Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The unraveling of the madman (#3127)

     It is my fervent hope that one day, sooner rather than later, we will be able to look back on this time in our American history and see just how close we came to destroying our great nation. The collusion with a foreign nation by republicans to gain victories in the 2016 general election is one treasonous action we need to punish those complicit for making happen. Elevating a candidate like trump to the leader of the free world is another action that should never have happened and republicans need to be held to account for letting an obviously disturbed man run our country. What also must be addressed is the base of support trump carries with him no matter what he does or says. Like Charles Manson, there will always be those who are hypnotized by him in a nation as diverse and eclectic as ours.
     The mounting evidence of an illogical break with reality taking form as a weed, has it's root and that root needs to be plucked out wholly with a care to preserve new fertile ground for the planting of new ideas to emerge. We have an epidemic of ignorance and bad behavior to confront and the sooner we get to it the better we will be in going immediately into our better future. If any one thing can be utilized as a silver lining in the madness displayed by trump and his enablers it is that hatred and division are not compatible with democracy and intelligence. We see the path forward now and as such we must apply the rule of law and conscious to the furtherance of a modern society if we want to continue to strive to be a nation without equal in human rights, equality of opportunity with justice and fairness for all.
     The unravelling of trump before our eyes gives us the chance to create a do over in our immediate future and if the truth of things show themselves in a timely fashion we will get that opportunity. I have had to work hard to be able to put logic and democracy at the top of my list of principles because I am a slow learner sometimes and need an extra moment of two now and then. But the rest of us are able to see first hand the madness trump displays and being unable to equate logic and common sense to his actions and words is sadly easy at this point. He is unable to hide behind pomp and circumstance any longer so fooling anyone else other than his hard core base is impossible. His madness is there for all the world to see.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Make sure you are registered and eligible to vote (#3126)

     Everyone needs to check their voting status to make sure they were not part of any purge that republicans are working overtime to accomplish. This is how republicans see their best chance to win elections. They eliminate as many non republican voters from eligibility as possible whether those voters are eligible or not. There is practically no voter fraud in a world where nothing is perfect yet republicans claim that there is mass cheating but never provide proof of their claim. That their claim helps them is irrelevant in their eyes. But it isn't irrelevant in ours since we are the ones who are fighting to keep our voting rights.
     The vitriolic and infectious way republicans push past logic and common sense in order to get their way should have gotten them nothing from us voters yet for some inconceivable reason they continue to have followers. How many they have left we will find out by the end of voting in the next national election of 2018. We have seen the republican party earn horrible approval numbers over the last many months but when the political ads start to come fast and hard next year will we electorate once again be bamboozled by the lying rhetoric of the conservative republican party? My guess is that given the last election we will be taken in once again by the sheer magnitude of republican ads lying their asses off to make their best case.
     Well republicans don't have a case in my book. They try to cheat to win by suppressing voters from voting. They have never been about building a strong working middle class and they stomp on the rights of Americans who are not beholden to them. They are the scourge of our nation and yet because they have money and are still powerful politically we keep allowing them to bully and lie to us. There is only one way we can be sure to end their domination of our politics and that is by voting them out of office everywhere. We cannot do that unless our priorities are set to make sure we are still eligible to vote as well as those who we can help.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The genetics of freedom (#3125)

     I would think that after many generations of being a free nation for the most part that our genetics would have picked up a tick in that direction. To say that we all can't be taken control of by the forces of tyranny that threaten our lives unless we submit is still very possible but the will to be free again is now part of who we are, ingrained in such a way as to be in our DNA or at least feel like it. I have a stubborn streak in me that is not just the much of Irish blood in my veins but the idea of freedom to choose as my will decides provided by this very democracy we are gifted with in America. Why do you think I fight so hard for democracy? Because it allows me the liberty to choose from lawful activities and thoughts without fear of death or reprisal.
     Democracy is the vehicle that allows all of us the drive to wherever our happiness will take us. Without democracy we are left with choices made by others for us that do not take into account our individual uniqueness. We become cookie cutter humans with lives that are controlled by those who think of themselves as greater than us. Where distinctions among us are based upon superficial identifiers are the rule with no room for the depth of creativity and merit. Democracy is our lifeblood for existing to our potential and without it we are not able to fulfill any purpose we may choose for ourselves. This is why we cannot let our democracy wane in the face of tyranny and brutal egoism.
     I always call upon my favorite Continental army member and Revolutionary war hero, the 21 year old at his hanging, Nathan Hale, to describe what democracy means to me. "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." I may only have one life but it is a life worth offering to defend the vehicle that keeps us free from oppression and wrapped in the arms of freedom. Democracy is the value many underestimate and/or ignore because it is the all that encompasses our lives. We forget it is there because we expect to be free as the logic of enlightenment pronounces. Yet it is a dearness that must be defended at all times because there are too many human scourges out there who have no illusion about their own personal greatness in a way that diseases the rest of our society at the expense of our freedom. Freedom is in my blood and my nature now and nothing will stop me from protecting our democracy that allows it.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Equality over privilege and advantage (#3124)

     Democracy demands that we place equality over privilege and advantage yet in America we have abused that principle and instead have placed privilege and advantage over equality. When I say we, I mean those whom we voted to represent us who have otherwise dishonored that trust. They instead work to satisfy the wealthy and the powerful more often than not. The paradigm of we the people has been subjugated by the weakness of our representatives. No more should the wealthy and the powerful have an honored place at the table of our democracy. They should sit with all the rest of us with no preferred status.
     Our laws and the application of our justice system truly does need to be blind. It is abominable that the wealthy can buy their way out of law breaking. There needs to be no amount of personal wealth that can subvert the cause of justice. The problem doesn't just lie with our representatives. Too many judges, attorneys and law enforcement in the judicial system have lost the intent of their oaths to their professions. The weakness of our own individual characters has allowed for the gray areas in the law to overwhelm the righteousness of it. The gray areas are not for furthering the advantage and privilege of some more than others, instead the are areas that have yet to be fully encompassed into practice with equality at its core.
     Like many different elements in our society, equality has been shuffled to the back when it comes to priorities. We have lost sight of the value that equality brings to our lives. Instead we have poverty, anger and an overall disillusioned citizenry all at the expense of the wealthy and powerful who conjure the idea that they must have their privilege and advantage. Well I say enough of privilege and advantage. Democracy demands that equality be the avenue that which decides who among us can attain through merit, innovation and creativity. Each of us must put forth our best effort if we want to achieve. No more should the wealthy and powerful be able to dictate or interdict in our right to live in a society that holds all to the same standard without privilege and advantage. With much comes much responsibility. We all deserve the same right to try without condition or disadvantage.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wedging the cracks in the republican party (#3123)

     I find myself at odds with this current administration because they do not hold democracy dear. They see democracy as an obstacle to how their agenda will play out. This is why they embrace such harsh policies as ending social programs and creating a two tiered citizenship in America. Not only do they want to restrict voting they want to eliminate most of what is left of the working middle class. Either you are wealthy or you are struggling to make ends meet. The republican party wants the workers to be fighting for jobs that pay less and less by creating more demand with less opportunity. The opposite of what democracy demands here in America.
     The republican party wants to cut down on education for the masses so that they can hold their monopolies without true competition. The opposite of what democracy demands. The republican party wants to stifle the equality of women to men so that they can still think of women as their property. The opposite of what democracy demands. The republican party wants to curtail immigration so that they can control the types of racial allowances for entry. The opposite of what democracy demands. The republican party wants to end free speech as it is and change it to what they deem is the best utility for their own propaganda, alternative facts and fake news as examples. The opposite of not only democracy but of what logic and common sense demand.
     These are just a few examples of why we need to wedge the cracks in the republican party even further so that the exposure of the inner workings reveals its nefarious intent and the strife it creates within the republican party cabal will expand. Divide and conquer has been used by republicans for so long against us liberals that it only seems karmic that the same strategy be used against them. Resisting and exposing their plan for the takeover of our democracy is our best defense and offense. We have to protect the principles of democracy if we are to withstand the treason the republican party is willing to embrace to destroy the greatest democracy on the planet. Come join us in smashing the attempt by republicans to harm and cause suffering to any and all who would get in their way. Remember, always vote for the democrat in every political race in what is still our country!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Women's right to vote (#3122)

     Today marks the 97th year in American history in which women have had the right to vote, Our national constitution came into force in the year 1789. Which means that for the first 131 years of America as a nation, women did not have a legal voice in the form of a vote in our politics. This has always been a struggle throughout human history, cleaning up the mess we men have made not only in politics but in religion and economics. From the selfish egos of kings to the destructive nature of tyrants, we men have shown the ability to force ourselves into whatever we desired wherever possible. 97 years ago that male domination was cracked wide open here in America.
     Today we have world leaders who are women; top flight commanders in our own military and legislators in our politics. Women have shown that they are not to be discounted in the philosophy of men simply by never relenting in the quest to be more than just property to men. How absurd this is to write for me but the fact is that women are still fighting the perception that their place is to be quiet, barefoot and pregnant. I am a man who always seems to be add odds with my gender and my ethnicity. I am an older white male who sees the bigger picture much more easily than my fettered and blinded brethren. I see the principles of democracy as sacred and worthy of defending. I am not one who has any trouble with being humble about my own self worth.
     Women have been on the steady rise to make America more democratic since my first breath on Earth and although it has been a slow slog it is inching forward. I can take some satisfaction in that, despite my hubris to accomplish much more through enlightened common sense. Women birth all of us men. They are our wives, our sisters and our children so why is it that us men have such a hard time admitting the truth of their equality to us? Our selfishness is abominable and that doesn't seem to matter to us men. It does matter to me and like racism, gender prejudice must end and end it will if those like me continue to push with women and minorities to uphold our constitution and all of it's protections real and intentional.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Democracy cannot abide racism (#3121)

     The whole idea of democracy is an equal, fair and just opportunity for all. Nowhere in there is there room for racial discrimination! So those who choose racial divisions living in a democracy have made their choice to put racism over democracy. That is logic and if you cannot grasp that then you are ignorant as well as a racist. In a country that boasts of the most freedoms for its citizens how is it that some of its citizens are incapable of rationalizing that? Hatred for another race stems from a lack of understanding and a fearful perception of differentness. However the color of our skin we are all the same on the inside so how much more illogical can it be to place racism over democracy?
     It doesn't take courage to be a normal person and accepting of all citizens as our family within the human race. But it does take cowardice not to. So those who are racist are in effect living in their cowardice. They may thrash out and bellow inanities to hide the fact that their choice to be racist is cowardly but we know by the laws of logic that racism is cowardice so no amount of hiding it will ever mask it's ill nature. I see all these strategically angry people making life miserable for those who are not them and I think about their lives. They have chosen to live in the slippery slope world of who is next to be not like them once they dispose of those who they initially target.
     The racists will always live in fear because they cannot trust their own good natures of caring and compassion. So they are left with the more vile natures we humans have shown from antiquity. They may justify their behaviors as our true nature but then again they are not prone to believing in evolution like the enlightened among us. Evolution is the paradigm by which an object, plant or being changes over time to adapt to increased knowledge or physical/biological processes. We are not the humans of antiquity because we have advanced into a more modern era. We can choose to be the best of who we are despite the past traits that we needed to survive in a more inhospitable world. Well the evolution of our nation into democracy has no room for the archaic practice of racism just like we have no room for the willfully ignorant.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The end of the racist trump! (#3120)

     The republican party is going to weigh it's mess with either keeping trump or impeaching him. My best guess is that if Mueller doesn't come down soon on the trumps the republicans in Congress will. As unlikely it would have seemed back 9 months ago it seems much more plausible now. As trump continues to align himself with nazi rhetoric the further republicans have to move away from him. That trump has already shown that he cannot maneuver legislation to actualize his "agenda of killing Americans" along, republicans in Congress are getting much more upset with his blaming them for his own ineptitude. The alienation keeps growing for trump as more and more people of good will have seen enough of him to know that he is not of good will himself.
     Which leaves trump now surrounded with the ilk that least want America to succeed. The anguish republican politicians must feel for selling their souls and defending trump must be wearing them down and with that wearing down is the real possibility that if they don't do something real soon about trump the 2018 elections could be a slaughter for them. The congressional republicans are either going to go down with the trump ship or they are going to bail and set about eliminating the scourge that now occupies our white house. We will see but my best guess is that congressional republicans will feel such heat from their constituents that they will have to disband their absurd party loyalty to this malignant cancer called trump.
     However it plays out the end of it will not be kind to republicans. First they are a party that likes to steal elections and not win them. Second, they have no agenda for improving the lives of the American working middle poor class and third they would rather harm people than help them. For me the republicans have always been about saving their own asses because that is what people of no character do. So the idea of trump being on the chopping block is a logical one for me but I cannot nor will not say absolutely because republicans have also shown an ignorance to me that defies logic and common sense. So will trump go or will republicans feel the wrath of the voters in 2018? My best guess is that trump will be impeached if Mueller doesn't get him first.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Take down the Southern monuments to the confederacy (#3119)

     Much like in Germany after the fall of the nazi party, all monuments that were up were taken down. The defeat and then the disgrace of the nazi party demanded it! It was the right thing to do. There is little difference here in America with the confederate monuments. The confederacy declared their independence from the United States and then proceeded to fight a war to make it happen. Well they lost and their attempt to keep slavery as a right was defeated along with their aspirations to make a nation for themselves. So having these southern monuments dispersed around the south as a testimony to their attempt is anti-American and a reminder of the sedition the southern states took at that time.
     There is another disturbing aspect of having those monuments up for children to grow up and admire. Feeding the deeply held belief that the south would have another run at seceding although having slaves this time would seem moot but who knows? Still like in Germany, when the architects of naziism where defeated their monuments were destroyed and their ideology was swept aside so that a new beginning could take hold and a Germany without naziism could emerge. Well we didn't get that done here in America and instead allowed for the defeated ideology of slavery and rebellion to be planted firmly in the minds of the southern population. We were wrong not to pull every monument down to the perpetrators of secession but we even allowed for new monuments to be erected and placed in public squares.
     Enough! The southern states have to accept that the past is not always pretty and that their ancestors were not all in for America. If nostalgia for that history must be saved then let it be in museums. To perpetrate the myth that the south did not fight over slavery is against the laws of logic and common sense and does not heal our nation but instead stokes a flame of distrust. Our southern children need new heroes like the slaves who fought and won their freedom from an otherwise intolerable reality wherever slavery was practiced. Those should be the types of monuments that appear throughout the south, not monuments to the southern generals and politicians who fought against their own nation to protect slavery and keep the black race as equal to property.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The silent majority again killing our democracy! (#3118)

     Leaving the protesting and our voices out of the racial discussion leaves us vulnerable to the psychopaths who are calling for a racial divide. There were almost half of eligible American voters, 46.9%, who did not vote in 2016, How can we secure the foundation of democracy if our electorate doesn't treat voting as a dearness? I know that many find that they have objections to voting for candidates that don't align perfectly with their own sense of the present and future but the consequences of not voting for the next best candidate are clearly illustrated in what has happened to us here in America with the trumps being elected.
     Instead of making slow steps forward with a candidate that is not our ideal, we have allowed for a candidate to get elected by not voting who is taking us backwards by leaps and bounds while inflicting horrors on us at the same time. Given logic, steady progress will always be better than regression don't you at least agree with this statement? If somehow we survive the hatred and incompetence of the trumps and he doesn't blow us all to hell with nuclear wars, then all of us have to take the voting rights we have left and make them precious to us. We have to engage in our politics if we are to keep what is left of the bet of America alive.
     There are many factors and reasons for the silent majority to keep a distance from politics and keep their heads down so as not to rock the boat. I get that. But what I also get is that fear and bullying cannot be rewarded with the prize. America was and still can be an honored nation where courage and the fighting spirit are the hallmarks of our behaviors. There is no more time for sitting quietly with our hands over our mouths. Each of us has a duty to the guiding principles of democracy that have given so much to us. For there to be a better America that finally washes away the stains of hatred and ignorance we must all vote with the intent to improve our society despite not having our favored candidate in the race.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Racist hatred is an immature mental illness (#3117)

     The idea that hating someone for having a different look about them is inconceivable to a normal person. We as Americans have enshrined in our constitution a tolerant and diverse notion of existence. We are not all cut from the same cookie cutter, we are unique, which gives us not only our individuality but our personal identity that is all our own. We celebrate our diversity within a form of democratic government that recognizes that we are all human beings and therefore are owed the right to be equal with all others. Our intellect demands it of us given logic and common sense as defined by scientific observation. So when we see today the kind of racism that has a root in illogic and ignorance we can justly note that an imbalance of mental acuity has occurred.
     Our human natures require of us to be caring and curious so when we see the lack of that we know that those afflicted with racial hatred have lost the ability to distinguish between fact and delusion. They have somehow arrived at a place in their lives where the information of fact and truths is dismissed to favor some deluded idea of self worth. I am a white man who is proud to say that I look up to many folks who are diverse in not only culture but in life experience. There is no distinguishment with me as to the arbitrary coloring of their skin nor the design of their gender. I find it utterly reprehensible that there are those who fear difference as much as they are proud of sameness. There is no formula for what is acceptable in who or what a human form takes. It is a cosmopolitan and comprehensive approach we all must take with each other that accentuates the right attitude we should have toward each other.
     Behavior and character are what determines the best of who we are and the worst of who we are. Nothing as simple as skin pigmentation will ever be a factor in deciding the value and worth of a human being. I had thought we had all moved to a place beyond this immature and irrational categorization based upon racial appearance. We are human beings with a heart and mind to be human beings to our fullest. Not some lesser being that has not the sense to assimilate the facts and truths of logic and science. The nature of this particular mental illness is childish and correctable but until it is too many of us clearly cannot move on. It is disheartening and insufferable and to this day makes me mourn for the lack of enlightened thought dispersed too heavily throughout our society.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Racism is an ignorant man's folly (#3116)

     The unoriginal idea of racism is like a child's tantrum. It makes for little sense and only causes disruption. Which is my point to wit the ignorance of using racism in a world full of facts and figures that denounces differences between our racial heritages is on full and unadulterated display. The white nationalist march at a major southern university last night is an example of how little enlightened thought has made a dent in the foundation of modern learning. That these protesters were students of this university makes me shudder at what they are not being taught in their respective high schools.
     Yet these "students" have made it through the screening process to be accepted in an atmosphere relegated to what I can only assume to be as "lower" learning. Is this a pride issue that these students want to claim given the destruction the white race has leveled on the other races? Do they not see that overpowering and controlling the lives of others who are not them is a crime against humanity? Do they not realize that humility should be there credo, not arrogance? Again, like with trumps, the world is upside down. Where the right and good are not the goal but the worst and most terrible are. If this is what we can expect from the southern universities, a refusal to accept equitable equality, fairness and justice for all then what is the value these universities offer to society on whole?
     I would be embarrassed even further if my university allowed for the racist chants of unenlightenment. It is bad enough we live in the political whirligig of trumps and their nasty brutish ideology of advantage and privilege but are we now condoning the atrocities of the past by allowing a goose stepping ideology to permeate our supposed facilities of higher education? Will the calmer more sensible institutions of higher learning condemn this latest attempt for destroying our rights as equal free men/women? Will the shame of ignorance be allowed to masquerade as enlightened thought? I am aghast at the turn our nation has made toward ignorance as a virtue and by doing so, if it continues, will be the death knell of our once great democracy!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Are we trying to help people or are we trying to control people? (#3115)

     The only one I need to worry about controlling is me. I do a piss poor job of that some of the time so the idea that I would even consider trying to control others is in direct opposition to my own life as observable data. What is even worse is that if I think I could control anyone other than myself I have crossed a line into a mental condition that is not only unhealthy but is demented. For me to think I could control anyone is an ego driven calculus of an immeasurable illogical proportion. What I can do though is help people so that they have more information as to help themselves. I can offer advice when asked, I can provide proofs when asked, I can direct toward answers when asked.
     I can be a wealth of information when asked. Sometimes in extreme situations I can offer to give information or advice without being asked but only if it is accepted. I don't lord over anyone my design for anyone's life. I do pronounce my positions on any number of policies or visions for our collective future but the subtle decisions that must be made by all of us individually is left to each of of us to make. I do restrict my associations to those who have a progressive liberal slant on how our society should operate but only because I cannot for the life of me see any other position to take that does not help people, all people.
     My point here is really simple, I remain objective with respect. I know that the greatest thing I have to offer the world is a clear sane approach to whatever obstacles there are that exist. I am best served, as well as all of humanity in whatever little way, when I am controlling me with all my might and ability. I offer what little wisdom and information I have to help others find their own way toward their best selves. That old saying of attraction not promotion usually wins the day and I agree with that. All my life I have looked around me to see something out there that I wanted to be like or encompass into my own life. Being the best I can be and living hard to just help people not control them is hopefully worthy enough of attraction.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

When my sleeping is my safe harbor and my awakening my nightmare (#3114)

     Again I awake from my slumber world and immediately realize that I have come to a worse place. How can this be since my awake life is the one that makes my dream world possible? What is wrong with the reality of existence? How can it be that the reality of awakening is so much less desirable than the world where I live in my sleep? Logically, I get it. I know what is wrong in real life but in my dream world those wrongs are not allowed to be. My dream world is where I see what is good and possible and make it so. So my question is why is not our awakening hours as easy to constantly make better? We are actually able to do good things whenever we all decide we want to but for a pile of inconsequential reasons we don't.
     What is even worse is that our awakening time is getting worse and not better like one would think progress would afford. I am not the smartest nor the most insightful person to have ever lived nor will I ever be, yet even I can make my dream world better for all I imagine to be who would entertain to be in it. So why can't the many of us do that while we are awake? It seems so backwards to me that we allow our waking time to be so abusive and sufferable. Maybe that is why in my sleeping world there is no room for pain and anguish. Maybe the awakening time is the nightmare that my dream world must make into a safe harbor. How utterly ridiculous that the awakening time, which we humans control to a large extent, is the problem not the solution.
     Have all our great thinkers of philosophy, psychology and sociology not come to the same conclusion that our reality sucks and we need to change it? We political theorists to some extent see the laws and ordinances of life as the tools to get us to a more safe harbor like existence but what of the acceptable avenues of the mind to be changed? Why cannot the facts and truths that we prove be ruled by logic and common sense? Why cannot we accept that all of life is precious and nothing less than respect and dignity is deserved as a foundation. My awakening time is the majority of my existence yet it is not the most dear to me. I suffer and anguish over the despicable nature we humans unleash upon each other and if not for my sleeping time and the beauty of those dreams I fear I would implode from despair.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The trumps incompetence is our embarrassment (#3113)

     Every day is another day of embarrassing developments from the trumps that is at least shameful and at most deadly. How are we to survive the reign of trumps for much longer? They are the most unqualified set of con people who ever occupied such a prestigious position as president of our nation. I always say trumps because it is a family run presidency as if I needed to even say that. Which in itself is demeaning and disrespectful to us the voters since we didn't vote for any of his family. But furthermore regardless of how many trumps are actually president, their acts and beliefs are what is most disconcerting.
     From not knowing how to govern through the legislative process to their mentally deranged relentless quest to undo all the progress made by President Obama and even further back attacking social programs from the President Franklin Roosevelt era. Now we see the foreign policy of trumps and it is all one sided to favor Russia, even over those of our staunch allies. It is like the world has tipped onto its head with the trumps and any expectation of normalcy is nothing but an illusion. Which the trumps and the republican party have regrettably mastered by the way to win votes and then betray those voters.
     So not only are we Americans under siege from the trumps and their headlong rush into absurdity at home but now we are also under siege from an ego driven trump cadre that would start a nuclear war just to start a nuclear war. So even beyond incompetence from the trumps we are seeing their petulance. To hold the office of President of the most advanced militarily armed nation in the history of the world should not be relegated to people like the trumps who haven't the mental capacity to surround themselves with wise and experienced counsel. The sooner we find the method for the trumps dubious election victory that is cause for removing him the better we will be individually and as a nation.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Republicans are betrayers to democracy (#3112)

     It used to be that although republicans would fight against the mix of socialism with capitalism they would not stop the will of the people if it was obvious. They begrudgingly accepted the reality and even tried to improve whatever policy had been passed into law. Not anymore! Republicans have found that they can deceive the electorate with obfuscation and while standing against policies that worked toward a more equitable society. In other words they don't have to pay a price for being against popular programs even to the point of destroying these popular programs. Using this pathway, they have gone further off the deep end of logic by using foreign assets to subvert the role of our elections.
     What was once a two party system aimed at compromise toward a more modern world where the politics of the day stayed on our shores for internal control has now been supplanted to include foreign agents dictating and bankrolling republican enterprises. We are now a nation at war with itself. On the one hand generally we have the democrats who want our society to remain open with equality of opportunity, fairness and justice as our foundation and then we have the republicans, who are not for these democratic ideals. Instead they want a nation that is less equal in all areas that they find offensive. Their twisted religion based ideology usurps democracy and replaces it with a dogmatic bastardized theocratic philosophy.
     Not only that but using a warped sense of religion as their motivation they are able to enlist nefarious willing partners on foreign shores to finance their "coup" against democracy. For centuries we Americans have been fighting to maintain democracy as our foundation and now the republican party is on the verge of stealing that democracy so that they can be ignorantly ruthless to our citizenry and the world at large that doesn't kneel to their cruel and brutish agenda. The shame and embarrassment I feel for this happening is overwhelming. Never in my lifetime or the future could I have imagined the direction our nation has taken after so long a battle to continue the enlightenment of our society. Republicans are betraying our democracy and what are we going to do to stop them before it is too late?

Monday, August 7, 2017

If the premise is everyone able needs to work to survive then let's get everyone a job (#3111)

     We cannot disassociate this premise from its logical conclusion. So all other things being done or not, that do not get us moving toward full employment is failure. Which brings me to how our capitalistic society is being manipulated to reward the wealthy and not establish full employment. Capitalism can work to get us to full employment but not if the greed by the operators of capitalism is given a preferred status. I am all for allowing merit and creative innovation to have extras that reward their efforts but not to the extent that all others who show initiative or have little or no opportunity are shuttered. Remember, the goal here is to allow for all who are able to have a job that can sustain their own hopes and dreams within survival, not just the wealthy to become even more ridiculously wealthy.
     This concept of having the most wealth or dominating all resources to make one feel superior is a sickness. The idea that "one can never have enough" is a scourge brought about by those who have no conscience. The purpose of life on our planet is not known by any of us. We are here though and we can control not only our numbers through birth control measures but how we operate as a society. We are fortunate that we have an enlightened society that can alleviate many of our ills while also propelling us out beyond our own Earthly boundaries. Yet none of this matters much if we are not mature enough to discard the negative approaches too many of us have embraced. Including archaic religious justifications for matters of life and death.
     It is one thing to deal with our fears through some sort of soothing inner salve but it is quite another to force it upon others who have their own destiny to write. So apart from greed and to another extent power, the worth of our society is still the premise that we must all have a job to make our survival manageable. Nothing else will suffice. So we must have full employment and no amount of subjecting capitalism to anything other than that is acceptable. There has to be a limit on the most one can make and a limit on the least one can make so that there is balance within our economy to afford all a livable place within it. That is the goal, full employment, not fulfill some fantasy of being filthy rich for a few.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Selfishness, greed and hatred. Come join the republican party! (#3110)

     The hypocrisy is not lost on those of us on the outside looking in at who and what kind of people are republicans. Oh, they put on a false face and act and do like good people when it suits their purpose but otherwise they are not good people but selfish, greedy hating people instead. I have disowned members of my own family and surely there are more for me to disown that have kept their intolerable behavior from my view. But like all things the truth of things will come around and the exposure is just waiting to happen. I cannot abide nor enable any such beings in my life. I have drawn the line in the sand as a contract with dignity and respect.
     I don't know what others think that this existence is all about but I know that I wasn't born to be a fool like those in the republican party. Their cynical take on life is infectious and the vileness of their illness has spread to those who choose not to be critical thinkers. I call them ignorant but it is not because they cannot think for themselves with a moral certainty but because they refuse to do so because it doesn't personally benefit them in the sacrifice that is demanded by being an enlightened honorable and noble person. They would rather be like the thieves in the night and steal what they have not spent of themselves and then claim to all that they are worthy as they hold up for all to see their ill gotten prize.
     The shallow depth of republican ethics, morality and humanity are noteworthy in that they are obviously absent. Like I said though, when it benefits them they play the good samaritan part but that is because they see a benefit that others may not be able to distinguish and then be fooled as to their intent. Live long enough in some wisdom and the actions of those who otherwise are contrary to their voting, it becomes crystal clear regardless their often hidden purpose. If you are a republican you cannot hide your selfish, greedy hateful self from we who choose to be brothers and sisters of the human race first last and always. Make no mistake, you republicans are the reason we cannot have a world that works toward all being bettered instead of just the selfish, greedy hateful of the republican party.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We are cowardly American "patriots" (#3109)

     My big mistake was thinking that all of us citizens cared about our democracy. What a fool I was. What I am finding is that what today's American citizen cares about is his/herself only. The idea that we are living to protect our great nation of democratic values is just a long lost dream now. Oh don't get me wrong, we still wave our little flags and sing god bless America but we don't back that up with our actions. It is a convenient association. As long as we pretend to care about virtue that is enough for us. We won't risk anything to actually stand up for virtue. On the contrary we Americans are well satisfied to ignore anything that causes us to pull our focus off of ourselves even if for a minute or less.
     It is amazing to me that the religious among us will go to great lengths to deny evolution as a means for our species' continuation but conveniently forget to realize that they themselves started out in life courageous and bold but have "changed" now into something that has less to do with being human and more to do with an evolution into a machine that only devours for the sake of it's appetite. We are in the shell of democracy where all things can be possible and yet we fail to see that shell is under attack and cracking because we are so busy with our greed. I am ashamed like never before in our citizenry. There are so few actually courageous and bold leaders left among us that I fear the end of what is best of us is at hand.
     Our sacrifice in the face of danger is gone. We are now more than willing to hand the keys to our democracy to any ruthless con man who comes along. We are afraid of our own shadow. Why? Because we don't want to lose our place in line. We don't want to have to lose what advantage and privilege we have in a corrupted atmosphere of social politics and economy. We have resigned ourselves to this reality regardless if it is nefarious or life threatening. In fact most of us are willing to become subject to destroying the one true great thing we created here in America without so much as a by your leave. Our cowardice is showing and the wolves are in our house. We want others to fight our battles all the while treating the others like they are dirt beneath our feet. We are going to get what we deserve make no mistake knowing that is coming!

Friday, August 4, 2017

The republican party, exposing the rats (#3108)

     Well another rat has popped it's head up this time in West Virginia. The previously democratic governor has now switched parties and sworn his fealty to the trumps. So one may wonder why he did this? Well, the first always best way to find out is to see if money is the cause. Usually every time it is either love/sex or money that motivates us to do what we do. So naturally since this turncoat governor had been accused by republicans of not paying fines and taxes he has accumulated over several states from his coal investments it seems logical to associate that with his reason for changing parties. He needs protection for his assets so why not do like trump and ignore reality. This West Virginia governor is a billionaire so why won't he act like a responsible citizen?
     Well the answer is obvious, he is not a responsible citizen he is a con man like trumps. So them falling into bed together is just a logical next step for these despicable human beings. I doubt we will be hearing any more republicans calling him out for his financial misdeeds since republicans only know how to call out democrats for unethical behavior. Now that this governor is a republican surely he will get a pass from the pressure republicans had put on him up to this point. The hypocritical nature of being a republican will pay off dearly for this billionaire who has no ethical compass. For me it is appropriate that he left the democratic party as most of us agree that rats don't deserve a place in our party, they belong to the republican party. You know the haters and thieves have much in common.
     What is worst about America is getting it's day in the sun and as silver linings go, if they don't kill us at least they have shown themselves and can now be dealt with severely and harshly when their time comes. We don't have to identify them now that they have shown themselves. So the gleaning of our government and politics can now rest with the will of us people to do with them that which they richly deserve. The time is coming for us, the American soul of our nation, to reclaim that right and begin to impress our will on those who would lie, steal and cheat us. This chapter in American history will not go away but how it is written is well within our power to write. Will we triumph over the nefarious and unscrupulous or will we succumb to them? The ending is coming soon so be prepared to deliver your version when the ending time is upon us!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The end of trumps cannot come soon enough (#3107)

     This waiting game for the legal system to take its proper course is excruciating to me. I know it takes time to gather all the information and have a clear path toward a charge or charges but I still cannot help but feel that the time it is taking is leaving some doubts as to being able to formulate the offenses. I would think that they are quite obvious and although the proper legal etiquette does take some time this idea that a year or more to put this together seems absurd. I am ranting a bit here so take what I am saying with a grain of salt but damn, the trumps are continuing to destroy what good we have gained over the last 241 years. I know we have stalled his agenda but he is like a hungry dog with a bone, he won't stop chewing on it until we take it away from him. It being our rights and dignity.
     The fact that the Mueller team keeps adding legal specialists does tend to alleviate some of the anxiety but the longer this drags out I am afraid that the evidence will not be enough. The silence on this is hard to take. I wish we could get dribs and drabs of solid reporting on factual criminal intent. I know the trumps will play dumb and act like they didn't know what they knew and if that is so that is no defense. It took a little over a year for Nixon to be removed from office from when his investigation really gathered some steam. Yet at least Nixon was a crafty law breaker, trumps are idiots who couldn't find the word craft in a dictionary. Yet to think that we are looking at as long a time to put together the case for at least fraud and obstruction is stymieing.
     So I suppose I should just cool my jets and let the process happen and hope that we can contain the democracy destroying thief in command in the meantime but I will not be able to sit back and relax while the trumps are in our White House. You know that dump as the trumps call it. I am getting all kinds of good vibes though from others who are more patient than I am and I hope their take on things pans out otherwise our nation and our culture is going to be set back so much that my embarrassment at that harm we will be unnecessarily causing will be the least of the anguish felt by many other American citizens.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Everyday is a countdown to no more (#3106)

     In the natural sense of things we are all gifted with a wake up no matter what is going on around us but this current political climate in America is adding to our uncertainty. I naturally expect to wake up every morning before I finally fall off to sleep but now so I am less certain because of the lack of brain trust and wisdom in our national leadership. It is really disconcerting that as we accept the rationale for the trumps election we seem to be in a mode of settling for it. I of course want an end to it right now based upon their inability to understand the nature of the position they were conspicuously elected. Yet we have such a hyper right wing partisan congress that won't allow for dignity and noble intent to dictate our actions and instead they settle for being petty and selfish.
     I have said many times in my bog posts how utterly embarrassed I am for what is going on here in America and I am not the only one yet we are not in a position to turn the wheels of justice to correct the abhorrent error of our ways. I say we are gifted with life each day we wake up but it is with an extra sense of foreboding despite the normal whirligig of cause and effect. We are also facing an ineptitude of a grave concern since we cannot count on any logical or reasonable comfort to protect our safety and our security from nefarious foreign intervention. But even more so I worry about the attack from within by the trumps who seem intent on destroying democracy so that they can rule without so much as a by your leave to our precious national constitution.
     Either we the American people end this bad dream of a nightmare come to our reality or it will end us. The trumps have no regard for conscience nor compassion so the trick is our lives are in our own hands. What will we do to not only end the very real threat to our existence but to the defense of democracy? I wish I were embellishing here but that is not the case and as soon as we all get to understanding that we have the power to demand better we will continue to have the greater uncertainty of going to sleep not knowing if we will actually have a chance to wake up the next day.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Legitimizing the trumps is weak and cowardly (#3105)

     At this point there is nothing the trumps can do that would make themselves even appear to be presidential and dignified. When I say trumps I mean the whole entourage including the sniveling republican politicians who seem to pucker up to them at any given moment. What a disgrace it is to be an America at this point in time. I have my own daily struggles to get through but to see what has become of our once mighty nation under the republican hook or crook agenda is demoralizing. Anything that is deferred from outright protestation and castigation of the trumps is an appeasement congruent with what a coward does in the face of a bully. Those many in the media who seem to think that normalizing the insanity from this administration is okay need their own mental evaluation.
     Every day I wrestle with the inconceivable reality that somehow these trumps pulled off being handed the presidency. I still cannot come to grips with the knowledge that trumps are here as our leaders and not someone who is actually sane. How we Americans can live with this is our burden but giving it some kind of legitimacy is even worse. I can admit when I make a mistake and then take my mistake and improve my life from it. I cannot improve my life if I like many in the media deploy denial as my foundation. The trumps are a disgrace and they are ignorant. There is no sugar coating that in any sense of justification. Reality has to be what we all surmise as real, not some fantasy with alternative facts and illogical premises.
     I don't care that we think we have to hide our ugly side from the rest of ourselves and to the world. It is wrong and should not be allowed to happen. We are what we are and no amount of mask wearing or trickery will change that. We have to change our ways of understanding the truth even when it makes us look like stupid idiots. Because stupid idiots elect trumps and we did that! So reporting on things that normalize the trumps so that we can somehow not have to face the ridiculousness of them is weak and cowardly. We Americans are not weak and cowardly so why are we acting like it? I am so angry at who we are allowing ourselves to become despite the fact that we are so much better than this horsehit we are presently smearing on ourselves and calling it perfume.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Knowledge is always superior to ignorance (#3104)

     Are we not seeing this play out now in our national politics? The ignorant have the advantage for the moment but like all those who are ignorant they are finding that leading is impossible. Leading takes wisdom and experience with a whole lot of logic and common sense. None of these paradigms are components of ignorance. Ignorance is the inability to be rational about changing facts and truths. The inability to adjust one's ever changing comprehensive knowledge to evolutionary events is at the heart of ignorance. Knowledge on the other hand is a capture of intelligence in a way that produces new and more effective understandings. Whereas ignorance denies reality at it's most fundamental appearance, knowledge seeks it out and embraces it.
     There is one thing that ignorance does for us in lieu of killing us off is that it shows us just how ridiculous and embarrassing it can be when applied to leadership. Who would have thought that we would need this lesson? I wouldn't have in a million years. That we have to explain the more than obvious differences between being an enlightened person and an ignorant one is confounding. Yet here we are doing exactly that. So despite the confusion about why one would ever choose to be ignorant over intelligent, we are at that crossroads. Apparently in the ignorant world we don't have to think for ourselves based upon the concept of existence. We pretend that we are dreaming and then only allow that which we the god of our dreams will allow.
     Well if the ignorant want to choose to be dreaming or in a coma so that they can live the alternative life in some dreamscape then that is what they should do. However, walking and talking in the real world like they are still dreaming their fake world is where we are at. I have tired to use logic and common sense on the ignorant and much like the parable of throwing pearls to swine, the response is similar. So how do we weather this irrational reality we are living in? By not losing focus on our own knowledge and making sure that the ignorant are exposed for lacking the leadership needed in a real modern comprehensively enlightened world. We must keep our heads up and our eyes peeled so that we don't follow the rest of the ignorant as they steadfastly head for their inevitable, metaphoric, drop off the cliff.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Here we go again, another death care attempt by republicans (#3103)

     The republican party just hates President Obama so much that instead of trying to improve his signature healthcare law they want to destroy it. Regardless of what we American citizens overwhelmingly want or need. It is as if we citizens are not part of the republican equation when deciding what to do with healthcare. I am totally pissed off at them for focusing their hatred at President Obama because he is not white while trying to deny health care access to millions of American citizens. Their logic is that government should not help it's citizens except in rare cases, like mostly if you are wealthy. Well I have had it with them and their philosophy of only helping the rich. We Americans deserve better than republicans who only want us to remain a majority ignorant and sick nation.
     So as the senate goes about it's new and hopefully final effort to deprive 10's of millions of Americans of healthcare we already have right now, we must keep the pressure on those senators who have worked with the American people in the past so that they don't succumb to the wiles of republican party leadership. When trump was called the winner back in November 2016, I had all but given up that we Americans would even survive let alone still have a functioning democracy for the people. But I have seen a groundswell of activism unlike any so far in my recent memory and it has given me hope that we may just be able to not only survive but keep our democracy intact. With republican controlling all the legislative branch, the presidency and a majority conservative advantage on the supreme court all seemed hopeless.
     Yet there are still a few decent folks left in the republican party that are not as zealous to destroy our democracy and they have made a stand like with the last healthcare vote in the senate. We need them to stick with us the American citizen to prevent this last gasp attempt to steal from the working middle poor and give to the wealthy. Enough of this and enough of republican politics but only if we keep our heads up and our spines straight. This will not be over until we see actual bipartisan attempts to fix the few problems healthcare does have and then that will be what is best for all of America.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The instability of our democracy under trumps (#3102)

     It isn't just trump that has a problem with democratic ideals, the ones he picks to surround him are also devoid of equality, fairness and justice. He can scrape the bottom of the barrel all he wants but he will keep getting the kind of selfish insolence that breeds disloyalty and his troubles will continue. He wants to be obeyed because he thinks he was voted into the presidency as a king. That trump doesn't understand that he is a servant never crosses his mind. He plays to his own advantages and expects to be worshipped for it. His ego is such that if a mistake is made by himself it is impossible for him to admit it. His ego is greater than his common sense. Which is part of why we are a nation baffled nearly every single day buy his personality and behaviors.
     I say the instability of our democracy under trumps because it is all related to the instability in the mind of trump. He only knows what he wants when he wants it. His strong arming of the women in the senate a few days ago perfectly illustrates his mentality. He wants what he wants and if he doesn't get it then force must be applied. He had one of his acolytes actually threaten to withhold federal funding to Alaska for the no vote that Murkowski was casting, The act of bullying is nothing new to trump since it is a tactic he widely used in his private business life,
     Trying to run our federal government from the trump bullying perspective is not a successful way to proceed. He is finding out that although his cabinet picks may like to kiss his ass when he asks them to,, the rest of our national bureaucracy does not. There is no magically becoming a king from being elected president with it's four year term. However badly trump tries to claim his sovereignty he keeps finding himself being rebuffed. That his own party of republicans is now turning on him is his just rewards for trying to bully them as well. The future is uncertain even more than normal with trump at the helm but the waves are getting higher and his boat is springing leaks. Our nation is unstable for now and with trump growing more defiant in his demands we will see how much more all of us can take.

Friday, July 28, 2017

A returning of the tide? (#3101)

     Early this morning the Senate tried to destroy Obamacare and came up one vote short. That it was three Republicans who made it possible for the destruction to be one vote short is the surprise. Republicans have a 52 vote majority in the Senate so losing three votes was one too many. Democrats were sequestered out of the process so there would be no votes from Democrats to make up for the three no votes from Republicans. It is fitting that the man who did allow for the whole process to go forward two days ago, John McCain, was the crucial unexpected third vote that doomed the process in the end. So as I see it three critical Republicans stayed the advance of the destructive policies of trump, mcconnell and ryan.
     This was a devastating defeat to the forces of upheaval and disruption and instead becomes a glimmer of hope for the rights and dignity of the American people. Republicans have been on a mission to deny equality, fairness and justice as equities of value and early this morning their agenda was stalled. That Republicans control both houses of Congress and the Executive branch was still not enough for them to take from the working middle poor class and give to the wealthy. Somehow Republicans have figured out how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. That somehow is their arrogance and unrelenting march to destroy lives and steal hope. I don't feel so overwhelmed with a sense of gloom and doom this morning and instead I am beginning to sense a moderation of the vindictive policies of the Republican leadership.
     The worst of what could have happened didn't happen early this morning. Not to say that it still couldn't happen through some smoke and mirrors down the road but for now the forces of resistance to the dictator like actions of Republican leadership have triumphed. It may now be possible for other Republicans to find the courage to stand up to leadership within the republican party and say enough is enough. Just maybe the tide is beginning to roll out now and with it hopefully the policies of hate and greed. I cannot say enough good things this morning about Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and the man of the hour John McCain. These three Republicans have shown that the better of our natures can be overcome in the face of bullying and coercion.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

You touch anything republican it leaves a stain (#3100)

     To legitimize anything republican shows your lack of moral and ethical worth. Putting some tradition or your own advantage ahead of standing up to a menace shows that you are the reason we are in this mess with republicans and trumps in particular. I have no regard for republicanism and if you read anything I write you know that as republicans know it as well. I don't fear from bullies or psychopath/sociopaths, I stand up to them and dare them to make me cower to them. Never will I and it makes me smile to think of them as the little cowards they are. The republican party now houses as its followers the most vile, ignorant and despicable human beings we have here in America and those are the types who make my blood boil. Given the right opportunity I would love to take them out back and teach them a hard lesson.
     So when the little pathetic bullies announce that they are going to force things upon us I jump and dare them to try and call them what they are to their faces because let's face it, I would rather be dead than live in a world where they control our liberty, justice and equality. I am a patriot for democracy and nothing less will suffice. I grew up admiring Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Paul Revere and the like of our Revolutionary War victory. These men showed me what leadership and sacrifice were all about and nothing that the current republican trumps have to offer comes close to their values. The republican trumps only bring a stain to our democratic ideals and the memories of those who fought and died to protect those same democratic ideals.
     So for those republican and trump apologists who think we must submit to them I say this, stop worrying over your own fear and start protecting the values our whole American ancestry stood to protect. Don't be the weak link in the chain that scares like a coward and high tails it when the bullies show up. Stand up and demand that they stand down, then act like men and women of courage and demand they resign or vote them out as quickly as possible. If America is ever going to get it's courage back it must begin here at home in reality and not in some fantasy video game!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Democrats build, republicans destroy! (#3099)

     Nothing has changed in the course of my lifetime as far as politics go. Democrats try to build a society where equity is the shining virtue and every time republicans stoop to dirty politics to destroy our attempts. It has become for me a battle of good versus evil. For no good reason can republicans justify their continued assault on a better society. They use keywords like lazy, dirty and un American to describe their hatred toward an equitable society while raising the differences between us as negatives instead of positives. The republican party has become for all intents and purposes the anti American party. Today I feel like if I should fly a flag from my house it should be a Russian one since this current administration says only positive things about Russia and not about Americans.
     Yesterday when 50 republican senators voted to take away Obamacare as a first step it shows also that it isn't just the presidential administration that has no regard for equity in America but also the Senate following the lead of a House passed bill to do away with health care for up to 32 million folks so that the super wealthy can have another big tax break. That is not being equitable nor is it being fair or just. We all have to live on this planet together and policies that reflect that are the ones that build equity among its citizens. Policies that don't reflect that are the ones republicans embrace such as taking from the least of us and giving to the wealthiest of us. A Robin Hood in reverse.
     How did we get here to a point where the thieves are running the show? A steady decline in our democracy is how. We let the courts tell us that lying is acceptable and telling the truth is less than virtuous. We let the republicans tell us that the melting pot ideal that made America great is actually what's wrong with America. We believe them for some unhealthy reason because we are too lazy to know the truth for ourselves. We are a sorry lot right now and I for one do not feel any pride in being a society that harms much more than it helps. My great hope for an enlightened advancing society is dashed and now I hope that we are able to stem the tide of loss before it takes us so far backward that there is no hope for a better world.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another day another attempt by republicans to deny healthcare to over 22 million americans (#3098)

     It is unbelievable that republicans can keep getting away with harming American citizens and all we do is let them and then vote them back into public office. I am officially part of the most mindless republic our nation has ever evolved into. The disappointment of our collective conscience is what keeps me stymied. We see wrong being done and yet we don't seem to care. What is it with us? Are we so self absorbed with ourselves that we just don't care what is going on around us? Are we so gullible to think that harm is right and preferable? I am totally shamed by our current inability to put an end to the pain and suffering we are allowing to happen through republican politics.
     I have slowly come to realize that my generation will leave our nation worse off than when we inherited it. We shame the memories of the past generations who gave us the liberty and freedom of democracy through blood and treasure. We are not them now. We are the selfish generation that likes to have our own way at the expense of fairness and justice. We want our advantages and privileges at any cost, even to losing our humanity. We are not a society here in America to be looked up to as an example of the best of what a human being may become. In fact we are lowering our standards to those who are more criminal than hero. When many of us have to look to other nations for inspiration is when the facts of things here are desperate and unforgiving.
     I find no joy in this self examination of our society. I find shame is the one thread weaving its way through how we treat all of each other and how we view with disdain the future. Our punishing ambivalence is wreaking havoc on those who we wish to control. We are a democracy still with the liberty to be free and equal. Yet republicans are against that and instead want to take our freedom and equality and serve it to us as a treat for our behavior that complies with their narrow focus. The age of enlightenment is under siege by the barbarians who would take power and use it to bully the goodness right out of us. The worst part is we let them and for that we continue to be worse for it. It is time to change and let the best of who we are come out and that will take making the republican party an extinct entity.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The dissolution of American Democracy (#3097)

     The American way of life as seen through the lens of trumps is a disturbing one. Not only do they not see the melting pot that we are but they don't see fairness nor justice as being served in equal measures to all. Our American way cannot even be called democracy anymore since advantages and privileges are taking rights away. How often are the republicans conjuring up ways to deny American citizens fundamental rights? Every day it seems to me with denial of voting rights and subversion of laws and practices that benefit all. How republicans have taken the rights of women and subverted their authority over them is disgusting and repugnant. Now I use demeaning words to describe the acts of republicans but these words are not sufficient to describe their inhuman undemocratic philosophy.
     I will not even try to understand the republican concept of concluding since it does not square with logic or common sense. It is brutal and dominating as a rule and allows them some sort of ego boost that fuels their confoundedness. We are in the middle of a crisis here in America, at least to those of us who are defending democracy as our most cherished principle. The republicans are not satisfied with equal rights for all instead they are only satisfied with more rights for themselves. They care not how they get power as much as they care about having it. The republican party will lie, cheat and steal to win elections and if many of us are right they will also commit treason. Yet they have their delusional base who cannot fathom past racism and misogyny to be assuaged from their idolatry of republicans.
     Even evangelical leaders are swept up in the racist slogans of cleansing rhetoric as a call from Christ to follow the republican agenda at all costs. They have wrongly managed to form their belief to an afterlife that is directly linked to a salvation covered in the blood of the unclean. Yet in their fervor for an illusory ideal of their own making, they have fallen outside of what love and peace may accept. What the factions that are aligning with the trumps and the rest of the republican party all have in common is a lack of empathy for all and the disdain of others who are not them. Democracy is based upon equality and if we here in America cannot accept equality above all things then our form of democracy is an illusion that will eventually disappear into thin air.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

I am spitting mad angry and it is because republican! (#3096)

     Every sour note in my life has the touch of republican politics. I mean nothing they do is a value as I see it. Yet I am in a country that values them. It is very sickening to me that my fellow Americans can only see what they want to see and not what reality is. Instead of finding common solutions to problems that makes everyone's lives better republicans are all about punishing and causing pain for their own benefit. I have never been more ashamed of my countrymen than when on November 8th it became clear they would rather have a carnival barking con man as president than an honest hard working woman who spent most of her life giving of herself to better the world. It is still incredulous to me that the ignorance of my country is as deep and long as it is.
     Well we are seeing how absolutely stunning it is to have someone as president who has no clue to helping anyone other than himself. Every where he goes he humiliates himself and our nation as well. He has no concern for the average working middle poor class American only the wealthy. His by your leave attitude with our greatest foreign enemy is another disgrace and as we are finding out his association with Russia as an accomplice in his winning the 2016 election is coming to a head. Yet his voters maintain an allegiance to him that defies logic and common sense. These are my fellow Americans who are so enthralled with the angry bully that no other consideration about facts is possible.
     Our American dream of equality of opportunity, justice and liberty are being assailed by the republican party and in collusion with too many American voters. That republicans are in a wholesale attempt to disenfranchise American citizens of their vote, in defiance of our Constitutional rights and state laws. Yet this does not seem to bother the average republican voter nor does any treasonable acts associated with republican politicians and the Russian influence in our last election. The republican party has thrown out the principles of democracy so that they can form a new government that doesn't answer to the will of the people. This is why I am spitting mad angry at the republican party and all their reality denying voters, friend or family!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Love and all it entails is worth fighting for (#3095)

     To be cold and calculating without the warmth of love is to be inhuman. We are all human so how is it that some of us choose to be not human? It is against our natures to be something we are not. Why cannot we just accept who we are and make the most of that? I struggle to find an answer for this dilemma of not being human when we are human. I will reiterate again that we are biological data processors. Yes, we are machine like in many ways thus we were able to conceive of the idea of a machine. We have memory, short and long term. We calculate, through logic with analysis, reasoning and conclusion. Our general senses allow us to intake information through taste, smell, touch, hearing and seeing. Our arms and legs allow us to move about on uneven terrain, even through the air, vacuum and water. We are durable in may ways although fragile in many other ways.
     Our minds are another amazing tool. We are able to through our memories accumulate information in a comprehensive manner. Compartmentalizing information into it's specific utility. Plus we take from our knowledge and add our imaginations to create previously unknown new paradigms of innovation. We are the most unique biological data processors in the known Universe. As we have already proven we can move outside our boundaries into the vast outer spaces. We have the mental capacity to adapt to conditions that are hostile to our needs to survive. We are a most malleable species and yet we have another quality that is at the core of our identities. We just don't procreate for the sake of species survival, there is love that exists within us to drive our motivations to live.
     The bonds we form with each other are more specific than just societal requirements. We intuit an attraction toward each other that is uniquely fulfilling. Because, besides us being these amazing biological data processors, we are compassionately driven. My heart rises and drops based upon my gains and loses in life. I feel joy at the arrival of a new soul to our existence while feeling sorrow and pain at the loss of a soul from our existence. Which makes me just like most others, striving to allow my curiosity it's due through my natural data processing while living my life through the spectrum of known emotions. These two dynamics of ours, our wonder and our care, are both part of who we are and for anyone to deny that right to another is why we have the mess we are currently confronting.

Friday, July 21, 2017

No remorse in the trump (#3094)

     It should be obvious by now that the trump man/child has a psychological disorder. I am not a clinical nor an analytical psychiatrist in no way shape or form but I can at least see the signs of his disorder. He can never say he is sorry and he doesn't feel any remorse for his actions. Hearing him speak is an assault on my idea of a public servant since his constant refrain is how good he is and how popular he is. I will let you draw your own conclusions about his mental fitness but to me he is as close to being deranged as I have seen from any public official in my lifetime. But what really bothers me the most outside his narcissistic behavior is his inability to find any fault with himself. No matter what he initiates as his great plan for America it is always someone else's fault when the plan is not instituted.
     The stories of him cheating 100's of contractors is not only factual but allowed him through a special tax loophole to write a huge sum off his owed federal taxes based in large part to his not paying those contractors, The lives that he disrupted and the businesses he put out of commission or made difficult to continue is overwhelming. But never do we hear he had a part in it. What I have heard from him is that he doesn't pay for substandard work. Well it appears that his definition of substandard is an epidemic for those who work for him while he conveniently collects a majority of their contracts for himself. Once a huckster always a huckster and if he is anything, trump is a huckster.
     He also has no remorse in general that I have seen. All his public comments are about the failure of others. He sees himself doing nothing wrong in all of it. Even when he hints at his own culpability it is with a slant that he did nothing wrong. He is in any other word a miraculous conception. Never wrong and always proud. His conscience is a void which leads to my conclusion that he has no remorse to give because he is devoid of empathy. Sound familiar? Much like a psychopath/sociopath but again I am not a clinical nor analytical psychiatrist I am just an observer who knows what remorse and owning my own mistakes is like.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Principles in the face of torture (#3093)

     What scares us most? Being tortured for disagreeing with the bully? Being outspoken enough that if he takes control of our government that he will hunt us down and torture the hell out of for his pleasure? I don't care whether that is even possible or not. I will speak out and deal with the consequences of my decision. Because I happen to believe in not some fantasy or belief system, but in what I value, like my principles. Being true to myself is the first cause of action for me. I care and I wonder and with those two things my life becomes an open book. Change is the one constant I can count on with most all things in life but not with the values that have founded my existence.
     So if the worst thing happens and I am made to suffer for what I know is right and good then so be it. I will not be silent nor a coward to my values. I will accept my fate regardless of its manifestation. Even since I was a young boy I have long admired Nathan Hale's quote, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." It has been an inspiration for me as a rallying point to protect my values no matter what. I had failed to do that for a period in my life when I got lost within myself but since I have reclaimed my identity Hale's example is a stalwart reminder of what sacrifice and courage can exemplify. The bully in the White House is not going to get an inch of withdrawal from me and instead I will advance on him with the truth for every word and every action he takes to further destroy the society that our brave foreparents built here in America.
     So ask yourself, what are you willing to endure to keep your freedom from tyranny? What are you willing to sacrifice in the face of horrible pain and suffering? What are you going to leave as your legacy here in this existence despite all that would make you stumble and fall? Answer these questions and then you will know who you are and what you are willing to do to keep that. No one said we would get to live a life of luxury and ease. Life is hard especially hard when the bullies of the world are at our doorsteps. So the proof of the pudding is in the eating of it as they say. What will you do to keep your rights as a free people in a democracy that is under siege? Find out now and then be that person that they write about 200 some years from now like Nathan Hale.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Obamacare hurdles another republican obstacle (#3092)

     Well we are down to it. Next week republicans in the Senate will put up a bill to repeal Obamacare without a replacement. Because this week they tried for the 3rd time to drastically reduce the effects of Obamacare and were stymied. The reason is because republican leadership is not trying to fix the minor problems within Obamacare and make it much better, instead they are trying to make it worse by throwing 10's of millions of folks off of it. Well not all republicans are of an extremely cruel and brutish nature which was enough to end the republican attempt to destroy Obamacare. So now we are at the point where republicans are throwing in the guise of trying to "fix" Obamacare by worsening it and instead are showing their real intent by just trying to repeal the law altogether.
     This is their last gasp to make good on their campaign pledges over the last 7 years to sabotage Obamacare. The republicans demonized Obamacare from its beginning with falsehoods to misinformation and now that they had a real chance to end Obamacare but their lies of the past caught up to them. Voters are realizing that Obamacare was actually a success in many different ways but especially in their own lives. So now what is left of the sometimes rationally thinking republican party has stepped up and put the brakes on dismantling Obamacare and from what I see already from outright repealing it. Which to me when this vote to repeal Obamacare comes up next week and is defeated will be the last attempt to end President Obama's signature policy to enrich the lives of all Americans.
     When the final vote is tallied next week and the repeal is defeated will be the opportunity then for some real progress on improving Obamacare instead of destroying it. The republicans will have to reach out to the democrats and finally ask for their input and cooperation in making health care a more permanent part of American culture. If all goes according to this tentative schedule next week we should start seeing signs of the Congress beginning to work in a bipartisan manner to not only stabilize the insurance markets but give some relief to those in the middle class who are struggling to keep health insurance at a reasonable cost. I would prefer a single payer public option type consensus but we are dealing with a republican majority and a criminal president so I expect little to come of a march toward universal health care but it should be progress that way regardless of how much.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

In California, republican politicians are becoming conservative democrats (#3091)

     We know that conservative politics never does anything good for the working middle poor class at least for the last 50 years. So it makes sense now that since democrats control super majorities in both the state legislature and state senate that if republican politicians want to have any say in California politics they must engage with democrats on initiatives that democrats create. This is the reality for republicans who still have public office here. We democrats have shown that we want what is best for everyone in our society and we create policies that reflect that agenda. As a liberal progressive democrat myself I know that my fellow liberal progressives are relentless in our march to a more fair and equitable society. So as we push hard on the existing paradigms to transform them a space is created for conservative democratic republicans to join in and make sure that new policies are not coming so fast that they unsettle a smooth transition from the old paradigms.
     A sort of watchdog role where all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted. What we can find here in California is a partnership of consensus that upholds free market principles while protecting and enhancing all the lives of Californians. This evolution of our politics here in California can only be a positive since we are all affected by the policies that are sure to come down the road. The republican party here in California has seen the writing on the wall not only here in California where they have been reduced to non factors politically, but in the national scheme of things as the federal republican leadership is failing to address the needs of our nation.
     It makes sense also that republicans here in California have decided to work with our majority democrats. The republican constituents in their districts are not given a voice in the laws that are passing and by working with welcoming democrats, republicans are finding that they can influence positive changes to legislation that would otherwise become law without them. These republican politicians are also finding that their democratic colleagues are not deaf to their concerns. This is what it is like now in California where politicians from both sides of the aisle can work together to craft legislation that moves our state forward in world leadership roles and helps to make the lives of all Californians more prosperous and safe. Keeping the free market available for all to participate in is a common theme that both parties wish to preserve and makes for a great starting point in creating legislation.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Religion's embrace of trump is heinous (#3090)

     If your religious leaders are going to lift up trump as a Christian and you do not as a whole tell them to stop the hypocrisy then you are by your silence agreeing with them. What does that say not only about them but about yourself as well? To out and out lie about trump as a good Christian leader is as far from the truth as you can get and it puts a crap smear on your religion as well. I have always known Christianity as being attracting converts with the word of God and not lying to them instead. The behavior of trump as a pussy grabber of married women and an adulterer as a husband several times would automatically disqualify him as a role model for young and older Christians to idealize. That trump has failed to pay so many of his employers and cheated them out of the fruits of their livelihoods is another strike against trump.
     That he has been caught on the record lying over and over is well documented and another strike against the principles of Christianity. His policies that favor the wealthy at the expense of the working middle poor class will cause deaths that are avoidable is unquestioned. His lust for wealth of his own is clear as he is shamelessly promoting his properties and making new deals to enhance his own economic portfolio. But for me the coup de gras is his embracing of a foreign political enemy to help him win the presidency in an ulterior fashion is the most outrageous form of cowardice I can imagine. However religion has stood by this disgraceful person trump and has even heralded him as some kind of savior.
     What religion is doing to itself in the name of trump is unbelievably selfish and naive. The harm religion is causing to it's attractiveness is immeasurable and unforgivable. But not the least of which is the harm that religion is doing to our nation by allying with a narcissistic bully trump who is bankrupting what is let of the working middle poor class and attempting to establish himself above democratic principles. Religion is a culprit in this current nightmare that is trump and for that religion will pay a heavy price because if there is one thing I know for certain if trump doesn't kill us first is that we will exact a price from him and his accomplices that will equal or go beyond the cost he has measured against us.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

If you are afraid to die you are afraid to live (#3089)

     Get over being afraid of death because there is nothing you can do to stop it. Did you hear me? There is no magic pill nor some great discovery on the horizon that is going to let you avoid death. Nothing! So accept it and move on. The accepting part is hard as most people will just ignore the fact of death despite all logic and truth of it otherwise. This is where cognitive dissonance is at it's greatest. Most will just ignore the fact of death and somehow pretend that death won't happen to them. While they are doing this they are avoiding anything that may cause death because they don't want to die prematurely. Even living in a shell or denying their own sense of right and wrong. It is such a bubble of nothing that they are living in just so that they don't rock any boat that may be harmful to them.
    They say it is smart to avoid conflict so that they can live another day. Well I am not of that reasoning. I find that living my life as who I am and not as a strategy to avoid conflict is the proper way to experience the gift of life. I am not owed life, I was born and survived to this point by living my life, warts and all, within my principles for living. Which include the virtues of honesty, courage and willpower. When I see a bad or harm being perpetrated I don't run and hide from it, I step in and effect some type of change to diminish or end it. Fear is not a value to me, courage is. If I die tomorrow doing what is right and good then my life will be judged a success. If I live on after being a coward for not doing what is right and good then my life will be judged a failure. It is that simple for me.
     If we all don't find a way to conquer our own fears we are not of much value to ourselves or to others. We are just existing to be existing. Not an example of being of the greatest species known in the Universe. I was not alive before I was born so not being alive after I am born is nothing to fear. So why should I not live my life with the gusto of honor and nobleness? I have never felt more alive than when I was part of a solution and not part of a problem. We each of us has the ability to be great human beings but what keeps most of us from being great human beings is our own fear for whatever reason. Well I am here to say that fear is childish and immature. Grow up and be the strong woman or man you were meant to be and not the cowering soul who settles for what the worst of life will throw at us just to stay alive.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Intelligence versus animal (#3088)

     I had this struggle within me for many years but ultimately I realized that despite what many others told me I didn't "have" to be an animal by nature. I am the one who chooses who I am. When I was younger and still learning of myself I would do things akin to animal behavior and comfort myself with the thought that it was who I was and part of being human. but that was a cop out. I let myself act out as an animal because I could get some advantage from it. It wasn't instinctual like those many had told me, it was strategic. Which led me to understand that my intellect was the driving force of my life not some ancient set of behaviors others still cling hard to justify. Being self aware has a cost to it. We must accept reality as a consequence of enlightenment.
      All of us are now self aware so there is no logical excuse not to be factual and truthful as well. Those who are not factual and truthful are playing at something that is not correct and can only have an ulterior motive for their deceptions. This intelligence versus animal theme is akin to maturity against immaturity. We are not now living under extreme survival conditions like our ancient under evolved forebears. We are all living in or around modern civilizations for the most part and as such are recipients of its benefits whether we realize it or not. Everytime we drink from a bottle instead of from a stream we are part of modernity. Everytime we eat a meal from a wrapper and not directly from some fire pit we are part of enlightenment. The clothes we wear if not made from some animal hide is another fact of our enlightenment. We cannot claim to be an animal if we are still living in an apartment or house or driving a vehicle.
     All of us are intelligent it is just by degree that we are not all the same. Some of us embrace intellectualism with all we have and others fight against it despite illogical hypocrisies. I am a human being who at some point in the evolution of our species was related to the animal more than the intellectual. Those millenniums are behind us now and the animal aspect of who I was related has all but disappeared and the human being I am now is all intellect. Everything in my life, my behavior and what I think about is run through the filter of my logic and my personal principles of honor and nobleness. So those politicians who still propagate an animal survival of the fittest society are not using facts or truths.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The inelegance of ignorant stupidity (#3087)

     When embarrassing behavior is displayed and is not felt we usually associate that with a form of psychopathy and/or sociopathy. When embarrassing behavior is displayed by someone who doesn't feel the embarrassment and has been given privilege and advantage his whole life we may conclude that at least the person has been given a pass on so many of life's learning tests that he is actually oblivious to what earned respect and dignity are as living principles. In other words his ignorance of conceptualizing proper behavior is stunted. This person, trump, has likened himself to a demigod who has the rank and privilege above most if not all of humanity. His ego has grown such that he cannot allow the thought to come into his head that he is just another human being who has no greater claim to life than any other human being.
     So when he tromps around acting like some elevated soul he really believes he is. This is not an act with him, it is an expectation he has ingrained for himself. While he does his delusional dance of self importance, the rest of us view him as a clumsy oaf who has through hook or crook been given the stage to perform on. His inelegant actions are classic textbook bully and take. He is owed everything in his mind and those who would deny him his desires are the insignificant jealous types who deserve nothing from him. He has reached his purpose in life and no amount of self examination is required to check himself. He sees himself as king of the hill and everyone who would disagree with him is just a petty soul trying to knock him off his owed solitary perch.
     The stark contrast of a man who was president right before him, President Obama, and trump is clearly observable. From a man like President Obama who exemplified elegance to an oaf like trump who exemplifies inelegance the contrast couldn't be any clearer. President Obama was all about giving of himself so that the world would be a better place while trump is all about taking from the world to make trump's life better. I call it ignorant stupidity but in reality it is a way of life for trump since he believes he has arrived at a place where learning to be more is not possible. He is magnificent already and nothing he can learn will make him more. Well he is wrong and the rest of us can see it.