind of person you see yourself as being. A republican one that could care less about the plight of Americans as they are denied more and more of their dream to find happiness or of a democratic one where we all share in the wonder and excitement of being alive in a caring society that puts all of it's citizens ahead of the republican agenda of shame, brutishness and greed of selfishness. You can go back to your busy life now and do what you do but at least now you know what the choices are for the next time when you cast a ballot for one political party or another.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

America, a scourge with trump at the helm (#3166)

     I love my country and all it's possibilities but not today and really not since trump stole our presidency. Now my love for my country is limited to the few things that are being done right in the face of all the wrong being done by the trumps. It isn't just me that is in an uncomfortable limbo about our nation, it is the rest of the world that is in shock that we Americans have allowed a con man to lead us and steal from us our pride in exemplifying equality and justice. We are now run by a want to be gangster who loves his nazi/kkk fellowship. What is even more galling are the churches who are defending his anti christian nature as christian.
     I am no follower of religion but even I respected the goodness and mercy the church tried to teach in the past. But the teachings now in the church are so far from the humility and love that Christ supposedly died for that one can only assume that Christ is no longer the example of religious exceptionalism. The cowards in the church have instead now fallen prey to the mean nasty brutish haters who would sooner crush life that lift it up. But enough about how we Americans have fallen to our knees to worship a republican jesus and instead let's focus on the barely human swill that drives our federal and state governments. These republicans have sought to diminish the nature of free will and natural rights to an economic argument centered around white pride and survival of the fittest.
     The rest of the world sees our fall into fascist tendencies with segregation being reborn and misogyny appreciated. The rest of the world is contemptuous of our current leadership and it won't be long before they are contemptuous of all Americans for allowing it to continue. They would be right in their assessment because we Americans have lost what value we had in being the model instead of the avoidance. I love my country despite the trumps and as such will fight for her to eliminate the trumps from all spheres of public office. The republican party is the vehicle for which the trumps have commandeered and until we shut down that vehicle and the trumps we Americans will continue to be an embarrassment to any enlightened mind.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The end of death care for this year (#3165)

     The republican party has been promising their voters for the last 2 presidential elections to repeal and "replace" Obamacare. It seemed the promise they made back when Obamacare was enacted back in 2010 that they would finally be able to live up to that promise this year. Surely because they control the House of Representatives and the Senate, along with the presidency, the promise should have been as easy as eating pie. Well we now know officially as of today that it isn't pie republicans are eating, instead it is crow. How could this be you may ask? Well, simply put Obamacare is actually a good thing once anyone takes the time to read the law and research it.
     But republicans started out on the narrative that Obamacare was bad and as a rule they refuse to acknowledge that it is anything other than that. Despite Obamacare repeal finally passing the House through some real pretzel logic the Senate was unable to do the same. In the House with it's huge body to hide behind individual representatives could get lost in the wash of the vote and not have to reason their choice nearly as much as a Senator would have to do. So in the case of a few republican Senators, just enough to keep Obamacare repeal from passing, the repeal effort has died. Specifically because the window for passing the repeal bill with only a majority of 50 votes ends at midnight tonight. Now it will take 60 votes to repeal Obamacare which would be nearly impossible.
     So despite having the majorities in Congress and a republican President, republicans failed to keep their promise to repeal Obamacare once again. Which is just fine with we democrats since we know that Obamacare is far superior to anything we had before it was enacted. Now, can it be improved upon, of course it can but not by destroying it and then making things similar to what they were before Obamacare. In summary, republicans lied about the effect and design of what Obamacare actually does and then set about to demonize it. Now they had the chance to fulfill their quest to destroy something in actuality that helps Americans and they failed at it. So to conclude, republicans lied, then failed. How can we as Americans justify ever voting for them again? How, please tell me so I can understand?

Friday, September 29, 2017

Science and logic, care and curiosity, my beloveds (#3164)

     It took me a good part of my life to figure out that my passion for living dwelt in the sense I make of reality. Not what anyone else says or thinks but what I can derive from the formula of care and curiosity through science and logic. I don't have to believe in anything other than the facts and truths of reality. I am alive today boldly living in this environment, not some hoped for one based upon a blind faith. After filtering out the confusion of all things and the discombobulation that confusion helped create in my life that came at me during my younger years I am now at a place where just the facts and the possibilities the unknown present capture my whole self.
     I am not looking for a safe harbor here in reality so much as I am so damn curious about all things I don't know. Especially outer space and it's mysteries and evolutions. Outer space is part of me and I want to know more about it before my time is up. I have wasted much time being confused and if there is one thing I would do if I could is to clear up that confusion for others. Although I know that we human beings are biological data processors we are also a caring species that expresses that care in the goodness we try to do for each other. Nowadays it seems we are less caring but that is because too many of us are still confused and have allowed some pretty nefarious people to take control over our future.
     But the era of reason, analysis and conclusion is still all around us and in some short time we will be back to it as our formula for not only living but for feeding our imaginations and our purpose for living. We are a species apart from all others and as soon as we stop messing with our own minds and accept our destiny as the discovers of both time and space comprehensively, the sooner we all will have the sublime knowledge that all our lives matter very much. My heart is filled with the acceptance of my care for all living things as well as my mind is extremely satisfied to explore and be part of learning the unknown. I don't have to live like a robot who takes orders from others on how to function. I have free will and working heart and mind to guide me through science and logic as my vehicle.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

With the legislative filibuster rule still in play, Obamacare needs two more days to survive (#3163)

     After September 30 the reconciliation time frame will be over. Which makes passing a bill in the senate more difficult since it will take 60 votes for passage, not 50. So as we count down the 48 plus hours left that republicans in the senate have to pull an infamous miracle and steal our health care, I am feeling more confident that they haven't any idea how to pull an infamous miracle. They have tried all the tricks in their filthy bag of ways to screw the American working middle poor class and now they are left with the what can only taste like defeat. However the finish line is still not been crossed so as I will always be, vigilant until the hour strikes into October.
     Just to look ahead for a moment at the next looming battle, we have the republican attempt to destroy the American working middle poor class again with giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy and then burdening the American working middle poor class with higher taxes and less services. The playbook republicans use is not surprising since they have been making the same moves to create an entitled society while diminishing equality of opportunity, fairness and justice. No matter how they dress up their old policies the effects always remain the same, more for the wealthy and less for the rest of us. If only republicans understood the need for a society that benefitted all, instead of a discriminate punishing society that only benefits the greedy and psychotic.
     Yet we cannot find a way to explain it to them since their thinking doesn't allow for logic and common sense to filter past their archaic survival of the fittest mentality. The republican party has abdicated the idea of having a society that keeps us all from wanting to harm each other for the idea of a society that wants to harm each other. They just don't get that when citizens are reasonably happy all of us are beneficiaries. There is no heart nor soul worthy of praise exemplified through republican politics and those that support it are of it's hollow ilk. So on we go obstructing and protesting every harmful brutish policy republicans keep forwarding until the voting time comes again and we can put these republican hordes out of politics.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

3 more days and then I will know that our health care is still safe (#3162)

     I know that the republicans in the senate have decided not to offer their death care bill for a vote but I don't trust them one iota. Anything that comes out of their mouths is open to being a lie. That is my experience with them and they will not fool me. Yet 3 days to go is a good thing since in 72 hours they will no longer be able to pass any bill to destroy our health care. I will also give credit to those few republican senators who came out on the record as no votes in order to stall and now likely kill the republican effort to make us all suffer even more. John McCain, Susan Collins, and the dreaded duo of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Specifically though, Paul and Cruz came out against the death care bill because it wasn't harsh enough, yet they did help serve a purpose but that is all and will get nothing more from me unless I can serve them both a knuckle sandwich. :)
     But McCain and Collins deserve more recognition because they said that the bill went too far, which to me is an understatement since the bill was going the wrong way all along. So that is all McCain and Collins gets from me as well. So as the clock ticks down to zero in 3 days I will remain vigilant and keen to notice if somehow a last ditch effort forms. Unlikely for sure but nothing republicans do, especially when it comes to destroying honorable things surprises me. After the 3 days it will be mostly impossible for republicans to repeal health care with their death care because the reconciliation process won't be available, which is to say they will need 60 votes to pass their death care bill unlike the 50 votes they need now over the next 3 days.
     So if we survive, and it seems likely, over the next 3 days we will have done a remarkable thing. Although we liberal/progressives are the minority represented in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, we are the majority of the people. And being so we have forced the hand of this despicable republican government to our will and not their heinous one. People power is a real thing and we keep proving it. We will have opportunities to protest more in the coming months with tax cuts for the wealthy and more tax burden for the working middle poor among other policies coming from republicans. But our greatest protest is coming in about 14 months. the midterm elections where if we vote like our lives depend upon it, which is what is actually happening, then we can change the balance of power back toward the majority of the people in the legislative branch and in the states.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reconciliation as a legislative tool is up in 4 days (#3161)

     If there isn't a deathcare bill passed in the next 4 days then there won't be any death care bill passed this year. Why? Because in 4 days instead of 50 votes to pass the republican deathcare bill it will take 60 votes. With republicans having a 52 to 48 vote advantage in the Senate we have been fortunate, we being the vast majority of the American people, that the republicans have a few senators who have a conscience about killing American citizens for money. Just enough to make the 50 vote threshold unattainable for the rest of the unconscionable republican senate cabal. In 4 days the reconciliation period is over and so is the attempt to destroy Obamacare and replace it with deathcare.
     If the trump presidency is a period of short deadlines that are thwarted by democrats then that is how the rest of us will succeed. These next 4 days are as important to me as any 4 days I will ever live. I don't trust republicans to stop trying to destroy health care for the vast majority of us working middle poor class American citizens. With 3 republicans already out against the death care bill it is looking likely that the bill will fail to even be presented for a vote but I believe it will be presented and the 3 and possibly more no republican votes will have to bear an unbearable amount of pressure from the republican lack of leadership in the Senate and even more so from the goon in the White House.
     But what we have seen so far from the no voters is a determined will to remain a no vote. However I don't trust rand paul as far as him actually staying a no vote since he is a weaselly type cad who can be maneuvered like a puppet. Until Murkowski comes out as a solid no I am still concerned about the possibility that this trump designed deathcare bill still has a chance to pass. These next 4 days will tell the tale and if Murkowski comes out against it then I can feel somewhat cautiously optimistic that, like the previous deathcare vote, the three will keep their word to vote no. 4 days and the nightmare of republicans once again harming the majority of Americans by destroying health care will be in the past.

Monday, September 25, 2017

When not understanding freedom we get oppression (#3160)

     This past weekend we were all reminded of what freedom looks like when, in my opinion, an illegitimate president condemned a citizen for exercising his right to protest by not standing for our national anthem. When we have the most powerful political figure in America defying our constitutional right to express our opinion on any subject we are in trouble. The freedom of speech is the hallmark of a democracy. So for trump to be defying that guaranteed right he is confirming to me anyway that democracy is not an ideal he holds dear. In fact he has even shown his contempt for our flag by condoning the displaying of the confederate flag.
     The idea of trump trying to foment discord by playing on differences is nothing new. His remarks concerning race and gender are the opposite of conciliatory. His embrace of white supremacy and his demeaning of women is well documented. His attacks on undocumented immigrants is personal and vindictive. The trump regime is littered with those around him who find the same disvalue of humanity that he does. His whole presidential administration is a reflection of how trump views the world and in his own way he has brought on those to work with him who bow to him at his pleasure. This is not democracy this is a form of monarchy.
     All this to say that when our freedom of expression, no matter how uncomfortable is seen as unpatriotic is the tell. It is the opposite in reality. Our freedom of expression is inviolable and needs to remain so despite the division the trumps would infiltrate. The way things are going it is clear that trump does not want us to have freedom of speech if it is in contradiction to his vision for America, which seems to come from the right wing zealousness of fascism. This bullying of his to replace equality and fairness within our right to speak should alarm everyone, even the supporters now of trump because sooner or later trumps' ego will demand that his supporters pledge their allegiance to him, not to America and then what will they do?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The nightmare that is the republican party (#3159)

     Want to bet that no matter how the health care repeal vote goes, if there is one at all, and no matter how the tax reform bill goes, if there is one at all, the kochs will still support their republican lackeys this coming election despite them saying they won't. Like a lot of things republican, blowing hot air in the form of threats is their way of having a conversation. You know, just like there are good people on both sides of perpetrator and victim. lol. The republican party is full of the types that are without integrity and honor. There are some who exhibit so modicum degree of courage when it comes to principles of a higher order but even then they are not consistent with it.
     Every republican I know has a major fault that is irreconcilable to me and anyone who has the decency to require a minimum of respect. That the republican party is in control of our national politics and a majority of our states is abominable and even worse it is a living nightmare. I am not alone as many people I contact with feel the same overwhelming sense of shame. The actual majority of Americans are not republicans and the only reason republicans are in power is through their manipulations of election politics. The media is another area of their manipulations since they own too much of it. The tide of republicanism is upon us and how we fight against that tide will be the only saving grace for our democracy.
     If the rule of law is to survive then the facts of the truth must be let out despite any harm that may come to our institutions. Sunlight truly is the disinfectant we need to purge the underhanded schemes that are now unfortunately our norms. To wake up from this nightmare we need a few things to change. First we all need to vote when the voting time comes. No exceptions except for obvious reasons. Next we need to vote for the best option out there despite our own personal preferences. Remember, this isn't just about our own high and mighty values, it is about all our values so compromise to get better instead of getting worse is always the right thing to do. Unless you like the era of trumps and the path of hatred and destruction they have laid out for our future together.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

So far so good on saving Obamacare (#3158)

     Yesterday was a bit of a good news day as John McCain came out against the death care repeal bill republicans are offering to harm America with. With McCain a firm no, the likelihood now of the bill even getting a vote in the senate just got less probable. The other votes for defeating this bill must come from Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins. Now there is the outlier no vote from Rand Paul but we cannot count on him remaining so since he is only voting no because the bill isn't horrible enough! So until Susan Collins confirms her no vote, which she is heavily leaning toward doing, and should make it known early next week we cannot put her in the confirmed no column. With  Lisa Murkowski the pressure and bribes coming at her are enormous so we will see if she can be bought.
     I expect that with no CBO score to guide her, Murkowski will have to go on intuition about what this bill does to the rest of the nation as she is getting enough bribery to protect her own state's constituents. I see Murkowski as being a bigger person than just worrying about her state and she knows she will likely be the one who will become the face of the repeal consequences if it passes. The Rand Paul vote is much more dicey, even though he says he is firmly in the no column. He is the junior senator in Kentucky with the senior senator being the majority leader in the senate who is orchestrating this death care bill for passage. I have no confidence that Rand Paul has any good principles within him and surely he will be swayed to vote for passage when the voting time comes.
     Now there may still be some surprise no votes out there but I wouldn't count on anyone other than McCain, Collins and hopefully Murkowski once again to make sure this death care bill is defeated. Hopefully some official initial report of a scoring nature to show Murkowski that this bill is the worst of the lot that have been offered will come forth. Surely she knows that already, given the takeaways that are similar to other scored bills. The first part of next week will tell the tale and if we are fortunate some more no votes will be made known this weekend but that is just hopeful on my part and not something that is to be expected. Like I said though, with republicans only needing 50 votes in the senate where they have 52 senators, we are doing well not to have already lost this battle we may well win despite the disadvantage in numbers.

Friday, September 22, 2017

I think Obamacare will survive (#3157)

     I know this seems rash of me to predict the survival of Obamacare but I have a couple of precedents to support my opinion. First the supreme court found that it did meet the parameters of our constitution several years ago, and that was a republican majority supreme court. Next it survived a republican senate a month or so ago because the alternative was abhorrent. This last ditch bill is even worse that the one last month and although trump is putting hard pressure on the senators who voted no last month to vote yes this month I don't see his influence as powerful. The senators who cut the legs out of the last health care repeal bill are still in play to vote no and there are now a few more who have not given a public stance as to their support for the bill.
     This is the final push for the bill to be passed under the special reconciliation time frame of only needing 51 votes to pas so we will know for sure in the next 8 days but my gut says Obamacare will survive. All the arguments about the horrid nature of the repeal bill are being forwarded and the comparisons to the last repeal bill are highlighting this bill's worse nature. The republican senators are struggling mightily to pass this bill but their hearts are not all in tune with the vileness of this repeal bill. I sense that there will be enough decent republican senators to vote no on this bill to either kill it or make the bill obsolete before it is presented for a vote. Either way I see a win for Obamacare. I am not here to try to show off anything, but I am here to pass along my gut feeling.
     Once this repeal bill is defeated then we can get to work on a bipartisan plan to stabilize the insurance markets and bring the rest of the states into the medicaid expansion. For me right now that would be a win for democracy and a win for all American citizens. The Koch brothers have said that unless the republicans repeal Obamacare and twist our tax code to favor them they will withhold campaign contributions for them for the next round of elections in 2018,, so the republicans are motivated by this threat to do the Koch's bidding. But the bidding comes at a price to the dignity of each senator and the health of all Americans. I believe that the health of America will win the day and the Koch brothers will have to find another way to harm the hard working middle poor class of America.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Take our health care away, get slaughtered next election (#3156)

     The republican party doesn't seem to care about what the consequences are of them taking our health care away. They are laser focused on dismantling and eliminating Obamacare which is the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act". This law is designed to bring insurance companies in line with helping people with health care and not for them to continue to line their own pockets with money taken from those who are sick and desperate. In trying to repeal Obamacare the republican party is telling big pharma and the insurance industry that they can go back to setting prices where they want them instead of being forced to keep prices low.
     If the republican party does succeed in destroying the only tool we Americans have to keep health care for over 32 million people and keeping costs low for those who are left that can afford health care then there will be a price to pay. They think now that they are being pressured by their much smaller right wing base and billionaire donors but wait until they feel the wrath of the majority of Americans who are furious at their attempt to put the insurance companies and big pharma back in control. It is as if they don't recognize the power of we who are being denied a life saving law. Despite their grumbling that when Obamacare was initially passed that it didn't go through regular order, which is a lie as it did,, they themselves are pushing through this repeal effort with barely a hint of regular order.
     However this new repeal effort turns out republicans will pay next election. But if they get their repeal they will pay harshly as the effect of the repeal will begin to be felt and the horror of the effect will be highlighted by all. The republican party does not care if we Americans can afford or even deserve health care. They are the survival of the fittest crowd who have a leg up on those they would climb over so their greed drives them. There is no negotiating with a vast majority of them as they are in lockstep to not only dismantle the power of our democracy but they are rooted to undermining it at any cost. If republicans have their way we would be a plutocracy with only the wealthy in control of our lives.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I am not special, I am just normal (#3155)

     Often I wonder why others that I have met do not have the same passion about learning or discovering like I do. I used to think that maybe I was just unique that way and others were not. But that isn't it. There is nothing unique about me other than I am an individual like all others. What I have come to find out is that wanting to learn and discover is within all of us but we have to choose to utilize these curiosities individually ourselves. We have to make the effort to discover and learn. I know that I do and my life has been a value to me because of it. I am not out chasing the dollar or raising myself up to be admired. I am putting my nose to the problems in life and trying to understand them so I can help resolve them into solutions.
     There is no greater reward to me than to be part of the solution. I know this because the few times I have gained some wealth I didn't feel the same level of satisfaction like I do within me like when I can help to make life better. There is something unique about that for sure and that is what I am striving to experience. The older I get the harder it is for me to learn like I did when I was younger and it is because I am more complex now and the simple learnings in life have pretty much been achieved. So the hard learning is all out in front of me but that to me is a reward for getting where I am now. I love to learn, I love to discover. I could spend my whole lifetime just learning and discovering if it were possible.
     So I say this to all those who may chance upon reading this, don't spend your time chasing money, spend your time chasing knowledge. Not only will you succeed but you will find that your soul is more at ease and your outlook on life becomes infinitely more satisfying. Plus you will find that learning in itself is a method for attaining economic wealth as a side benefit. Not for me so much but for many it is true. In our normal human state of being learning and discovering is paramount to defining the attributes we human computers exist as. We are biological data processors who need data to exist otherwise our senses, mind and heart are wasted on us.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

As it should have been, President Hillary Clinton (#3154)

     The latest news from the Mueller investigation into the Russian connection with our elections last November 8th are beginning to show the evidence of collusion between the trumps and the Russians to hack and finance our elections. Many have wondered what the motive for this may be, well really there are a few. First and foremost trump is a despicable human being and him trying to do anything, even commit treason to win the presidency is plausible. Second is that the Russians wanted sanctions reduced on them and with trump and some scenario involving blackmail as a motivator trump became their patsy. Now this one sounds a bit far fetched but consider that trump has done nothing but hail putin as a great man and as well has fought to defend Russian activities.
     My guess is that both played a key role in getting trump the White House. The vileness trump has displayed is certainly a clear indicator that he is not above being devious. No doubt he, like the republican party, is all in for doing anything to win power and wealth. The indicators for that is the disdain for the emoluments clause of our national constitution. He is all about his wealth and using the Presidency to increase it. As for the blackmail angle we have been hearing about a tape and given his lies about meetings with Russians before and during the elections leads me to combine his pro putin stance that indeed there may well be a blackmail angle that trump is operating under.
     We will know soon enough as the Mueller investigation has grown wide in its scope to capture many different aspects of behavior and conversation by those who work closely with trump. The time is coming shortly where we will see if our election for president and other offices were hijacked by not only the Russians but in collusion with Americans in the republican party. If this is proven to be the case and the facts align with the evidence of a stolen election then the proper course of action is to install the actual winner who had the election stolen from her. Again I say, President Hillary Clinton.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Civilization is being undermined by republican traitiors (#3153)

     The only God republicans honor is money. Never doubt that! They will say anything and as we have seen do anything to achieve their lust. We have laws here in America but it seems those laws only work against the poor and downtrodden while the wealthy and powerful republicans are mostly exempt. And now that republicans have stolen our election to give themselves power, through treason no less. The law is even more in their grasp to do as they wish with it. They surely are the minority here in America but act like they are immune to revolution if that is what we finally decide to do as the majority. Because the taste of freedom we majority have known will not go away quietly into any good or bad night!
     The time for rolling up our sleeves and firming up our jaws for a fight is upon us. We cannot let the republicans do any more and instead their influence and power must be turned back. Otherwise America as we know her will not survive and in her place will be the oppressive atmosphere of fascism. Any vote for a republican now is a direct agreement to destroy democracy and stamp out the ideals of equality, justice and fairness. How about that republican voters, is that your choice for your legacy? I for one will fight you hard and forever as long as I draw breath. Never have we faced such a despicable lot who have not an inkling of what sacrifice and duty mean to our Constitution. Never have we had such traitors openly colluding with our enemies to solidify their power base.
     The anger within me is as real as if it was part of my being. I had thought that joy would be our legacy in life yet it seems that retribution to those who would steal the American dream will be our attempt instead. Well so be it as reality dictates my thoughts and actions. I will not be one of those who burrowed his head into the ground out of fear for making a stand for democracy and the rights of all human beings. Instead I will not only defend my space but I will take space back from any of the republicans who thinks they can bully those around me. I will not, nor allow others to be treated thusly and they will pay harshly for discounting my resolve.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Republicans see humanity as mean nasty and brutish (#3152)

     The republican mindset of cynicism toward anything that enlightens or evolves is palpable. They have settled irrevocably on the idea that the human experience is a dirty nasty one. They see within themselves all the woebegone tells of animalism and that the idea that we can evolve or become more enlightened from our ancient roots as an impossibility. Their cynicism has us all dying off in some near time frame due to their perceived inescapable delusions about our natures. To republicans humanity is just not meant to exist beyond what we were originally imprinted to do to survive. It is curious to me that they cannot see that our survival techniques of antiquity were evolution to begin with.
     Since we are now not of such a survival mode we are changing into another dynamic and this republicans are not able to process into their way of thinking. Their minds won't allow them to consider logic and science as the norms of our society. They are still stuck in antiquity with the myths mores and superstitions that helped us along in that ancient beginning. Yet we don't exist in that beginning any longer much like we sapiens are no longer neanderthals, You see the problem right? The republican party is more in tune with the "we were created not evolved" stereotype yet they are in a conundrum since most all evidence points to evolution.
     Their cognitive dissonance comes in handy though since republicans are able to separate fact from their narrative of ancient thinking as the only reality. Which is why when we discourse with them their inability to be rational about reality confounds us. Well we know the root of their thinking and it is not modern so debate on that scale is moot. I am not the animal that they would depict me as from history nor am I the robot they liken me to be if we continue with logic and science. The less animal I have evolved toward and the more logically thinking I become does not change my heart and the goodness of the soul within me. The republican party does not get that and because of their obstinance to maintain that we are filthy creatures our lives at the moment are in a state of turmoil.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

With every cell in my body! (#3151)

     The final attempt to repeal Obamacare is happening now. We are waiting for the CBO score of how many people will be kicked off of health insurance but with this latest bill it seems that it will be a huge number, larger than with the previous versions of repeal. Well I can tell you this will not be a cakewalk to keep this bill from happening. The trumps know they are under the gun and must get this last attempt done before the September 30th deadline hits. That is when the congressional reconciliation process they are using expires and then it will take 60 votes to repeal not the current 50 + pence. We know that that squirmy idiot in Kentucky, rand paul, has said he won't vote for it but he is a gutless non wonder so we should not count on him keeping to his stated no vote.
     Then there are the two republican women who have shown that they are tough as nails when it comes to voting to take away health care for their constituents, Murkowski and Collins. So who is left? Capito has shown that she can be bought so there is no tough as nails moniker for her. It remains to be seen for now who will be the 3rd vote again against repeal since mccain has also broken and said he could vote for this worse version than the one he didn't vote for, go figure with him! All I know is that we have to get our focus on this last attempt that the trumps will be pushing mightily to get.
     There has to be a national outcry to stop this latest Obamacare repeal and if we do that then the repeal efforts will stop until after the 2018 elections. By then we may well have changed the dynamic in the Congress enough so that the republicans will not have automatic majorities to do as they will. But until then the next 14 days are the most crucial for those of us who do not want 10's of millions of folks to be thrown off of health care. It is insane what republicans are doing but I have been saying that about them since I came of age. They are a national embarrassment bent on hurting the helpless and kicking the underprivileged. With every cell that makes me Carl I will fight these assholes to my last breath and not ever quit until all my cells are done.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The women in my life (#3150)

     The women in my life have been incredible. They had to step up because the men, who were less incredible did a poor job of being fine examples of their own gender. If it hadn't been for the women I would have been far less than what I am now. In fact I can say with little doubt that I wouldn't even be alive if it hadn't been for the force of will the women in my life instilled in me through their own words and acts. This is why I think women should govern our society. Now there are some women who are as vile as the many men I know but there are far fewer of them than there are men. We men have fallen hard because leadership takes a commitment that is both grueling and continuous.
     I have not had the fortune to be married in my lifetime yet the women who at times were my companions were remarkable enough to be admired and loved. Apparently not loved in the way I needed to love them for a marriage to occur but loved nonetheless. Even in those relationships I always found that it was me that failed them, not them me. It is hard to admit that I am the root of the problem but it is truthful since I was never really sure how to function as an equal partner in those relationships. Regardless of my personal life, all the women I have held dear have been powerfully strong in their vision for what life could be like if we would just stop hurting each other. It makes perfect sense since we men have been treating and hurting women unfairly since at least the dawn of civilization.
     Well now women are not to be underestimated, especially by me since I have found that it takes real courage to be kind and helpful in life instead of being like many of us men who are mean, brutish and cruel. It is the traits that women exhibit and exemplify that draws my attention. I have no time for the bullying aspects that men feel they need to express to show they are "real" men. No, real men are kind and motivated to be helpful like women have been showing us for millenniums. It is the women in my life who have shown me how to be a real man and for that I am eternally their advocate and ally. When we decide to let the women in our lives govern how to think and act with respect and dignity is when our society will finally begin to heal itself of the worst we men have wrought upon it.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Policies drive my political affiliation (#3149)

     I am a liberal who is firmly in the democratic party. The reason being is that liberals who are the force behind the democratic party are the ones trying to institute policies that I am all for being made into law. Like keeping social security, medicare/medicaid, unemployment, food stamps, children's health care etc... These are the reasons among many more that long ago I decided my political affiliation. There is much still to do to right the ship of government like demanding that we have public financing of elections thus eliminating all the private interests that would choose our candidates instead of our candidates choosing their own agenda to be found good or bad by we the voters.
     Standardizing voting requirements across state lines so that all our American citizens can vote no matter what jurisdiction they happen to be in at the time of voting. There should be no hindrance to voting that is a burden to any class of citizenry. Standards for allocating the districting of voters should also be uniform in their design with no gerrymandering as a factor. There are other policies I and my democratic party also have an eye toward and that is maintaining and improving our standard of living. Minimum wages must reflect the dignity and respect we have for each other as a civilized society not a wild west one where people are played off against each other to lower costs instead of improving the products they market.
     Women must be given the same rights as men in all aspects of our society. From equal pay for equal work. Standards that do not discriminate in job placement solely on the color or gender of a person. Government is here to help our society improve and evolve into a greater ideal. Civilization demands it and if we are not on that track then we are pulling out the rug from under our own feet. Democracy is the vehicle and it should be driven with all due deference and honor. We as a nation have shed much blood and spent much treasure to not only protect democracy for ourselves but for many other nations throughout the world. America is best when we are protecting the weak and fighting the bullies. This is what we democrats do and why I will live all my life being one.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Keeping my sunny disposition while blistering all things trump (#3148)

     I had expected like many others a different result from the November 8th 2016 election. But since it didn't turn out the way I had expected my life has altered. Instead of being happy about politics for the most part and enjoying the advancement of our society into an even more modern mode, I am left with trying to enjoy the other aspects of life while tormenting the hateful rhetoric and despicable laws the trumps are trying to implement. In other words I have split myself into two halves of the same whole. the one half is relentlessly determined to obstruct, deny and call out all the rotten vileness the trumps stand for while the other half of me is bound and determined to remain carefree and happy.
     It is not easy keeping these two halves of myself in harmony but since this is who I must be now, then that is my problem to solve. What I need is for the light of day to hit the trumps and hopefully justice and fairness will end them from positions of power. I suppose it is selfish of me to think that the world should revolve around what I think but in a fair sense it is a selfless thought I have. Our world getting better for all. It is not such a hard thing to imagine nor a hard thing to work toward. So until the trumps are gone the two halves of me must coexist. I need to remain the happy go lucky guy I am in order to have an example of what life should be like when I rebut the forces who are trying to make life what it shouldn't be like. A counteractive example so that I never lose sight of what is right and good in the world.
     So as I look to find the happy in life I still must endure the struggle to make it so. How unfortunate that it is this way but no amount of burying my head in the sand will change the reality of this moment. Like many of us I thought the great battle for our democracy was over and that now the time for building a model society was upon us. Well it isn't and that fact needs to be understood by all! The most the trumps can hurt us is for 8 years. I expect at worst that he will survive just the 4 years and my hope is he will be gone much sooner than that. Yet we are where we are right now and despite me trying to be happy in the meantime there is much work to be done standing firm against the lying thieving trumps and blistering them with facts and truths at every turn!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Voter apathy led to this current dehumanizing era (#3147)

     46.9% of eligible voters did not vote in the 2016 presidential election, To say that voter apathy led to our current dilemma is spot on! The most enthusiastic of voters make sure to vote but those who are not enthusiastic for whatever reason still must find it within themselves to vote or we end up with a government that is not of the people by the people for the people. Instead we get special interests that are not for the people as much as they are for themselves. There is one absolute responsibility we have outside of defending our democracy with arms and that is to vote for politicians who reflect the will of we the people.
     That 46.9% of us failed to do the most basic function required by our democracy shows a disdain for the process that validates our liberties and freedoms. I am appalled at my fellow countrymen/women who felt that their time was better spent doing something else other than claiming their right to participate in their own governance. Let me be clear here, there is no perfect candidate and never will be so not voting because we were angry over some perceived slight to our way of thinking is childish and dangerous. The best candidate is the one who needs to be elected despite their flaws in some areas of our concern.
     So instead of getting a slightly flawed candidate we got a tyrant who lied, stole and cheated his way to the presidency because not enough of us cared to stand up to him and his corruption. So not only are we abdicators of our own right to choose we are now cowardly for not being brave enough to stop the carnival barker who was a wolf in sheep's clothing. This is the most disgusting era of American politics I can ever remember and if not for my own indomitable will to see this era end I would have left this nation to you who cannot find the will in yourselves to throw the bums out! This next round of elections should prove to show whether we have learned this simple lesson that should have already been learned, that being vote like your life depends upon it because surely it will if you don't.

Monday, September 11, 2017

I have my curiosity for knowledge, science and logic, what more could I need? (#3146)

     Well outside my heart anyway. Yet the question remains the same. I don't need magic, superstition or myth. I have reality and the awesome ability to interpret it based upon civilized factors. I find it a privilege to live in a civilized society where my basic wants and needs are mostly provided for. I was raised in a family where we were given the structure of education and discipline, well mostly discipline since I was rebellious in my younger life, and the opportunity to improve my station in life. We were and for the most part are still lower middle class and/or upper poor class yet the freedom we experienced allowed us to at least become critical thinkers if we so chose. I did choose to be a critical thinker and thus I needed to explore the boundaries of my chosen field of study.
     Curiosity is the impetus for learning at least something that catches our interest. I have that all the time. There is no limit to the things that intrigue me. The fortunate thing is is that for the most part I live in an open and free society that allows me to discover the answers to questions that were previously unknown to me. I have the foundational tools of science and logic to help me along in my understandings. For after a while the simple becomes the complex and there has to be a set of logical formulas that I can use that govern the sequencing of those simplexes into complexities. The same with science, it grows upon itself either adding or shedding theories as we comprehensively acquire more information.
     When proofs and facts change the dynamic of previous conjecture we must move on from the previous conjecture and apply the new proofs and facts. It has been this way since at least the dawning of civilized living. We don't change the rules of evolution to satisfy something that has no foundation in reality in order to make ourselves feel better! No, we jettison the outdated and unproven as theory and let them set aside from what is real and provably true. I don't live in a magical world, I live in a real world where the facts of biology and physics dominate our lives on this volatile planet. There is plenty of understanding of our environment that needs to continue without me adding in the myths and superstitions what makes us feel comfortable in opposition to our fears.