Thursday, January 12, 2017

Alcohol, the great confuser! (#2904)

     It seems that alcohol's greatest achievement is to keep us from focusing on what we need to do as a society. Not only does it take us from our sharp mental state but it allows us to live as if we are not really here. Another thing it does is make us feel less than worthy when we do over indulge and many times leads us to a life that is shameful and demeaning. In the bigger picture, alcohol is keeping us from our rights. It is an appeaser of anger in that it transfers our attentions from what is really important, such as our political and economical life to a mindset "oh well". For many it is the escape from the immediate hell of reality that is only getting worse.
     It really is a gateway drug in that it diverts our attention toward it and it's supplications, such as sports, instead of our politics, where our democracy is being ripped apart by the wealthiest and greediest republican political party ever seen in 240 years our nation. While many are getting a buzz and rooting hard for sports teams, brutish politicians from the republican party are dismantling any and all social programs as quickly as they can. So while our attentions are on sporting events they are swiftly taking from us and giving to the wealthiest. It is happening as I write this and will continue to happen because we are too busy drinking the next can of beer or the next shot of whiskey.
     When history writes of this era, if there is a human future, it will show that we masses were sedated with strong drink while the foxes tore asunder the hen house. We humans are literally on the brink of extinction and we are too busy buying another round of alcohol to notice. We Americans deserve this since we lost track of our courage and succumbed to being inebriated cowards who are being led to the slaughter by ignorant feverish fools who can only see the profit of wealth as their end game. The end game will come for them but it won't be more wealth, it will be the end of the American experiment!

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