Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Darkest before the dawn? (#2917)

     Unfortunately we are just now heading into the darkness so there will be a time of pain and suffering coming that we have not had to deal with even greater that the last great recession of 8 years past. We will see the chipping away of health care, social security, unemployment, food stamps, women's rights, racial integration, voting rights, access to the Internet... the list goes on and on and when republicans are through they will have done it to all of us, not just we liberal progressives, but conservatives and independents as well.
     The darkness will be horrible and many will perish prematurely from the brutal nature of the republican agenda. The contrast will be the abundance awarded to the wealthy and corporate entities. This will become clear to most all Americans when we realize the loss in our pockets and in our rights within what is left of our democracy. the truth of things will no longer be able to be confused or obfuscated. It is then that we will be primed to change from what our reality is now and to come, to the proper awareness that republicans are just greedy and self serving, not true melting pot Americans.
     In that moment of time we will then be able to unite like never before and undo the past, our present, and begin a new paradigm of American leadership, Apparently it is so that we must suffer worse and more brutishly before we can say enough is enough. It is sad that we couldn't just rationally understand this in the logical world without having to live it in the physical world but such is the limited progress of American humanity. The enlightenment of ideas, creativity and modernity is here and will not be denied but how long we Americans allow the denial to persist is the shame we will pass on to our future generations.

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